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April 4, 2024
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As most digital cameras can be pretty pricey and the likelihood of your child having a good quality cell phone to take pictures with is very small, you'll want to make sure that they have a camera that is both durable and also presents a high-quality picture when they get done with it. 

In this article will be going over some of the best digital cameras that you can get for your kids As well as some of the features that come with these cameras. 

Comparison Table

Product FAQs

1. What Is the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant?

Cameras with this feature will specify the depth that the product can tolerate. The former is preferable because it typically means it’s enclosed.

2. Is Quality Necessary for Child Use?

Cameras with higher-quality images that children can take are going to rate higher than those that have lower quality pixels.

How We Reviewed Our Products

We base all of our ratings on our products on several different factors that determine the best overall in the end. These factors include:

Durability: Buying anything for children comes at a risk, so you'll want to make sure that your camera can take a large amount of damage whether from accidentally being dropped in a pool, or dropped from a height onto the ground.

Cost: While a good quality camera is going to cost a little bit more, we will be looking at the features provided with the price to make a final decision.

Customer Reviews: Parents were purchased these cameras before will give us valuable Insight on how to write these products further based on their own experiences. 

Overall Price Range Of These Product

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Digital cameras can run anywhere between $20.00 for a cheaper brand all the way up to several thousand dollars depending on the model and the features you want. Since these cameras are geared more towards children, you can expect them to cost between $40.00 to $200.00.

Sony DSCWX220

Sony has had a long history of creating cameras and other electronic devices that we use in our everyday lives. The Sony DSCWX220 is a beautiful camera to use if you want high-quality pictures without paying for professional quality cameras. 

Admittedly, this is a camera that's better off being used by your older children, preferably old enough to realize the delicate nature of electronics in general.

Key Features

Your children will be able to connect their smartphones to their cameras thanks to the Wi-Fi connection control and near field communication. As long as they're near the camera, they'll be able to download and inspect all the pictures that their camera has taken. 

Additionally, with this feature, you can control the camera from your smartphone which enables you to take perfect group shots or even capture wildlife when you wouldn't have been able to while standing by the camera. 

The camera also features a sweet panorama mode which allows you to take stunning and beautiful panoramas without motion blur or disturbances in the picture caused by subjects moving in the foreground in your landscape shot. 

The way that it manages to do this is by detecting the faces and subjects that are moving before intelligently stitching different wits together to minimize its distortion.

All you have to do is hold down the shutter button and sweep the camera in the past desired, and your camera will continuously shoot at high-speed intervals before the technology Stitches the images together to create a perfect panoramic view. 

High-Quality Pictures

You'll be able to obtain crisp and low-light shots that you usually wouldn't be able to get with your cell phone thanks to the 10x optical zoom that gives you the best quality that you can obtain from such a small digital camera. 

It also provides a 20x clear image digital zoom which makes sure pictures even more evident thanks to the powerful processor in the camera which takes patterns and Compares them from adjacent pixels and then create new pixels to match selected models. What this results in is more realistic, HD images that bring your pictures to life. 

This camera also features an 18.2-megapixel Exmor R CMOS image sensor which allows you to create high-resolution pictures as well as excellent low light sensitivity that automatically improves the image clarity and reduces grain in your photos.  

Stunning Video

The sensors also provide extremely fast, anti-motion blur while in its movie mode and it works up to ten frames per second and in stunning 1080p quality.

While your child is utilizing the video mode, the bio on ZX processor and Optical SteadyShot will help keep the images still and clear which helps bring out the best in your picture while maintaining low noise and minimal blur even while your child is scanning an area or zoomed in to the maximum while filming. 


There are no bumpers or colorful decorations on this camera that might make it appealing for younger children to use. That doesn't mean that the camera isn't robust; however, It can take temperatures ranging from 32 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit without any difficulties. 

Fujifilm Instax Square

If you like the idea of having real pictures available to you to scrapbook your favorite memories for your child, then the Fujifilm Instax Square as an optimal choice for your child to play.

Key Features

The camera itself comes with specially designed shaping so that it's easier to hold onto and take more stable pictures. It also comes with a left and right shutter button so that you can make the perfect picture at any angle without losing your grip or control over the aim. 

Create Fun Pictures

What this camera does that the old Polaroid's couldn't do, that you could preview and edit your images before you decide to print them which brings out a whole new way to enjoy your favorite photos. The actual film size is 86 millimeters by 72 millimeters, and the screen size itself is 62 millimeters by 62 millimeters. 

It may seem simple at first, but there are over ten different filters that you can apply to your photos as well as brightness control options that allow you to have the best result possible. You can even give your photos more creative expression thanks to the vignette control filter also implemented into the camera settings. 

You can also use this MicroSD slot to transfer your pictures onto your computer instead of just printing them where you can further edit them if you have a photo editing program.

There's a centralized command dial that's located right underneath the LCD screen where you can take a look at the pictures you've chosen and edit them however you need to before deciding to print them. This camera's all-in-one button dial that gives you all the control you'll need to make your photos come out perfect. 

Expandable Memory

The internal memory it's all can hold onto over 50 photos, and if you add on an additional microSD card, you'll be able to handle more than that. Your camera also comes equipped with a date selection function so that you can keep track of when photos were taken to reflect upon them accurately.

