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March 28, 2023

I’m pregnant with my second child and due in late July 2018 and I want to share my pregnancy journey with you. Unlike during my first pregnancy, I’m blogging this time around so what better way to document the experience than with baby bump week by week photos and weekly pregnancy updates! Everything I’ve read says that you start showing earlier the second time around so I’m curious to see if this is true with my baby bump updates 

What Will You Find In Addition To Baby Bump Week By Week Photos?

Every week I will be sharing not only a baby bump update, but also providing stats like weight gained, highlights from the week, aversions, things I’m loving, and more.

How I’m Preparing:

You can still count on us to post a variety of topics within the realm of expecting to help you feel empowered and prepared, but in addition to these posts I will be sharing one way I am preparing within my baby bump update each week.  I hope this can inspire you to see how I’m preparing in “real time” and you can share your preparations and process with me too.

Third Trimester Baby Bump Updates

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40 weeks pregnant birth story feature
39 weeks pregnant title image
38 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump Update
37 weeks pregnant baby bump feature image
36 weeks pregnant baby bump feature image
35 weeks pregnant baby bump update feature
34 weeks pregnant baby bump feature image
33 weeks pregnant baby bump update feature image
32 weeks pregnant feature image
31 weeks pregnant baby bump
30 weeks pregnant baby bump feature image
29 weeks pregnant

Second Trimester Baby Bump Updates

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28 weeks pregnant baby bump title image
27 weeks pregnant baby bump
26 weeks pregnant
25 weeks pregnant baby bump
24 weeks pregnant baby bump
23 weeks pregnant baby bump
22 weeks pregnant baby bump
21 weeks pregnant
20 weeks pregnant feature
19 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump Update
18 weeks pregnant
17 weeks pregnant
16 weeks pregnant
15 weeks pregnant bump

First Trimester Baby Bump Updates

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14 weeks pregnant bump
13 weeks pregnant bump
12 weeks pregnant bump
11 weeks pregnant bump
10 weeks pregnant bump
9 weeks pregnant bump
8 weeks pregnant bump
7 weeks pregnant bump
6 weeks pregnant bump
5 weeks pregnant bump
4 weeks pregnant bump

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Check out our Expecting section. While this section isn’t as fun as weekly pregnancy photos, it contains really useful information for the expecting mama at all stages of pregnancy. We’ve got you covered on everything you’ll need to prepare for baby: creating a baby registrychoosing where to give birthpacking a hospital baggetting your body back after pregnancyprepping freezer meals to prepare for baby’s arrival, and much more!

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