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March 21, 2024
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A rainy day doesn’t have to keep kids stuck inside the house, as playing outside in the rain can be a lot of fun. When a kid has the right essentials, including a raincoat, boots, and an umbrella, a bit of falling water isn’t anything worth worrying about one bit.

It pays to be prepared for all sorts of weather patterns, and a raincoat is a must-have item for youngsters that are of toddler age up to the pre-teen years.

Charles Macintosh created modern-day raincoats in 1836, which were created using a blend of rubber and fabric. In Great Britain, a raincoat may be called a Mac or Mackintosh in his honor.

Macintosh was not the only one to create raincoats, as indigenous people have used various methods to waterproof clothing as far back as the 13th century. In France, Francois, Fresneau developed a waterproof fabric in 1748, and John Syme of Scotland made improvements on waterproofing in 1815.

Waterproof materials were of great interest to the military for protecting troops in warfare, but the use of rubber with fabric could prove challenging by either becoming too stiff, hot, or awkward to wear.

In 1921, G. Fox of London created the first raincoat, offering a smart waterproof solution for the general public.

Today’s raincoat made for kids may be a blend of cotton and polyester, comes with a removable lining, or has a glossy vinyl exterior. Kids can comfortably run, jump, and be at ease wearing a comfortable, stylish raincoat.

Raincoats are either made to absorb so much water, or repel water, and may be made using a fabric that is tightly woven.

Comparison Table

Evaluating A Raincoat

Pink Raincoat

The raincoat has improved over the years, with a host of various materials used to create waterproof, breathable textiles. Kids can choose from raincoats decorated with their favorite character from a book or movie, colorful patterns, or trending designs.

When selecting a raincoat for kids, it is helpful to consider how long it will put up with wear-and-tear, cleaning and maintenance needs, fit, and air circulation for comfort. Some raincoats can make kids sweat profusely if there is poor air circulation, which is probably as annoying as being drenched by a downpour.

Raincoats are made from the following materials, which may demand different levels of care when cleaning.

  • Cotton or canvas
  • Nylon, rayon, or vinyl
  • Wool
  • Microfibers

Depending on the textile used for a kid’s raincoat, it may be more difficult to clean, feel stiffer, or may have reduced breathability. Some parents may have concerns about the retardants or treatment used on a raincoat to make it waterproof.

Exposure to certain chemicals over time may be undesirable, so parents may want to consider more natural fibers and waterproofing materials for their kids raincoat.

Many raincoats are created using a blend of two or more fibers for durability and water-resistance. Parents should look closely at the label for any garment they choose to purchase and do additional research if there are any concerns.

After choosing the best raincoat for kids, it is helpful to know how to clean it properly so that it lasts longer.  Kids do grow up fast, but a reasonably sized raincoat can last longer than a year if a young one isn’t experiencing a significant growth spurt.

As long as the raincoat is in good repair, fits well, and keeps a kid dry, you don’t have to run out for a replacement.

How We Choose Our Favorites

Child wearing Blue-Green raincoat

We took a look at reputable companies that parent’s trust, styles of raincoats that kids love, and pored over reviews from real people. After doing a thorough investigation, we feel confident about our compiled list of raincoats for your kid.  We considered a range of raincoats for kids that would be a good match for different ages and lifestyles.

Top 5 Raincoats for Kids

Prepare your kids to stomp in puddles, stay warm and dry during showers, or be prepared in case of an emergency. We offer you a selection of some of the best raincoats on the market for kids of all ages, sizes, and personalities.

Toddler Baby Boy Girl Children Raincoat Cartoon Dinosaur

Kids can let their imaginations run wild while wearing a dinosaur raincoat. Instead of struggling over gender-specific clothing, this raincoat is perfect for both boys and girls, appeasing parents on the lookout for a quality unisex option.

Varying sizes are available for kids as young as one-year-old up to 5 years-old.

Wearing this lightweight jacket increases visibility in low-light conditions and stormy weather, as it comes in a classic bright yellow color. Black contrasting dinosaur spikes are fitted at the back of the hood and the bottom of the jacket.

Kids will be less likely to want to take this jacket off because it isn’t bulky and has a fun dinosaur on the front.

Whether going camping, to school or out to have a playdate in the rain, kids can keep their raincoat tucked away in the included storage bag.


