The blotchy curse of the mask of pregnancy

What is the mask of pregnancy? During pregnancy, dark, blotchy, brown, colored patches can appear on the skin of your face. Most commonly on the forehead, upper lip, and cheeks. The condition is cleverly known as the mask of pregnancy. Your skin blotches can line up perfectly causing it to appear as if you are […]

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Identify and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

You wake up, just like you have every other day during your pregnancy. You look in the mirror and notice unusual red streaks at the base of your baby bump. Do not be alarmed. Chances are you have stretch marks. These are a common occurrence during pregnancy. What are stretch marks? During pregnancy, your body […]

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How to identify and prevent postpartum hair loss

What is postpartum hair loss? Are you shedding an unusually large amount of hair in the months following childbirth? Losing hair, sometimes in clumps, is common among mothers and is known as postpartum hair loss. Your hair goes through two stages, a growing stage and a resting stage. Approximately 90% of the hairs on your […]

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How to identify and cope with postpartum sweating

What is postpartum sweating? Postpartum sweating is the tendency to sweat like you have just done a vigorous workout. Commonly experienced by mothers in the weeks after childbirth, postpartum sweating generally comes on at night, just as you are trying to fall asleep. The large amount of sweat can shock unsuspecting mothers. There is no […]

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