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March 28, 2023

Welcome, Mama! We are so excited to be a part of your journey to motherhood 

Whether you are trying to conceive or are just a few weeks away from birth, we have a ton of great content to help you feel more confident and better prepared for birth and life with a new baby.

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Most of the care and support surrounding pregnancy is medical. But we know that your time expecting is filled with so much more than that.

We want to focus on everything that happens between all those appointments, blood draws and monitors. We want to help you prepare your house, your relationship, and you of course!

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If no one has said it yet, let us be the first to give you a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS <3 You are entering such an incredible time in life.

As a newly pregnant mama, you’re probably thinking, I’m pregnant, now what?! Below you’ll find tons of great info tailored especially to weeks 4-13 of pregnancy.

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Expecting Date Nights: Include and Prepare Your Partner During Pregnancy

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For many pregnant women, the second trimester is when the fun really begins because you get to share your pregnancy with the world! Wondering what usually happens in the second trimester?

It’s a big one filled with making the registryplanning a shower and setting up the nursery. You and your other half will feel baby’s kicks for the first time and best of all, your bump will pop!

You can find lots of support with those tasks and more by checking out all of our content especially for weeks 14-28 of pregnancy.

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Looking to add some logic and structure to your nesting instincts? Feeling like you are behind on preparations for baby? Don’t know how or what really needs to be done before baby’s birth?

Enroll in our FREE Nest Smart email course today! This 7-day course is based on our 5 pillars of nesting and will get you super prepared and organized, fast.


A 7-day crash course on nesting

  • action items to get ready for baby FAST
  • free printables to help you prepare 
  • advice to prepare yourself, your home, and your partner



The third trimester is an exciting time in pregnancy usually spent preparing your home and getting ready for birth.

Does hitting the third trimester make birth suddenly seem super real? Take a deep breath. We’re going to walk you through everything you need to prepare for the big day in the remaining weeks 

Here you’ll find tons of articles to get you and your home totally prepared for birth with content tailored to weeks 29-40 of pregnancy.

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From the moment you conceive up until birth, there is so much to do before your baby’s arrival! We wanted to find a way to help you plan for your bundle of joy with less stress and more confidence.

With three versions of the Nesting Planner to choose from, no matter where you’re at in pregnancy you can benefit from this amazing support! Each carefully designed planner is full of checklists, planning sheets, and supports to help you get completely prepared.

Learn more about how the Nesting Planner can help you today!


Check out our full archive of Expecting articles, or send us an email if there’s a topic you’d like us to write about.

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