Best Kids Backpacks: Our Top Picks Revealed

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April 11, 2023
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What should you look for when choosing a backpack for your child? Your child will probably ask for a backpack with a cute design or want one that features their favorite cartoon character. The best kids backpacks should be fun, but they should also have a few features that make them supportive and comfortable.

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How We Chose Our Top Picks

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We have put together a few product recommendations to help find the right backpack for your child. Here is how we chose our favorites:

  • Different age ranges. We selected cute backpacks that your toddler will love and also included some products that a teen or pre-teen would like.
  • Padding. We looked for backpacks with comfortable padded straps and additional padding in the back.
  • Compartments. We gave higher preference to the backpacks that feature different compartments and pockets so your child can easily organize their belongings.
  • Quality. We paid attention to the quality of the fabrics, zippers, straps, and other features.
  • Fashion. We took fashion into consideration when choosing backpacks since you are probably looking for a school backpack.

Best Kid's Backpacks

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Whether your child needs a new backpack for school, travel, or simply store belongings, these products are an excellent choice thanks to their quality and supportive design.

JanSport Big Student Backpack – Oversized With Multiple Pockets

JanSport has been a popular brand among teens and pre-teens for many years. We like the trendy look of these backpacks, and we think your child will too.

There is a huge selection of colors, patterns, and prints. A JanSport backpack is a great choice for high school since your child will have a popular backpack but the many different colors and patterns available make it easy to choose a backpack that is unique and original.

These backpacks are very resistant thanks to their polyester fabric and sturdy zippers. Your child can use the main compartment and smaller front pocket to organize their textbooks and other items. There is also a water bottle pocket on the side.

These backpacks have padded straps that your child can adjust. The additional padding on the back of the backpack is another interesting feature.

The main drawback of this product is that it lacks a compartment for electronics and doesn’t have inside pockets inside of the main compartment. However, it’s an excellent value, the design is sturdy, and your child will probably love this brand.

Abshoo Zoo Toddler Kids Backpacks Cute Plush Little Girls Boys Animal Backpacks

Abshoo offers a selection of adorable backpacks that will get your little one excited about going to pre-school. These backpacks feature different animal heads. You can choose between a unicorn, shark, monkey, tiger, bee, cat, and more.

The fabric of these backpacks has a soft, plush feel that your child will love. The straps are thick and comfortable. The padding will prevent them from digging into your child’s shoulders, and your child will love the soft fabric that covers the straps.

These backpacks have a main compartment and a smaller front pocket. We love the original designs. Each animal has some ears, horns, or other features that protrude from the backpack. Your child will instantly love their new backpack thanks to the designs and soft fabric that will remind them of a cute stuffed animal.

Bioworld Pokemon Pokeball Backpack With Trainer Bag Charm

If your child loves exploring their surroundings and playing Pokemon, this backpack is perfect for them. This backpack features the classic red and white color scheme of the Pokeballs.

We recommend this backpack because it’s very roomy and supportive. We like the square shape and reinforced bottom. There are two large compartments that close with sturdy zippers.

We like the two large compartments since a young child can easily organize items without having to use different small pockets.

Your child can use the three smaller compartments in the front of the bag to carry their pencil case, Pokemon cards, and other small items. They can also adjust the padded straps.

KBLUBOON Backpack for Women

This fashionable backpack features cute and feminine floral motifs. You can choose from a light or dark pattern.

We think this backpack is perfect for a teen who wants a backpack that is fun and fashionable. The backpack is large enough to carry textbooks and binders but has a design similar to a fashion backpack.

The adjustable padded straps add some darker accents that contrast with the floral motif of the backpack. This product uses a strap system to close the main compartment, which is more durable and fashionable than zippers.

We like the different pockets and compartments inside of the backpack. Your child can use them to store their phone, wallet, pencil case, and other essentials. The backpack has three smaller outside pockets in the front and sides.

We don’t recommend this backpack if your child needs to carry several heavy textbooks, but it’s a great choice if you are looking for an original and fashionable backpack for a few books and notebooks.

Yisibo Dinosaur Backpack Kids Toddler Child Cute Zoo Waterproof 3D Cartoon Sidesick Bag

This adorable backpack will turn your child into a dinosaur! The backpack mimics the shell of a dinosaur and features soft spikes. We like the colorful design and soft fabric used.

This backpack has a main compartment that is fairly roomy. There is a zipper that opens a smaller inside compartment and pockets on the sides.</p

The large, padded straps make this backpack ideal for a young child. They will spread the weight of the backpack and items carried evenly.

We recommend this cute backpack because of its sturdy and lightweight design, and because your child will love it if dinosaurs fascinate them.

J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack

A rolling backpack is a great option if your child needs to carry heavy books. We like this rolling backpack because of the retractable handle and reinforced bottom.

Your child can carry it like a regular backpack once they retract the handle. This backpack is very durable thanks to its polyester fabric.

There are a main compartment, two side pockets, and a front pocket with different compartments. Your child can easily retract the handle with a push button or adjust its length to comfortably pull the backpack behind them.

