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May 18, 2024
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Whether you love winter or can’t wait for it to be over, when you’ve got little ones, you have to be prepared to help them face the elements. Having the right winter coat can be one of the best ways to get your kids interested in going outside to experience all the fun that the season has to offer. Depending on where you live, if your winters are mild, you might be able to get by with a thick fleece jacket.

But if you are in an area that deals with frequent snowfall, then you’re going to need a coat made from materials that can not only keep your child warm but also keeps them dry. Although kids can look adorable when they’re all bundled up because you want to make sure they’re not cold, you should try to avoid a coat that’s overly bulky and limits their ability to run free.

How We Chose Our Ratings

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Honesty is important to us, so our ratings are a combination of examining testimonials and reviews from customers, as well as data about the coats, and the general reputation of the brand or manufacturer.

Top 8 Best Winter Coats For Boys And Girls

North Face Infant Jacket

If you’re a veteran of dealing with harsh winters, then you’ve probably heard of the North Face brand. They’ve been making outdoor gear for over 50 years, and they have so much faith in their products that anything that carries their name is covered by a lifetime warranty against defects as long as you’re the original owner and you purchased their product from an authorized reseller.

The Perrito Jacket is reversible, so it’s like having two coats in one and is available in sizes that range from newborn to 24 months. The jacket is available in a variety of colors and prints like blue, grey, pink confetti, and red buffalo check (think lumberjack), and are unisex.

North Face’s Perrito Jacket is made from 100 percent polyester, and it has a hoodie attached so you can keep your little one’s head and ears warm. Also, it zips all the way up to right under the child’s chin so you shouldn’t have to worry if you forget to bring a scarf and the sleeves close, so their hands can be protected if a glove gets lost.

With great reviews from buyers, it can be considered one of the best winter coats for kids. Parents love that the jacket is very warm and not overly bulky so that kids can still move around freely and be buckled into the car seat.  Other buyers also note that the coat stands up well to rain and snow.

Columbia Kids’ Snuggly Bunny Bunting

If you’re dealing with winter weather with heavy snowfall and your child is anywhere from a newborn to two years old, then you might like the head-to-toe protection offered by Columbia Kids’ Snuggly Bunny Bunting.

Offering more protection than a standard coat, this bunting is wind, water, and stain resistant to keep your baby warm in the harshest, wettest, and snowiest environments. Microfleece lines the torso and the hood for an additional layer of insulation.

A 60/40 down filling and cuffs that roll over to protect hands and feet ensure that your child has protection from the cold. The zippered closure has a Velcro strap that folds over it to keep curious hands from pulling the zipper down. You can choose from a multitude of colors and prints so that your baby is warm and looks good too.

Parents say that Columbia Kids’ Snuggly Bunny Bunting is perfect for frigid winters without being heavy or bulky. Many reviewers confirm that the bunting helped their kids to stay dry and warm in the snow, so it’s no surprise that so many parents say its a worthy purchase.

OshKosh B’Gosh Baby Boys’ Heavyweight Coat

If you’re looking for a coat for a 12 to 24-month old boy that can stand up to harsh winters, then OshKosh B’Gosh Baby Boys’ Heavyweight Coat might be a good option. The cinched hem and cuffs can help to keep winter wind out, and a soft lining provides warmth and comfort.

You can choose from a combination of blue and black, red and camouflage, or orange and grey and the jacket comes with a hood to keep heads and ears warm and dry. The heavyweight coat is made from 100 percent polyester, is machine washable, and has a solid flap you can button closed over the zipper closure to help keep any wind from penetrating.

Parents who have purchased the OshKosh B’Gosh Heavyweight Coat said it kept their little one warm and provided ample protection even in icy conditions. Some warn that the jacket is a bit bulky for the car seat, but many buyers were willing to deal with it.  

Rokka&Rolla Boys’ Puffer Jacket

If you’re looking for a warm winter coat for boys that are no longer toddlers, then you might be interested in Rokka&Rolla’s Boys’ Puffer Jacket. Size extra small can fit four to five-year-old boys, and the extra-large size can fit 11 to 12-year-old boys.

Designed to be lightweight and still allow plenty of freedom of movement, the coat is filled with duck down for extra warmth and thermal protection in icy and wet conditions. The exterior is made with a windproof fabric to stand up to those winter storms, and the shell has two layers to guarantee your child won’t feel the frigid temperatures.

The attached hood helps to keep the head and ears warm, and the coat zips closed right up to the chin and has a guard to prevent the zipper from rubbing against the skin and causing any irritation. Cinched sleeves at the wrist keep the wind from pushing cold air up the sleeves.   

If the coat gets dirty, it is machine washable, but should be hung to dry and patted by hand to let the filling settle. Parents like that the coat keeps their kids warm and lets boys be active without being bulky or feeling uncomfortable.

CECORC Winter Coats

CECORC Winter Coats are a unisex puffer-style so they can be worn by either boys or girls that can fit in sizes from three months to four years old. They’re also available in a variety of colors like:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Yellow

The down alternative coat means you won’t have to worry about down feathers possibly poking through the interior. The CECORC puffer jacket should be hand-washed, has a nylon exterior, and the attached hood has ears on the top for a fun animal look.

Some parents say they had sizing issues where the jacket ran large but kept it since they expected their kids could grow into it.

Jojobaby Hooded Windproof Jacket

Jojobaby’s Hooded Windproof Jacket can fit girls as young as six months old and as big as five years old. Available in red, black, and beige, all three coats come with a faux fur lined hood to help keep your little one as warm as possible.

A snap cover can conceal the coat’s zipper closure for a seamless look, and you can zip the pockets closed too. Even though the jacket has a puffy down-jacket appearance, the filling is 100 percent polyester but should still be able to keep your child warm enough to play in the snow.

Many parents thought the jacket was very cute, liked the way their kids looked wearing it, and felt that it kept their children warm. Jojobaby does mention that their coat tends to run a little large so be sure to check the sizing chart to find the right fit.

Amazon Essentials Girls’ Puffer Jacket

Going beyond selling and delivering products, Amazon has expanded into making clothing like their Amazon Essentials Girls’ Puffer Jacket and buyers seem to like what they see.

The lightweight puffer jacket comes in many bright colors like strawberry pink, aqua splash, and fuchsia purple. The shell is 100 percent nylon, and it’s filled with down-alternative which is 100 percent polyester. Although not genuine down, the alternative still should still be able to keep kids protected from winter weather.

Amazon Essentials Girls’ Puffer Jacket is available in sizes extra small to extra-extra-large and comes with a carrying bag.

Buyer’s Guide

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Protecting your child from the cold and making sure they’re warm and cozy is always a priority, so what are some things you should keep in mind when shopping around for their winter coat?

  • Bulk: Avoid bulky jackets that are potentially going to make your life more difficult if your child is going to be strapped into a car seat or stroller while wearing their winter jacket. Expect that they’ll probably put up a fight to put the jacket on if they feel they are too constrained.
  • Material: Do you need a coat that can withstand rainy or snowy winters? Then you’ll want to make sure the jacket has weatherproof fabric.

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