Mom Smart Not Hard Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Affiliate Program

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Jess Miller
Last updated: 
March 28, 2023

Are you looking for an expecting affiliate, a pregnancy affiliate or breastfeeding affiliate? Look no further.

Our Nesting Planner includes three different options and price points which makes it perfect for pregnant women at any stage in their pregnancy.

Our Breastfeeding Handbook is great for women who want to learn about breastfeeding while pregnant or shortly after baby arrives.

What is the affiliate commission and how does it work?

For all of our products we pay a generous 50% commission.

The program is administered via SendOwl which has a very nice interface to track your clicks and conversions.

Affiliate payouts occur on the 1st of each month via PayPal with a one-month delay (to account for possible refunds). Meaning affiliate sales in June would be paid August 1st.

Interested in becoming an affiliate?

Simply send an email to trina (at) momsmartnothard (dot) com

Please include a link to your blog and a rough estimate of your monthly traffic. We don't have a required amount of traffic but it's helpful to know to set realistic expectations.

Our Purpose

Simple: To write awesome guides. Kids don’t come with instructions. We are not afraid to dive right in and get messy. The result? The most detailed guides on the internet; from gear guides to parenting advice.
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