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July 18, 2024

Preparing for your baby’s birth starts as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Throughout prenatal appointments, nutrition, and prepping your home, preparing for the big day is always in the back of your mind.As labor and delivery gets closer, it feels more real. And you probably start to think of specific ways to prepare, like with a childbirth class. What if I told you there are fabulous online childbirth classes that are the same if not better than the ones you take in person?

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Ah! Do you know the money, time and aggravation of getting my husband to our weekly childbirth class I could have saved had we done an online childbirth class? Scheduling alone can be a nightmare.

That’s why I did the leg work on finding, reviewing and compiling the best online childbirth classes available to fit your lifestyle, needs, and birth wishes.

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My Experience with Childbirth Classes

As a first time mom, I knew I needed as many tools as possible in my birth toolbox. For that reason, I signed us up for a prenatal group class, labor and delivery class, and newborn basics class. Overkill? Okay, maybe. But it felt right at the time.

The problem? This meant two to three evenings per week were filled with a childbirth class. My husband often had to arrive late due to work or wasn’t as interested as I’d hope he’d be (just being real here…) I too had a hard time concentrating while my back and feet were aching from a day on my feet and all I could think about was dinner.

Would I do in-person childbirth classes again?

I often thought of questions after the course had ended, wished I had taken more notes on particular topics, or forgot key components of the information. If I could do it over, an online childbirth class would have been a much better fit.

It would have put us in control of when we were participating. It could have been so much more fun and relaxed to do it in our living room. We would have been able to discuss things right there in the moment. And there wouldn’t have been any stress of Patrick not making it to class.

By enrolling in an online childbirth class, you will be able to:

  • Complete it when it’s convenient to you
  • Re-watch it as many times as you need
  • Listen on the go
  • Share this important educational process of preparing with your partner on your own terms.
  • Often still connect and reach out to the instructor and other participants through an online forum

Are Birthing Classes Necessary?

Almost all mothers, whether it is their first birth or fifth, likely have some degree of anxiety when thinking about their labor. This is widely due to the unknown of it. If it is your first birth, every aspect of the process is unknown to you. Even in subsequent births, you never know how your labor is going to progress and what your needs are going to be.

This is why birthing classes are extremely popular and helpful. By providing you with quality education and information you will approach your birth feeling empowered and confident. If you chose to complete a birthing class with your partner, you will feel at ease knowing that they are also educated and prepared to support you.

We wrote a whole post on this question, "are birth classes necessary?" where Trina, Cole and I each share our perspective on the birth classes we took (or did not take) and how that influenced the childbirth experience.

Online Childbirth Classes Reviewed

Education throughout your pregnancy and in your preparations for birth is paramount. So many expecting mamas don’t know that there is a wealth of options available online!

Too many mamas think they should have taken a childbirth class, but fitting it in their schedules was impossible. Or wind up regretting the choices they had to make during birth, which might have been different with the proper pre-birth education.

Here I’ve compiled, watched and reviewed multiple online childbirth classes that all offer a unique perspective or benefit to the expectant couple. So if you are interested in enrolling in an online childbirth class, let’s find the one that’s right for you!

Below you will see in-depth reviews of:

Course Features

Mama Natural Birth Course

Online Prenatal Course for Couples

Kopa Prepared

Birth Boot Camp


Prepares specifically for a natural birth


Teaches pain-coping strategies


Covers hospital labor and birth timeline and basics


Teaches about medical interventions with an open mind


Geared for couples: Involves partners in every lesson


Online workbook included


Includes access to instructor and discussion with other expectant mothers


Includes relaxation affirmations and/or guided practice sessions


Includes breastfeeding instruction








Learn more:

Mama Natural Birth Course

Online Prenatal Course for Couples

Kopa Prepared

Birth Boot Camp


Mama Natural Birth Course Review

Mama Natural Birth Course Logo 600

The Mama Natural Birth Course really is the gold standard when it comes to online childbirth classes. It focuses specifically on natural birth. Mama Natural will prepare your mind, body and spirit to deliver without pain interventions. This course will give you “your best and most natural birth”.

