Best Kids Luggage Sets and Suitcases for Boys and Girls

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April 1, 2023

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Traveling with your kids is exciting as you get to share all the beautiful memories on your trip. However, children need to pack up their clothes, shoes, and other extras. They can’t do this on your suitcase; they’ll need a luggage set designed for kids.

Getting the best kids luggage sets and suitcases may be complicated due to the multiple options in the market, that’s why we’ve made your work easier. Here’s what you need to know about picking a luggage set and some top-rated bags to consider in 2019.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We chose our ratings by evaluating specific factors like size, weight, material, and durability.

We also went through multiple online reviews to list each set’s pros and cons. Our top picks also considered the age of the children to ensure the bags were comfortable and easy to carry.

Top 13 Best Kids Luggage Set and Suitcases for Boys and Girls

Some of the best kid’s luggage set and suitcases include:

Stephen Joseph Rolling Luggage

You can now make traveling fun and comfortable for your little one thanks to the Stephen Joseph rolling bag. The bag works perfectly for a child’s hand as he/she can grab the telescoping handle.

What’s more, you can carry the bag on top of yours as it comes with a pass-thru panel. You’ll love the pockets that the bag has as you can place your child’s favorite toys on the zipper pockets. You can keep extra items on the front zippered pocket.

The colorful three pockets not only provide a visual appeal, but they have ample storage area. Also, you can roll over the luggage, which means your children won’t have to deal with the extra weight.

The bag will be ideal for a child who likes traveling or for one going for an overnight stay at the grandparent’s place.

American Tourister Disney Bag

The American Tourister bag is not your average kid’s bag; it’s spacious and boasts of firm edges and sturdy material. Its compartment is large, and the zip works perfectly. Your child can place pencils and some books on the front pocket.

You’ll also love the quality wheels which make the luggage easy to push around. If you have a boy who loves cartoon characters, this Star Wars-themed bag will excite him.

Its capacity allows your child to have enough space for clothing, shoes, toys, and other accessories. Unfortunately, the handle may be shorter for adults.

Nonetheless, the Star Wars kid’s bag provides value for money and has excellent finishing

Yodo 3-Way Rolling Luggage

The Yodo 3-way rolling luggage features a polyester lining and quality polyester fabric, which makes it a convenient traveling bag. The materials are BPA and phthalate free, which makes them safe for your child.

Another advantage is that you can carry the rolling luggage like a backpack, handbag, or as a suitcase. It’s a luggage set that your child can grow with, which saves you the hassle of buying a new bag set every time.

The bag comes with mesh bottle pockets on both sides. Also, the front pouch can hold crayons, books, and other accessories. You’ll love the quality stitching from the ends to the sippers that don’t get stuck.

What’s more, you can change the height of the handle effortlessly. Your child can use it as a school bag. Unfortunately, it’s smaller and may not be convenient if you have a lot of items to pack when traveling.

American Tourister McQueen Rolling Bag

The McQueen bag is another winner from this company. It features a nylon lining coupled with Abs plastic, which makes it durable. Your child will love the Disney theme that’s not only appealing but also stylish.

It has a mesh pocket on the interior which is spacious to fit your child’s clothing and other items. The quality zipper pulls don’t stick to the material.

Skip Hop Kids Luggage with Wheels

The Skip Hop kid’s luggage is a user-friendly bag that’s suitable for children of different stages. Its unique interior and inclusion of polyester fabric protect the bag from external elements and daily mishandling. You’ll love the easy to retract handle which provides smooth movement. The front zip pocket comes in handy when you need to put hankies, toys, consoles, and other items. Your child won’t have to struggle with the bag as the shoulder straps fit well on the shoulders. You can tuck these straps away for convenience. The Monkey Hop kid’s luggage has an elastic mesh pocket to store water bottles. On the downside, the pockets are small to fit some items.

Disney Boys’ Mickey 3 Pc Luggage Set

The Disney Boys Mickey three-piece set boasts of comfort, convenience, and functionality. Your boy will love the color and the Disney theme. With this set, you don’t have to worry about space as its six-inches deep and fourteen inches in height.

Also, the quality, sturdy construction makes this a durable set, which means you don’t have to get a replacement every time you plan to travel. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and offers a smooth movement when walking.

Pixar Cars Hard-Sided Tween Spinner Luggage

You will love the Pixar Cars luggage set if your boy is a fan of Lightning McQueen. The set has canvas material for durability and holds your child’s things in place without crumbling.

The inclusion of front zip pockets allows you to put toys, snacks, or other items that require a quick and convenient reach. With the exterior compartment featuring a closure zip, you can be sure that your child’s items will be secure.

Your child will love the two wheels which help in moving the bag. Also, the advanced handles provide an outstanding ng experience as they are adjustable. As a parent, you can adjust the carry-on luggage to your comfortable height when pulling the bag.

When you’re not pulling the bag, you can use the straps to carry it as a backpack. The canvas material is durable while the artwork on the exterior boast of detailed styling and quality craftsmanship.

The best part is that you can use the bag while traveling or as a school bag. Other outstanding features include the sound effect features, a top carrying strap, and a clear window to hold an identity card.

Olive Kids Dinosaur Luggage

The Olive Kids Luggage is not only a beautiful bag; it’s a functional set. Your child can pack his clothes as the bag has a spacious compartment that unzips easily. The mesh water bottle pocket on the side comes in handy.

Your boy can carry the bag as a backpack as it comes with a detachable strap. Also, the loop at the back tucks away the shoulder straps for convenience. It’s lightweight. Sturdy, and the quality fabric makes the Olive bag an exceptional set to have.

