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April 1, 2023
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Tired of dirty restaurant high chairs or homes without a high chair? Choose the best portable high chair on the market today, and your child will never be without a safe and comfortable seat. Whether you are traveling across the country or across the street, these high chairs are perfect for you.

Whether you are traveling to a restaurant, a friend’s home, or across the world, you won’t always find a convenient or clean high chair for your child. Restaurants have high chairs that are constantly in use with lots of food, and you aren’t always sure how frequently they clean them.

Other homes may not even have a chair available, which makes it awkward to hold your baby in your lap while eating. For a convenient option, this list has the best portable high chair models on the market today.

Choose from a range of sizes, prices, and sitting options. For more guidance, take a look at the helpful FAQs list before finding the best portable high chair for you and your baby.


Why Do I Need a Portable High Chair?

If you’ve ever been in a house, restaurant, or different country that doesn’t offer a high chair or booster seat, you understand the importance of owning your own portable high chair. These make great baby shower gifts as well. Some high chairs are rated up to 50 pounds, so you’ll have years of use out of these versatile seats.

It’s not only an excellent choice for anyone planning to travel with a young child, but it’s also convenient even for travel across town or to Grandma’s house. If you don’t want a bulky high chair in your living room, many of these models are comfortable and sturdy enough to be used daily in your own home.

While it may not seem like an essential purchase, these compact high chairs can be a great investment.

Where Can I Take a Portable High Chair?

Not all portable high chairs offer the same level of portability. Some are ultra-portable and made only with fabric and safety straps. These high chairs are perfect for air travel and can pack down very small.

Other portable high chairs are smaller than full-sized models but are too bulky to travel with. They are great for taking on car rides to a restaurant, camping trip, or any other place your child will be sitting or eating.

There are some high chairs that also function as independent chairs, which work perfectly for camping. Be sure to check how the high chair is secured. Typically, you either secure a portable high chair to a chair like a booster seat, or to the table itself.

Either way, the design may not work for every table and chair style. Some tables are too thin, thick, or unsupported to accommodate a high chair secured on it. Certain chairs aren’t suited for the straps to run underneath the seat or behind the back in order to be properly secured.

Consider these factors before choosing a particular portable high chair style.

What Age and Weight Requirements Do These Chairs Have?

Each chair is slightly different, so be sure to read the owner’s manual carefully. All high chairs require infants to be at least 6 months old or to be able to support their head on their own.

Most high chairs are too small for children over 2 or 3 years old, but some will accommodate older children. Most secured high chairs are only rated for 33 or 37 pounds, but booster seat designs are rated for up to 50 pounds.

Each seat is slightly different, and be sure you are up-to-date with any recalls on your particular high chair.

Are There Any Additional Features?

If your high chair has a fabric cover, check to see if it is removable. That will make washing far quicker and more effective. Some high chairs have a detachable tray, while others are meant to sit up close to the table.

If you choose a tray, you have an easily wipeable surface, and you won’t have to worry about the cleanliness of a restaurant table. However, this creates more work for you in order to clean the tray. It also makes the high chair less portable, so if you are traveling light and your child doesn’t make a large mess consider using a tray-less seat.

How We Reviewed

You’ll find some of the best-selling and highest-rated high chairs on the market in this complete list. However, there are many bestsellers that aren’t on it. This list was created by choosing only the high chairs that have excellent customer ratings, in-depth professional reviews, and enough features to be both unique and versatile.

Because of the wide range of uses for a portable high chair, it’s up to you to find the one that best fits your family and your travel style. Whether you are taking your child across the globe or across the road, there are many different levels of travel.

Top 8 Best Portable High Chairs

Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster

Camping chair meets booster seat with this adorable and highly versatile seat. It comes with a removable tray and can be either strapped to a chair or used on its own.

Give your child a great seat, whether it’s at the table or around the campsite. It comes in three different colors to suit your sense of fashion. This portable chair folds down, weighs only 4.3 pounds, and fits in a remarkably small carrying bag. Customers love the look and portability of this high chair.

However, some customers have a hard time using the safety belt. It’s the only portable high chair on this list that works as a stand-alone chair, so choose this if you are an avid camper.

Phil&Teds Lobster High Chair

The most premium portable high chair is incredibly safe, sturdy, and offers a sleek look. The Lobster high chair has a padded four-point harness that keeps your child secure, no matter how much your child likes to move.

Its design is quickly becoming popular, with two clamps that hold the chair in place, allowing the seat to hang off the end of a table. As long as the table is secure and between 0.8 and 3.75 inches thick, you’ll have an incredibly secure chair that your child won’t be able to get out of.

It’s easy for an adult to loosen the clamps and fold up the high chair quickly. Customers love the easy-to-use and comfortable design. Some customers, however, feel the leg holes are too small to remove your child easily.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

This stylish high chair comes in nine color options, giving you the perfect way to personalize your baby’s high chair. It secures easily to a sturdy table and folds down to a very portable size.

The Fast Table Chair doesn’t come with a food tray, but your infant can begin to practice eating at the table. Customers love the soft and easy-to-clean features of this high chair, but some customers don’t like the amount of space between the baby and the table.

The First Years On-the-Go Booster Seat

Choose this affordable high chair, and you’ll still have a highly portable, comfortable, and secure seat for your child. This booster seat-style chair provides a cozy place for a child up to 50 pounds.

The three-point harness is safe and secure, and customers love how portable and inexpensive this high chair is. However, many customers noted it isn’t as stable as other, larger seats. If you have a toddler who likes to move and loses balance easily, you might consider a more stable high chair.

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

This mid-range high chair has an innovative food tray. The Fisher-Price seat comes with three options of food trays, giving you a versatile way to separate your child’s food.

It’s a sturdy booster seat, made entirely of plastic. This makes it less comfortable than padded seats but is far easier to wash and avoid any mold issues.

Customers love the portability and durability of this inexpensive high chair. However, it is considerably bulkier than many of the fabric high chairs, so it isn’t practical for long-distance travel.

Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair

A sturdy and less expensive means of securing a high chair to your table, this is an excellent option for an affordable competitor of the Phil&Teds Lobster chair.

It comes in several colors, and customers love the stability and affordability of this chair. However, it isn’t as comfortable as other, more expensive models.

My Little Seat Travel High Chair

An excellent alternative to the Baby’s Journey Babysitter high chair pad, this travel seat offers the same basic functions, with a slightly more affordable price tag. It’s durable, portable, and weighs even less, at just 9.9 ounces. Customers love how versatile this high chair can be.

However, it doesn’t have as much padding as other, booster seat portable high chairs. If you need a backup chair for lightweight travel, this is the perfect option. However, as a daily high chair, you may want to find one that is more comfortable for your child.

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The Verdict

Few things are as important as safety and comfort for your child. If you’re worried about the cleanliness of a restaurant high chair, or you find yourself in a home without a high chair, these chairs can provide all the convenience and safety you need.

Choose the best portable high chair for your traveling needs, and you’ll discover a chair so comfortable and practical that you may replace your full-sized high chair. There are different levels of travel, so consider the balance between lightweight and comfortable.

Whichever high chair you choose, you can be confident your child will be eating or playing at the table in style and comfort.

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