The class includes 8 videos that will teach you the foundations of labor, how to handle unexpected happenings during birth, how to create a support team, and teach you about afterbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care.

At a Glance:

  • Learn what to expect, tools, techniques, strategies and visualizations to achieve a natural childbirth
  • Each of the 8 classes has a special segment just for dads, and a segment to hear from real life couples that had natural births
  • Every class includes a separate practice video to get you and your partner ready for the big event + more strategies and tools demonstrated in the lesson
  • A variety of bonuses including: info on prenatal nutrition, fitness, birth affirmations, and a 90-minute breastfeeding class
  • A free weekly email series tailored to your due date allows you to get to know the instructor before purchasing

Price: $264 or three payments of $98

Duration: ~12 hours spread out over 8 videos


  • The bestselling online childbirth class for a natural birth
  • Can be completed over the course of a few weeks, or in a weekend if time is sensitive
  • The only online childbirth class led by a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • Includes your partner extensively in the labor-readiness process
  • Empowers women to achieve the birth they desire with a variety of actionable advice and tools
  • Highly engaging and entertaining presentation of material


  • Focuses exclusively on natural childbirth, but does educate about pain interventions in situations where they are absolutely necessary

Read more about the Mama Natural Birth Course and read my full Mama Natural Birth Course Review for more information.

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples Review

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An online childbirth class for couples that is most similar to a class you might take at a hospital, but with the added component of thoughtfully prepared discussion questions for couples.

The stages of labor, how to time contractions, when to actually go to the hospital? All things I would have been googling between contractions if I hadn’t prepared with this type of childbirth class!

At a Glance:

  • Exactly like the classes taught at your local hospital, minus the uncomfortable chairs and scheduled time
  • Geared for couples and includes detailed couple discussion questions after every lesson
  • Manageable length of time and 24/7 access makes it possible to do this as a couple when it’s most convenient for you
  • An online course with a video format is going to be way more enjoyable and easier to get your partner involved in than a book
  • Created and taught by an experienced Labor and Delivery nurse and mom of three
  • Will provide you with all of the information needed for preparing for labor and giving birth in a hospital or birth center

Price: $99.00

Duration: ~1 hour of video content + discussion questions


  • Is most like a traditional in-person childbirth class
  • Educates on when to come in, pain-interventions, what happens during a vaginal birth, what happens in a C-section, what the hospital stay will be like, going home after birth and more
  • Couple discussion questions after every chapter really set this apart
  • There is a free course available that will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase
  • The short run time makes this so easy to digest without leaving out ANY essential information


  • Is mostly applicable to a hospital birth, which may not apply to everyone

Read my full review of the online childbirth class for couples, Prenatal Class for Couples.

Kopa Prepared Birth Class Review

kopa prepared birth class review

KOPA Prepared is a video-based online childbirth class. It aims to prepare you with tools, relaxation techniques and childbirth knowledge in order to achieve a natural birth in a hospital. KOPA Birth is taught by Katie, a registered nurse, certified childbirth instructor, and mother of five!

A big issue I had with the childbirth classes I took? They taught me all about what to expect, but gave me ZERO pain-coping tools. You will not have this problem if you choose KOPA Birth. Every single class includes relaxation techniques, practice sessions and advice for dad.

At a glance:

  • Professional quality, engaging presentation, and easy to navigate course platform
  • 8 lessons designed to be watched over the course of a few weeks or days
  • Incorporates partners in preparing and practicing for labor extensively
  • Emphasizes the goal of a natural birth but still educates about pain-interventions, procedures and options
  • Teaches a variety of pain coping strategies, relaxation techniques, positioning, and breathing exercises
  • Includes a short quiz at the end of each lesson, and breaks the longer videos down into shorter segments so that you can easily navigate back to re-watch certain parts.