Accurate Details

The digital zoom feature will handle up to two and a half times the original setting, and there's even a tripod hole for when you want to have extra stabilization available for your pictures. The battery is rechargeable through a Micro SD chord, and it only takes a short amount of time to charge. 

Fujifilm FinePix XP130

The Fujifilm FinePix xp130 is a waterproof digital camera that comes in five different colors that you can choose. These colors include:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Lime
  • Silver
  • White

Key Features

Your kids will be able to take the perfect shots thanks to the three-inch 920K LCD monitor displayed on the back. The screen itself even features an anti-reflective coating which guarantees that your children will be able to see the shot that they're taking no matter what condition they're in at the time. 

It even adjusts the brightness automatically like a cell phone wood to spare your battery too much strain.

Excellent Waterproof and Underwater Capabilities

The camera itself is waterproof up to 65 feet or 20 meters which protects it in case your child drops it in a swimming pool or a river. This factor also means that while it hasn't gotten listed as an underwater camera, you could potentially get some nice shots while scuba diving.

In addition to its waterproofing, this camera can take temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit, and it won't freeze or drain the battery out just because it's in cold weather. Another testament to this cameras durability factor is the fact that it can withstand shock and drop damage up to 5.8 feet or 1.75 meters. 

When you go to take pictures, you'll get a 28mm wide angle with a 5x optical zoom lens which allows you to zoom up to where all the action is, even while you're underwater. 

On top of that the Fujifilm FinePix XP 130 also features unique color reproduction which means that even while you're taking pictures under the water, the colors will get reproduced as they're supposed to be seen by the human eye. 

There's even underwater and an underwater macro mode that makes sure that your pictures are optimized while you're taking photos under the water. 

The camera features a 16.4 megapixels back-illuminated CMOS sensor which is capable of providing advanced image quality even while you're underwater. The coms shift optical image specialization system also controls all camera shakes while you're zoomed in. 

Cool Picture Features

The camera is entirely dustproof, and it has the geotagging capability which allows you to create a tag of every picture that you take depending on the location that you're in at the time. This feature can be fun if you're looking for an excellent way to show where you've been for a family vacation, especially if you have gone abroad. 

It also combines that with an intelligent digital zoom feature that gives you twice the amount of Zoom range while offering image processing to keep your photos looking crisp even when you zoom in to look at them later. 

With the electronic level eye detection feature, you'll be able to capture a horizontal subject like a landscape or an architecture piece, and it will automatically focus on the eyes of your subject if you're taking a picture of people.

Home Movies

Additionally if your children want to take a movie of what's going on, they'll be able to do that thanks to the recording button featured at the top that takes full HD 1080p videos that you will then be able to transfer to a mobile device which supports Bluetooth automatically, and that includes pictures as well. 

Connections Through The App

If you download the Fujifilm remote app onto your smartphone or tablet, you can use the app to release the shutter or just the zoom settings remotely, or you can even change the camera to a video recording mode instead. 

VTech Kidizoom Duo

If you have younger children, the VTech Kidizoom Duo is likely the optimal choice when it comes to a robust digital camera that can handle anything that a child throws at it.

Key Features

It features are two and a half inch color LCD screen that allows your children to take pictures and videos as well as let them use a rear-facing camera built into the duo for selfies and group shots.

Decent Picture Quality And Setting

The front camera is 1600 X 1200 pixels while your rear camera is going to only be 640 by 480 pixels. The camera also features dual viewfinders as well as four times the digital Zoom ratio so that they get bright and perfect details in every shot. 

The camera comes with different photo effects built into it that you can apply to all of your pictures. Some of the results include cartoon characters and collage effects that can turn any image into a funny moment. 

Reasonable Memory

The camera comes with 256 megabytes already built into the memory, but you can always expand on that memory with additional micro SD cards up to 32GB.

Your child will be able to download all of their photos and videos onto a computer using the micro USB cable in which they can share them. The camera itself is not rechargeable and will take four AA batteries to use the camera.

Fun Games For Long Road Trips

The camera also comes with five different games, three and which are motion-controlled, which supplies your child was even more fun and is a great way to keep them occupied while on long trips on the road. 

Good Color Choices

The camera itself comes in three different colors:

  • Blue
  • Camo
  • Pink

KKlove Kids Digital Camera

If you're looking for a cute camera that's made was environmentally-friendly materials and comes easy-to-operate, so your children can take pictures with it then the cake a love kids digital camera is the perfect choice for them. 

Key Features

This camera is rated explicitly for children between the ages of seven years old to 15 years old, and as a result, it's made to be as durable as you would expect a camera built for children should be. 


It's waterproof for up to 30 meters which roughly translates to 100 feet, and it can get flawlessly operated while scuba diving or surfing.

Battery Life

The battery life as robust as well, capable of holding a charge for an hour and a half on continuous recording time, so you don't have to worry about missing anything while you're on your favorite vacation.

Expandable Memory

If you need additional space, the MicroSD slot supports an extra 32GB so that you don't have to miss out on taking pictures or video. 


The video recording feature that this camera has in it will take up to five megapixels on your photos while providing 1080p at 15 FPS or 720p at 30 frames per second on video with audio. 


We like the Sony DSCWX220 for its high-quality pictures and the ability to take stunning pictures underwater. We also enjoy the fact that it can connect to any device near to achieve the shots you’re looking for. You can’t beat the features and the quality that come with the camera, not to mention the fact that the price is on point.

Featured image source: pexels

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