Unfortunately, the suitcase is expensive but lacks extra features that would provide value for your money.

Rockland Jr. Kids' My First Hardside Spinner Luggage, Shark

The Robot luggage set comes with a 13-inch matching backpack and an 18-inch suitcase. Both have a durable exterior that has a hard-shell ABS. However, this doesn’t add to the set’s weight as the suitcase weighs five pounds and the backpack one and a half pounds.

You’ll find a zippered compartment and the other side with cross straps. You can adjust the retractable handle to the size of your child or your size if you plan to carry the suitcase. The three designs give you an option to choose an option that will best suit your child.

You’ll love the smooth rolling wheels which are sturdy on most surfaces. On the downside, the Robot luggage set has smaller backpack straps, and the exterior may scratch with time.

Mercury Going to Grandma’s Kids Luggage

The Mercury Going to Grandma’s luggage set weighs five pounds, which makes it lightweight to carry on your travel. Its spacious compartment allows you to pack in clothes, clothes, and any extras which your child may need while on the trip.

Your child will love the exterior zipper pocket that he can use to put crayons, cars, and books. The vibrant colors and the quality build assures you of a durable suitcase that will last and grow with your child.

You don’t have to struggle to pick the suitcase up as it’s fitted with inline wheels for easy handling. The sides keep the bag in shape and help you pack effortlessly.

However, the bag may be small for extended travels like going away for a week. The suitcase is ideal for a weekend getaway or a sleepover. Also, it’s expensive and lacks extra features that would be convenient in a suitcase.

Rockland 2-Piece Girls Luggage Set

The Rockland girls luggage set is ideal for children over the age of seven. With this set, you get a rolling suitcase and a matching tote bag for extra space. The suitcase has full-length zipper pockets for storage.

With many colors and design options to choose from, your girl will have fun picking her favorite. You’ll love the padded handled and the imprinted lining that makes the set unique. Most users love that the bag can fit into the overhead compartment of all airlines.

On the downside, the bag can topple forward when full. Also, the tote bag is small and can’t fit anything for a trip.

Buyers Guide

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The first step to planning your trip is to find the best kids luggage set. You may have no idea if you’ve never bought any suitcase for your child. Fortunately, we’ve made your work easier by listing the following essential tips to help you make an informed decision.

Understand the Different Types of Kids Luggage

You can find kids luggage set on wheels and those without. Children will find bags with wheels more fun to push around, not to mention they won’t have to deal with the weight. However, these bags may be bulky, and you may have to help push them around.

Kid’s backpacks without wheels allow your child to have their hands free and can work for any trip or outing. You need to pay attention to the size of the backpack.

Kid’s suitcases are another option as they have ample space and makes your children feel like small adults. Choosing the right size of the suitcase is critical as your child will have to lug the bag with them to every place you go to.

Whether you decide on the hard shell or soft shell case, it comes down to preferences as these bags do not differ much in regards to weight or durability.

Duffel bags are best for children over the age of 11. However, they may still find them heavy as the bags are long and difficult to carry everywhere. You can opt for a wheeled option if you must get a kids duffel bag.

Look for Something That Suits Your Kid’s Needs

Decide whether your child would rather carry a suitcase or he’d be better with a luggage set Suitcases are compact, but they are easy to carry and store. Luggage sets consist of a backpack and a suitcase and may provide ample space.

Although you may want to find something that works for your child, sometimes she or she may not handle the weight, and you may have to pull or carry the luggage.


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Find a Durable Luggage Set

You don’t want to spend money on a new suitcase every time you travel because the previous one is not functional. Specific suitcases easily fall apart under extreme conditions during travel.

You need to find a set that is made of polyester, ABS and PVC materials as these are durable. Although you may end up spending more, it’s worth it as you’ll save hundreds of dollars in the future.

If you have to choose a hard shell case, avoid those made from cheap plastic and go for polycarbonate shells which are durable and safe.

Look Out For Extra Features

Luggage set with extra features aside from the ordinary pockets and compartments give you much more to make your travel manageable to plan. Check if the bag set has removable shoulder straps that allow the child to carry around, wheels for mobility, and retractable pull handle that can work for children and adults.

Determine the Best Size

It’s essential to find a travel set that suits your child’s size in regards to its length and width. Understanding your child’s height and width will help you pock a bag that best fits your young one.

Find a Bag that Suits the Journey

Decide if you’re traveling by train, vehicle, or plane as this will help you figure out how much time your child will be with the luggage. For example, if you’ll pack the bag immediately, your child won’t have to deal with the weight of carrying it around.

Nonetheless, if your child will travel by plane, he/she will need to stay with their bag, which may bring in issues of weight and mobility.

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Ease of Maintenance

Kids are sometimes careless when handling their bags. You can find the luggage set dragged out in the rain or a child dragging the bag on its side instead of using the wheels. The result is a stained and dirty bag.

Find a kids luggage set that is easy to maintain and one that’s resistant to dirt and stains.

Don’t Forget the Ergonomics

The best luggage set should be easy to pull or carry. It should have padded shoulder straps, smooth rolling wheels, comfortable handles, and an appealing design. These features improve safety and improve the user’s comfort.

Final Thoughts

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Shopping for the best kids luggage can sometimes be confusing than fun.

I hope that the above buyer’s guide will help you narrow down the options to find a luggage set that meets your child’s needs.

Invest in a quality and durable bag to make the travel experience with your children exciting.

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