Duration: ~12 hours of video content spread over 8 lessons

Price: $195 for PREPARED Essentials, $245 PREPARED Plus


  • Prepares you to confront labor pain with specific strategies and techniques
  • Advises on when to use certain techniques, breathing strategies, and positions
  • Teaches about what to expect during the progression of labor and what it’s like to delivery in a hospital
  • Emphasizes how to advocate for informed consent and avoid unnecessary interventions if desired
  • Receive a variety of bonus content to support you in life with a newborn
  • Supports and prepares for a natural birth but still educates on interventions and medical procedures should there be a change of plans


  • Specific to an in-hospital birth

Learn more about KOPA Prepared and see if it is the right childbirth class for you! Or read my full review of Kopa Birth for more information.

Birth Boot Camp Review

Birth Bootcamp 2 E1532372137732

This site is an awesome option for online childbirth classes because they offer a wide variety of classes. You can choose the appropriate class for you based on the kind of birth you’re hoping to have, or aspect of birth or life with a newborn that you are feeling most nervous about.

I assumed our in-hospital childbirth class would teach pain-coping strategies, labor practice and breathing strategies, but this wasn’t the case! These classes do.

Class Choices at a Glance:

  • Comprehensive Childbirth Education is a class specifically designed for first-time parents seeking an unmedicated birth
  • Hospital Birth Class is geared for couples, teaches relaxation and pain-coping strategies, but also gives information on pain-interventions and what to expect in a cesarean birth.
  • Comfort Measures Birth Class is a workshop specific to pain-coping and labor strategies. You’ll learn about relaxation, massage, imagery, communication skills, and comfort measures.
  • Life with a New Recruit is a complete newborn care class. You’ll learn about newborn procedures, babywearing, safe sleep, postpartum care, and 3+ hours of breastfeeding video course as well!

Prices: Range from $95-$345 depending on the class type

Duration: The two childbirth classes mentioned (Childbirth Education and Hospital Birth Class) have run times of 15 and 25 hours. They are designed to be watched over a period of time in 2.5 hour sessions. This makes them very similar to how an in-person class would be structured.


  • The classes are taught in a “morning talk-show style” making them interesting and engaging
  • Classes feature interviews from a range of experts in birth including: a doula, chiropractor, lactation consultant, midwives, massage therapists and health coaches
  • You receive an online workbook for every class
  • Aim to be as close to a live class as possible that you can take from home
  • Emphasizes an unmedicated/natural birth but still educates you on pain-interventions should you choose that in the moment


  • If you are close to your due date, the longer run time might be hard to accomplish

Learn more about Birth Boot Camp and choose the class that will best serve you!

Supporting Her Review

supporting her reviewSave

Supporting Her is an online childbirth class designed especially for dads. This online childbirth class will have your husband completely prepared and educated for childbirth. He will know what to expect and what HE can do to best support you. Watching this together will also prepare and educate you on the childbirth process.

My husband certainly tried his best to support me, but learning in real time from the nurse how to counteract labor pains and what would actually make a difference while I was howling in pain wasn’t exactly ideal…Supporting Her would have removed the guess work for my husband.

At A Glance:

  • Informational, accessible, and conversational presentation of material
  • Provides tons of specific advice and action items on how to support the birthing mother emotionally and physically
  • Gives advice and details on all aspects of labor, delivery, and postpartum support
  • Covers topics that wouldn’t even be on the radar of most dads because they have never done this before
  • Helps dad bond with unborn child mentally, makes the upcoming birth seem less abstract for dad, and allows dad to share in preparations
  • Will boost your confidence surrounding birth by knowing that your husband is coming to labor full of strategies, advice, and a “tool kit” of his own

Price: $49.00

Duration: ~2 hours


  • One of the only US-based online childbirth classes specifically designed for dads
  • Includes thoughts and testimonials from dads who have completed the course and been through childbirth
  • Format is conversational, full of GREAT info, and has a manageable view time
  • You as the birthing mama will learn a lot too from this online childbirth course


  • Doesn’t include specific pain-coping strategies or info for moms, though mom can definitely benefit from viewing this with her partner to learn about the general childbirth process.

Read my full review of the online childbirth course for dads, Supporting Her.