  • Portable and lightweight, so kids don’t feel weighed down
  • Includes a storage bag for convenience
  • Fun color and contrasting dinosaur spikes


  • There may be sizing issues with the raincoat running on the small side for some kids

Hiheart Waterproof Rain Jacket

Get ready to jump in puddles, catch raindrops, and enjoy a shower in the spring or months of autumn with this polyester raincoat. Kids won’t feel too hot or stuffy while wearing this raincoat because the lining is made from cotton.

It’s easier to keep warm and dry with this slicker because it uses both a zipper and Velcro closure to keep the rain and wind out. The hood is non-detachable and protects young one’s heads from falling water and gusts of wind.

Kids will want to put on this jacket when to stay protected in light rain or when strong winds are blowing. The lining readily absorbs sweat and keeps kids warm, and the fabric is water-resistant.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Machine washable
  • Excellent choice for outdoor adventures camping, hiking, or cycling


  • Jacket may run on the larger side

Arshiner Waterproof Hooded Coat

Girls will look adorable and stay protected from the rain with this waterproof jacket. Colorful flowers embellish the outside of this jacket, and a hood covers up heads from inclement weather.

Parents should be cautious as this jacket runs on the larger side, but that gives kids more room to grow into their raincoat. The sleeves of the coat, in particular, are a bit long on some kids, but they can be rolled up.

The included lining keeps kids warm and cozy, and snap closures keep this raincoat closed. Kids might not feel inclined to take this jacket off too quickly, as it has a medium weight.


  • Budget-friendly buy
  • Medium-weight raincoat not too bulky
  • Roomy jacket lets young ones grow into their clothes


  • Doesn’t come with pockets

Rain Jacket by L.L.Bean

Available in classic yellow, royal blue, or crimson red, boys and girls will look darling in this rain jacket. Kids that are rough and tumble when exploring the great outdoors will get a lot of use from this ruggedly designed raincoat with a nylon exterior.

The seams on this jacket are taped to keep water out, and the polyester mesh lining allows for air circulation so that kids won’t feel too uncomfortable and sweaty.  Included under-arm vents also help improve breathability.

A 3M Scotchlite triangle at the back of the jacket and zipper enhance visibility in low-light environments.

When kids or parents are ready to stow away this jacket between uses, it packs inside its pocket.


  • Exterior made with waterproof and wind-resistant nylon
  • Designed to improve low-light visibility
  • Polyester mesh lining lets kids skin breathe


  • May be able to see the liner through the exterior

Waterproof Raincoat with Reflective Stripes by Fit Rite

There are so many color options for this raincoat; it may be difficult for a kid or parent to settle on just one option. Kids might not even realize they have on a raincoat, as this one is made with a vinyl exterior and has a polyester lining.

Kids who need a jacket that can handle heavier rainfall will appreciate that this lightweight jacket comes with snaps at the neck to maximize coverage and keep kids dry. Reflective stripes at the front, back, bottom, and sleeves of the jacket help increase visibility in low-light conditions, so kids are more readily seen.


  • Vinyl exterior holds up in heavy rain
  • Reflective stripes all over jacket enhance visibility
  • Lots of stylish color options


  • Very long and thin profile so caution with sizing and the fit

Buyer’s Guide

Image source: pixabay

Before settling on a raincoat for kids, consider what factors matter to you most. Although many parents enjoy bargain hunting for deals for their kids, it might be worth spending a little bit more for certain features.

Think about how much care will be needed to keep the raincoat clean, how well it fits your kid’s body, personality, and has a durable construction.

Natural fibers and certain styles of raincoat may reduce the chances of your kid becoming uncomfortably hot and sweaty when walking between the raindrops. Most raincoats are machine washable which makes maintenance easier.

There are clear differences between raincoats that are made with natural fibers or synthetic materials, which may impact kid’s comfort, the coat’s level of water resistance, and the look and feel of the garment.

Waterproof raincoats are best for kids who live in areas where heavy storms and rainfall is present. A water-resistant raincoat is lightweight and more suitable for gentle rain and light storms.

Don’t forget to consider how well a raincoat can withstand the wind and cold, as a lined raincoat is better suited to handle the weather.

Ideally, a quality kids raincoat should be able to adjust via drawstrings for a secure fit, come with a hood, and may use a zipper or snap closures. When kids want to play outside and explore, a raincoat should be a comfortable addition that they won’t want to take off quickly.

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