First Birthday Chalkboard Template - Free Download for Baby's First Birthday

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Jess Miller
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March 10, 2023

A DIY Happy Birthday Chalkboard is such a fun way to capture baby’s first year. From everything to personality, favorites, words, size, and the number of teeth, all can be displayed in cute fonts on a poster. My little one loves to read so I couldn’t resist adding a favorite book section as well. This first birthday chalkboard template was made using PowerPoint over about the course of a week. I've made the happy birthday chalkboard free for anyone to download so that you won't have to invest as much time as I did into the process of making a first birthday sign.

happy birthday chalkboard; first birthday chalkboard template; free download

Why do you want a DIGITAL DIY Happy Birthday Chalkboard?

  • Print big to hang at your party, then later use it for artwork in their playroom or bedroom
  • Print medium and keep a copy in a baby book or 1st birthday photo book
  • Print small and use as thank you cards

How to use the first birthday chalkboard template to make a DIY Happy Birthday Chalkboard?

1. Download my first birthday chalkboard template free (Powerpoint file) from the MomSmartNotHard free printable library for subscribers (see below for instructions)
2. Download the fonts that go along with the free chalkboard template from the printable library
3. Change the text to match your baby
4. Change the color scheme to match your party - OPTIONAL (our party was yellow duck themed)
5. Have the first birthday chalkboard printed professionally at a print store or print smaller versions yourself (or print the happy birthday chalkboard at your work if you have access to such a printer)

happy birthday chalkboard; first birthday chalkboard template; free download

Download and extract all the fonts all at once

The biggest step was to download enough chalkboard fonts. I have compiled these fonts from around the web from various other mom blogs (too many to list). Anyway, I had to download all the fonts individually, one at a time. To save you time and energy I've compiled them all into a single folder, follow these two steps to get them all at once.

1. Download the special chalkboard fonts by accessing our free printable library for subscribers.

happy birthday chalkboard; first birthday chalkboard template; free download

2. Extract the files, and copy the fonts into your Fonts folder (see photo below how to find the folder on a Windows computer, for Macs users follow these instructions)

What do you think?

If you made a Happy Birthday Chalkboard for your baby's party using this first birthday chalkboard template, I would love to see it! Please comment.

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