Hypnobubs Review

hypnobubs reviewSave

This is an online hypnobirthing class. Hypnobirthing is a positive childbirth mindset aimed to promote a natural birth. This birthing philosophy is widely popular around the world, and is becoming more popular in the US as more mothers are empowered by the idea of a natural birth.

A positive birth mindset? I don’t know about you, but I had a LOT of anxiety surrounding birth, like most mamas! I wanted to deliver without interventions, but I did nothing to succeed at this in anyway other than ‘wanting’ it. Hypnobirthing would have been the difference.

At a Glance:

  • Supports women in having an unmedicated birth and is an online natural childbirth class
  • Provides a wide variety of pain-management coping strategies, visualizations, breathing techniques and affirmations
  • Aims to change your entire mindset surrounding birth to be positive and confident
  • Gives action items and techniques to practice regularly throughout your entire pregnancy
  • Includes ways to practice with and incorporate your partner in this unique mindset towards birth
  • Also teaches childbirth basics like induction, labor progression, newborn care choice and special circumstances, like C-sections.

Price: $149.00

Duration: 6+ hours of video content, plus other resources


  • In addition to learning the hypnobirthing philosophy, you will learn childbirth education basics.
  • Thorough material and action items will help you find time in your day every day to be present with your baby and prepare yourself mentally for birth
  • An entire section dedicated to your partner’s role and supportive caregivers to promote a natural childbirth
  • Extra resources to listen to or read on the go, in the waiting room, or whenever you have a moment


  • May not be relevant if you are not interested in a natural childbirth, or know that you need a planned caesarean (though they do offer a hypnobirthing class specifically for C-sections that I did not review, but you can learn more about here)

For more information on this course, check out my full review of the online hypnobirthing course, Hypnobubs.

Simply Breastfeeding Review

simply breastfeeding review

Simply Breastfeeding is an online breastfeeding course by Cindy and Jana, two registered nurses and lactation consultants. It is aimed at educating the expectant mother (and partner) to prepare them on breastfeeding to increase their likelihood of succeeding.

While this isn't a childbirth course, I wanted to include it here as breastfeeding is the major learning step that occurs immediately after birth. Learning the basics before birth will put you at a HUGE advantage. The perfect latch? What it feels like when milk comes in? How many partner can actually support me with this? All of these questions are covered!

At A Glance:

  • Explains how your body produces milk and the change from colostrum to milk
  • Provides foundational education on breastfeeding such as latching, breastfeeding positions and the first feed
  • Talks about how birth, delivery and breastfeeding fit together
  • Answers the most common questions, such as "How do I know when to feed?" and "Is baby getting enough?"
  • Highlights the use of hand expression and how to do it
  • Includes extra written information, downloadable PDFs, and additional resources.
  • Free course available to preview before you buy.

Price: $40.00

Duration: 1.5 hours of video content + additional resources


  • The first few days and weeks of breastfeeding are crucial to your long term success. So educating yourself before baby arrives will increase your likelihood to succeed.
  • Only 15% of moms in the US are able to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months, which is recommended by AAP, this class will increase your odds of success!
  • Extensively covers how to start breastfeeding off well, from the best practices for birth and delivery to those first few days after.
  • Latch and breastfeeding positions, the two most fundamental first steps in any breastfeeding relationship, are covered really well.
  • Explains and teaches your partner’s role in helping you succeed at breastfeeding


  • They don’t focus on troubleshooting or specific breastfeeding problems as those are best dealt with by seeing a lactation consultant in person. Instead, they aim to set you up with knowledge to hopefully prevent any issues before they occur.

Read my full review of the online breastfeeding support class, Simply Breastfeeding.

Looking for other ways to get educated during pregnancy?

Here at Mom Smart Not Hard, we have three different FREE courses to support you during pregnancy. While the above classes deal specifically with the pain and medical aspects of birth and breastfeeding, our courses support you with all the other preparations and planning before baby.

Bump Smart Course

If you want a way to prepare each week tailored to your specific due date, then our FREE Bump Smart Course is for you.

