8 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump Update

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Jess Miller
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March 24, 2023
8 weeks pregnant featured

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8 Weeks Pregnant Update

Baby is a: Raspberry

Weight gained: 0 lbs

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms: I am so drained and exhausted. I am starting to not feel comfortable in my clothing, which feels early but this was true for my first pregnancy as well.

Cravings: Water. I am thirsty all the time.  I like what my toddler likes... Mac and cheese, fruit, waffles, pizza, bagels, and anything bread. My go-to items are Gatorade and bagels with butter. When all else fails, I can usually always eat oatmeal. I can’t handle anything that is complex or smells. I am also all about eating only one thing a day like for instance, I only wanted pizza all day Wednesday, but on Thursday, only waffles sounded good. Here is a picture of my grocery shopping 🙂

8 weeks pregnant 1

Aversions: Anything that a normal person would want to eat. If it isn’t toddler friendly, I don’t want it.

Sleep: I need a lot of it. I am now sleeping an extra two hours every night and I could probably sleep more. I sometimes also take a mini-nap in the afternoon if I am home.

Excited for: Almost being “2/3” the way through the first trimester. I think the second trimester is the best. With L, my morning sickness had gone away completely and I had a cute little bump. Once I got to the third trimester, the bump was not so little anymore and I was ready to be done with being pregnant.

Missing: High energy. I am constantly drained. Even when I wake in the morning, I don’t feel refreshed and instead am sure I could sleep for another two or three more hours. I know the first trimester is the worst and that most of these issues will fade once I hit the second trimester. During my last pregnancy, I had so much energy in that last trimester. Being 8 weeks now, I just need to keep thinking it will get better and soon.

Movement: No

Dr. Update: I had my first real appointment! It was filled with mostly paperwork, a urine test, and a blood draw but made everything feel more real. We also discussed different options for pre-natal testing, I plan to research the options as my how to prepare in two weeks. We also had a ULTRASOUND! We got to see baby, baby’s heart beat <3 which was 153 bpm, and the yolk sac. The first ultrasound was so nerve wracking and exciting at the same time.

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Exercise: Since it’s almost Christmas, which means crazy busy, I plan to make exercise a focus in the New Year (like everyone else). I am currently searching for a workout series that is for pregnant women that I can do from home.

Stretch Marks: No

Swelling: No

Maternity Clothing: I just got some maternity clothes this week that I absolutely love via Stitch Fix! See "What I'm Loving" below for more detail.

Labor Signs: No

Wedding Rings On: Yes

Belly Button In or Out: In

What I’m Loving: Stitch Fix. I knew I needed a good pair of maternity jeans and I wanted tops that I could wear that would work with my growing belly. So, I gave Stitch Fix a shot because I live in the middle of nowhere. Additionally, if you haven’t learned already, the store selections for maternity clothing are disastrous. I also love the fact that I can tell my stylist exactly what I want, like a pair of maternity jeans and tops that are comfortable for a growing belly. I then get that delivered straight to my door without having to shop around. It costs $25 for the “styling fee”, but if you buy something the $25 fee is waived. I kept the whole box (and thus didn't have to pay the styling fee) and absolutely loved every item I got. The maternity jeans were perfect, and I am really picky about jeans. I also got 2 shirts that weren’t maternity-specific but will work really well for my growing belly and post pregnancy, when I am not yet back in shape. The maternity shirt I did get, I totally love. It hugs and even looks good without my belly yet. I also got a sweater that will be perfect to dress up plain shirt.

8 weeks pregnant stitch fix maternity 5

8 weeks pregnant stitch fix maternity 5

8 weeks pregnant stitch fix maternity 5

8 weeks pregnant stitch fix maternity 5

8 weeks pregnant stitch fix maternity 5

While in a lot of cases, I would prefer to do my own shopping, finding good maternity clothing is such a challenge. It was just a time saver. Since you can pick when you want a shipment from Stitch Fix and don’t have to receive one every month, I plan on asking for another if I need more maternity items, and then again when I want specific nursing clothing and postpartum clothing. I already learned with L, I do not want to have to go shopping with a newborn but I will need clothing for that in between stage so this time I will just tell my stylist on Stitch Fix what I need.

Best Moment of the Week: This would have to be the ultrasound <3. Not only was it an immense relief to know that baby is doing well and the pregnancy is viable, but also it was just so exciting seeing baby for the first time. Pregnancy in these first few months, besides all of the symptoms that make you feel awful, is a very abstract concept. You can’t really see any changes and most people haven’t told family or friends yet, so it sometimes doesn’t feel real. I was also super stoked to get pictures of the ultrasound because we plan to use them when we tell family at Christmas.

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