There is a huge selection of colors and motifs to choose from. You will find some cute animals, floral patterns, and some modern and geometric designs.

Anime Backpack For School, SKL Luminous Backpack

We like this canvas backpack because of its lightweight design and glow in the dark effect. There is a character with headphones printed on the back of this item and this design will glow in the dark for a cool and unique effect.

The main compartment of the backpack has an inside pocket. There are a small front compartment and a pocket on the side.

We also like the outside USB port. Your child can carry a portable battery inside of the backpack and use the USB port to charge their phone.

This backpack comes with a password lock your child can use to secure the zipper. There is a USB cable included, and a matching pencil case that glows in the dark.

There are larger backpacks to consider if your child needs to carry several binders or textbooks, but we think the glow in the dark design is very original.

School Backpacks For Teen Girls Lightweight Canvas Backpack Bookbags Set

This school backpack is cute and trendy. We like the bottom of the backpack because there is an additional layer of sturdy fabric to make the backpack more durable.

The backpack features quality zippers. There is a main compartment and a zipper pocket in the front. Your child can also use the small pockets on the sides to organize their belongings.

There is a padded pocket inside the main compartment. This pocket is large enough for a tablet or small laptop. We recommend this backpack if your child needs to carry electronics because of this padded pocket that will protect electronics from shocks.

There are two open pockets inside of the main compartment that your child can use to organize their books. The backpack comes with a matching lunch box and pencil bag.

We like the design of this backpack. It comes in different colors and each backpack has a different geometric motif printed on the straps and front pocket to contrast with the main color.

ArcEnCiel Kid’s Backpack

Young children are going to love this backpack because of its shape. This backpack looks like a cute cartoon character.

The polyester fabric is resistant and ideal if you need a waterproof backpack. There are two front pockets that make up the face and body of the character. The two pockets are a great way for your child to start organizing their belongings.

There are small pockets on the sides, and one of them closes with a zipper. There are three colors to choose from.

We like the reinforced lining on the different pockets and compartments. The lining helps the backpack keep its shape and will protect the items your child carries.

A Few Tips To Help You Find The Best Kids Backpacks

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It can be difficult to find a compromise between quality and style when shopping for the best kids backpacks. Here are a few tips to help you find a quality supportive backpack that your child will love.

How Big Should Your Child’s Backpack Be?

Your child’s backpack needs to fit between the base of their neck and their lower back. You need to invest in a backpack with adjustable straps so it will fit comfortably.

A backpack that fits properly shouldn’t fall lower than four inches below your child’s waistline. If the backpack falls lower, your child’s shoulders will carry more weight. Look for a backpack with padded shoulders and a padded back to help spread the weight evenly.

Your child can develop back pain and poor posture if their backpack doesn’t fit comfortably. Ideally, your child’s book bag shouldn’t weigh more than 10% of their body weight.

Pay attention to your child’s posture. If they tend to lean forward when walking, their backpack might be the culprit.

Think about getting a backpack with a hip belt to reduce the weight carried by the shoulders, or look for a rolling backpack if your child needs to carry several heavy textbooks. A backpack with a rigid back panel can also alleviate the pressure on your child’s shoulders.

Top Features To Look For When Choosing A Backpack

This checklist will help you narrow down your options when comparing the best kids backpacks:

  • Choose a backpack with durable fabric, such as nylon or polyester. A lightweight material will reduce the overall weight of the backpack.
  • A waterproof backpack is a must-have back-to-school item if you live in an area with rain and snow.
  • Look for a backpack that is reinforced at the bottom. This feature will make your child’s backpack a lot more durable.
  • Make sure your child’s backpack features padded straps. Pay attention to how dense the foam padding is. It should remain comfortable while being thick enough to distribute weight evenly.
  • Inspect the zippers closely. Avoid backpacks with flimsy zippers. If your child will use the backpack to travel, look for zippers you can secure with a lock.
  • Does the backpack have different compartments and pockets? Your child will have different items to organize, including notebooks, binders, their pencil case, and maybe some electronics.
  • The backpack you choose needs to be roomy enough for your child to carry their textbooks, notebooks, and binders. Ideally, your child should be able to pack the heaviest items in the back to lower the weight they carry.
  • Look for an inside pocket that closes with a zipper if your child needs to carry valuable items such as electronics or cash.

Backpacks And Fashion

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Your child will probably see their backpack as a way of expressing their individuality. It’s important to get your child involved in the selection process for their new backpack.

If your child is under ten, they will probably want a backpack with a cute animal or their favorite cartoon character. A teen or pre-teen will either want a unique backpack or something that is similar to what their friends have.

Remind your child that it’s important to choose something that is supportive and convenient. You should also look into customization options if your child wants a unique backpack. Your child can customize their backpack with sharpies, buttons, key chains, or patches.

Our product recommendations listed above and shopping tips should help you find a new backpack for your child. Remember to take their age and size into consideration, and to get an idea of how many books and other items they will typically carry.

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