So many of the resources you receive during pregnancy are medical, and while we know those are essential, let us support you on absolutely everything non-medical that you need to do before baby.

Each week, you will receive an email with:

  • Content and articles tailored to your week of pregnancy
  • A how to prepare lesson for the week to keep you on track that will have a specific action item
  • Free weekly pregnancy journal pages to print out and compile as a keepsake and reflection of your pregnancy and journey to baby
  • Extra free printables to capture and record those special moments in pregnancy
  • A pro mom tip and a sweet quote to inspire you

Nest Smart Course

If you are thinking about taking a childbirth class, have you also been busy preparing your home for all things baby? Get help with this by enrolling in our FREE Nest Smart email course today!

This 7-day crash course in nesting will get you totally prepared for baby from the home, to your relationship, and birth!

Nurse Smart Course for Expecting Mamas

The decision to breastfeed your baby is an amazing choice, but many expecting mothers don’t realize what a steep learning curve it’s going to be until they’re in the thick of it. Wondering if there’s a way to get educated and ready to breastfeed before your baby arrives? We’ve got just the resource for you.

Enroll in our FREE Nurse Smart Email Course. This 5-day course, designed just for expecting mothers will educate you and set you up for success from day one.

Which online childbirth class is right for me?

I’m looking for the typical in-hospital childbirth class, but want to do it from home

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples is the class for you. In a condensed yet thorough format, you will learn everything you need to know about labor, delivery, and postpartum care. It’s presented in an easy to follow format by a Labor and Delivery nurse who actually taught in-hospital childbirth classes herself!

I’m looking for a class that will give me my best chance at a natural, unmedicated birth

Mama Natural Birth Course is what you need! This class empowers, motivates, and teaches you exactly how to achieve the natural birth you desire.

I’m looking for a really in-depth class that emphasizes a natural birth, teaches all of the labor and delivery details, and will prepare me with pain-coping strategies and techniques

Birth Boot Camp will have exactly the class you’re looking for! Choose from one of four different online childbirth classes that will cater to the exact type of delivery you envision.

KOPA Prepared is another great option with lots of in-depth info to help you deliver naturally in a hospital setting.  Every class included tons of practice time, strategies, and really incorporates your partner in the process.  You won’t have a single question unanswered with this class.

I’m hoping to deliver without an epidural but still want to learn childbirth basics too. Learning birthing visualizations, breathing techniques and tools are most important to me

Check out Hypnobubs Online Hypnobirthing Class. Not only will you learn the hypnobirthing philosophy and change your entire mindset surrounding birth, but you will learn childbirth basics as well.

Achieving an un-medicated birth is something many women want, but few succeed at. Without putting effort into learning real pain-coping strategies, affirmations and techniques ahead of time, going without an epidural might not be a reality.

I want to make sure my husband is feeling confident and prepared to support me, because that will put my mind at ease

Supporting Her is one of the only US-based online childbirth classes designed specifically for dads. In Europe, childbirth classes for fathers are the norm. Husbands should be prepared and equipped to support their partners in childbirth. Supporting Her will bring confidence to both of you.

I feel like I know nothing about breastfeeding. I need to set a foundation of knowledge before baby comes

I don’t know about you, but watching a video usually makes unknown things a lot clearer to me, no matter how much reading I do. Simply Breastfeeding presents essential breastfeeding knowledge in an easy to follow video format. Give yourself a head start on the learning curve of breastfeeding with this course.

Next steps

Figure out your goals and wishes for your childbirth. Decide what will make you feel the most educated and prepared for your labor and delivery. Then, you can decide which of these online childbirth classes will best fit your lifestyle and needs.

As you are getting more and more prepared for your labor and delivery and life with a new baby, you’ll want a planning tool to keep all of the logistics and birth choices organized.

Learn about our Birth Smart Nesting Planner to help with this task!

It’s full of helpful checklists and planning sheets to cover everything related to birth. The 5-part birth plan will include your partner and doesn’t leave out a single detail when it comes to deciding what your birth wishes are.

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