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March 5, 2023
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A piggy bank is a great way to teach your child the value of money. Your child will have fun with putting coins in their piggy bank, counting their money, and saving to get something they want to buy. There are many piggy banks for kids with cute and original designs, and it should be easy to find one that your child will love using.

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How We Chose Our Top Picks

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We selected some piggy banks that would make great gifts for your child by using these criteria:

  • Cute design. Your child will be more likely to collect coins and keep track of their savings if the piggy bank is cute and appealing to them.
  • Fun to use. We selected piggy banks with different designs. Some feature slots where your child can insert coins while some use other mechanisms.
  • Easy to open. Being able to open the piggy bank and count the coins will help your child get into the habit of managing their money.
  • Educational value. We think that a piggy bank is a great way for your child to learn about money and savings.

Top Nine Best Piggy Banks For Kids

These piggy banks for kids are perfect if you want your child to learn about the value of money.


Your child is going to love this piggy bank and its adorable design. The pig design is similar to classic piggy banks, but the pig has a cartoonish look thanks to its round face and cute polka dot design.You can choose from three colors, including pink, gray and blue.

The piggy bank is 6.7” high and has a shiny glazed ceramic finish.Your child can use the large slot located on the back of the pig to insert coins. There is a large rubber stop on the belly of the pig that your child can remove when they want to count their loot. The piggy bank comes in a cute gift box with a ribbon.


This piggy bank looks like a small cardboard box. There is a mechanical cat inside that will pop up and grab the coin that you place on a special button.Your child is going to love using this piggy bank because of the mechanical cat that comes out of the box. The piggy bank is very easy to use.

All you have to do is place a coin on a button, press another button, and the cat will pop up.The cat says ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ every time you use the piggy bank. Your child will want to complete chores to earn change and get to see the cat come out of their piggy bank.The downside of this piggy bank is that it will only hold about 40 coins.


This white and pink pig is extremely cute with its large nose, pointy ears, and round belly. Your child is going to love this piggy bank and want to use it instantly.There is a discreet slot on the back of the pig, and your child can twist the nose of the pig to open it and get their coins out.

We like the idea of twisting the nose of the pig to open it since most piggy banks feature a rubber stop that can be difficult for a child to remove.The plastic used for this piggy bank is sturdy and durable, which makes the piggy bank suitable for young children.


We like the original design of this piggy bank. It looks like a small safe with a cute panda on it. There is a large slot where your child can insert coins and bills.The safe features a pad where your child can enter a password to open the piggy bank. There is also a knob that your child will have to turn to open the door of the piggy bank.There is a sensor that pulls bills in once your child starts inserting them in the piggy bank.

There are different built-in sounds and phrases that make the piggy bank fun to use. The piggy bank will ask your child for their password once they start turning the knob, but you can turn this feature off.You can easily reset the password in case your child forgets it by removing the batteries. We think this piggy bank is fun to use because of the safe design and password.

5. Moonjar Classic Moneybox

This piggy bank is perfect to teach your child about budgeting and generosity. The Moonjar piggy bank comes with three acrylic compartments with geometrical shapes.You can attach the compartments together thanks to a cardstock base and elastic band or display them individually. The compartments feature large slots for bills and coins and lids your child can easily remove.The piggy bank comes with educational material designed to teach your child about savings.

The educational material will guide your child as they get started with putting money aside for different goals.The educational material recommends using a piggy bank to save, one to spend, and one to share. Your child can decide which percentage of their money they will allocate to each fund.We love this piggy bank because it’s a great introduction to budgeting and there is an emphasis on putting money aside to help others.

6. The Digi-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank

This coin bank is a modern take on the classic piggy bank. The top part of the coin bank is a pig’s head while the bottom is a transparent pig body. Seeing the coins accumulate inside of the pig’s body is fun and will help your child realize that small change adds up once they start putting it aside.

There is a small LCD screen on the pig’s snout that displays how much money is in the coin bank. The piggy bank will automatically count money as your child inserts coins.Having your child count the money themselves helps them develop their math skills, but seeing the amount of their savings displayed on the LCD screen is fun and can encourage them to save more.

7. Thomas The Train Tank Engine Coin Bank

This piggy bank features the cartoon character Thomas the Train. If this is one of your child’s favorite shows, they will love this piggy bank and never miss an opportunity to save coins.The ceramic piggy bank has a glossy finish.

Keep in mind that this is a ceramic piggy bank that isn’t suitable for playing.Your child is going to love the colorful design and the fact that the piggy bank looks just like Thomas the Train. It’s fun to display and your child can easily insert coins thanks to the discreet slot located in the back of the train.

8. Foco NFL Unisex Thematic Piggy Bank

This piggy bank is a fun take on the classic pig design. It’s a small ceramic piggy bank with colors, logos, and themes from different NFL teams. If your child loves football, getting a piggy bank with the colors and logo of their favorite team is a great way to encourage them to save money.

There is a large slot on the back of the piggy bank and a rubber stop under the belly of the pig so that your child can easily get the coins out. The piggy bank is somewhat small but we think it would make a great gift if your child has a favorite NFL team. These piggy banks for kids are perfect if you want your child to learn about the value of money.

How To Choose The Best Piggy Bank For Your Child

Are you comparing different piggy banks for kids? These facts about children and savings will help you make the right decision.

Why Your Child Needs A Piggy Bank

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Saving money is the key to financial stability. You already know that it’s crucial to have an emergency fund you can use as a safety net or that you need to put money aside for retirement. Saving money is easier if it’s a habit that you adopt early in life. It’s never too early to start learning about savings since even a young child can collect change and see it add up.

piggy bank is a fun introduction to money and savings. Your child will get excited every time they get some change and will count their coins if the piggy bank is fun to interact with. As they use their piggy bank, they will understand that they need to wait until they have enough saved up to buy something they want. It encourages them to manage their money and teaches them about the value of things.

What To Look For In A Piggy Bank

Can your child easily put coins in the piggy bank? Most piggy banks have a slot where your child can drop coins, but some use a different mechanism. Make sure it’s fun and easy to insert more coins in the piggy bank to encourage your child to save money. The design and theme of the piggy bank are very important. A cute animal or cartoon character your child likes will make them want to save money.

You can also have your child personalize their piggy bank with some stickers. Traditionally, children would save money in a ceramic pig and break it to get the coins out. Think about getting a piggy bank that your child can open instead so they can count their money regularly. Putting the coins back in the piggy bank is fun, and being able to get the coins out will encourage your child to actively keep track of their little nest egg.

Educational Value

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Giving your child a piggy bank is the perfect opportunity to talk about the value of money. You can start by teaching them about the different coin and bill denominations and showing them how to count money. Encourage your child to set some financial goals. Look up the budget of a toy they have been wanting and encourage them to keep track of their savings to determine when they can buy the toy.

This lesson is a great way to teach your child that they have to wait for the things they want. Think about creating a system where your child can earn change for completing chores. They will be excited to earn money they can save towards their goal and will learn about the value of work.

Once your child is a bit older, you can go further by getting more than one piggy bank and showing your child how they can save money for different goals, such as spending money, savings, and donations. We think a piggy bank is an important thing to get for your child because it’s a fun way to teach them about the value of money and to get them to start saving money.

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