Best Birthday Gifts For Boys

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March 12, 2023

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Finding the best birthday gifts for boys can be a fun process that allows the gift giver the chance to explore new hobbies and interests as they discover the perfect item. Many gifts are suitable for multiple age ranges, and gift givers can get gift wrapping on gifts that they purchase from sites like Amazon.

The best birthday gifts for boys will vary based on the age of the giftee, but many gifts are appreciated regardless of their age. If you aren’t sure what kind of hobbies or interests your birthday boy has, it doesn’t hurt to contact their parent to see if they have suggestions.

Getting Started

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Before you start looking at the best birthday gifts for boys, it's a good idea to confirm whether the person you are buying for has made a wish list or given any guidance on the types of gifts they are looking to receive. It can be great fun to think outside of the box when gift-giving, but a pre-made list also ensures that what you give the recipient will be used and appreciated.

Many individuals like to use their instincts when picking out gifts, and prefer to buy something that they find that reminds them of the person who is the recipient. This method can be a great way to find "just because" gifts that can also be saved for birthdays.

If you are set on finding your gift without asking for a wish list, it's important to consider the person's hobbies and interests. For example, younger boys are stereotypically into superheroes, trucks, and action figures, but they may also have other interests.

Buying a gift that helps an individual more easily pursue their hobby can be an excellent way to ensure your gift gets used, but if you aren’t sure about their hobbies then a more general gift might be best.

Our list of potential gifts can help you find something that will work for all ages and can make the process of gift-giving seamless regardless of the age of the birthday boy or their interests. Many of these gifts can be easily purchased online, and sites frequently offer the option to have the items gift wrapped which can be an excellent time saver.

Toys For All Ages

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No matter how young or old your birthday boy is, there are always toys that they can appreciate and will jump at the chance to play with and touch. Toys don't have to mean conventional items like action figures or trucks, and the choices in today's toy market are endless.

For younger boys, consider interactive toys that light up and have enough functionality to grow with them as they develop. Interactive electronic type toys such as laptops or cell phones are often an excellent choice for boys who are always trying to use their parent's electronics.

Elementary-aged boys may also prefer to play with toys that allow them to be active, such as a playmat for toy cars, or a basketball hoop. Toy blocks made from wood or plastic are also an excellent toy for active young boys, and indoor slides are a classic favorite that is inexpensive.

When picking out toys, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind to make sure you get a toy that is a good fit:

  • Double check the recommended age
  • If the toy needs batteries are they included?
  • Will the toy still be relevant as the child develops?
  • Avoid overly masculine toys or statement toys that may be controversial

If the toy you select doesn't include batteries, it's a great idea to add some so that the child can immediately begin to play with the toy. Also, in recent years, "statement toys" or toys that are based on current trends, events, or public personalities have come into popularity, and these are best avoided.

Educational toys are always a good choice regardless of the age of the child, but getting one that is appropriate for their age is then more critical. When selecting a toy, get one that is appropriate for the age of the child or just slightly older so that they can get the maximum amount of play time.

Educational toys don't have to be boring, and online sites have long lists of favorite toys that also help boys work on various skills. Simple toys such as books that make noise or read aloud are excellent choices for children under two. For children between two and four years old, a classic Mr. Potato Head or Mrs. Potato head can be a fun choice.

Magazines And Books

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Magazines and books can make great gifts for boys because they come in a wide variety of subjects and some include fun activities like coloring, crosswords, puzzles, and other games. Comic books are also a good choice for all ages, but especially elementary aged boys who are able to read.

Assorted comic books come in packs and are an inexpensive option that can encourage young children to read while also providing entertainment and stimulation for their imagination with plentiful images. There are also bookmaking kits available which allow children to color their book pages, create a cover, and have it turned into a real book when they’re finished.

There are also a number of low-cost magazine subscriptions for kids with topics that range from sports to animals. National Geographic Kids, High Five, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and Ranger Rick are all examples of magazines created for young kids.

Books are another gift that can be suitable for all ages, and there are new book titles for children available every day. Amazon, Walmart, and traditional bookstores such as Barnes & Noble are good places to find highly recommended children's books. If you aren’t sure what title to purchase, gift cards for local bookstores can also make an excellent gift.

Food Items

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Buying a small boy food for their birthday may sound strange, but older kids may find some of the novelty foods available very entertaining. Traditional choices like candy bracelets and gold foil covered chocolate coins are widely available, but there are also newer options like giant chocolate bars that can be shared.

Among the more original items available are color changing straws, erasers, and lollipops that look like other food items, and novelty socks with pictures of food on them. For older kids, there are blankets that look like foods such as pizza, and stress balls that are shaped like croissants, hot dogs, and other sweets.

Another unique choice would be flavored nut butter such as butterscotch peanut butter or cinnamon almond butter. These nut butters could be a healthy addition to a gift provided that the child is not allergic to nuts.

A wackier choice is food shaped pillows which are frequently referred to as 3D pillows. These pillows come in all kinds of shapes such as loaves of bread and cookies. For a more tech-savvy birthday boy, a food shaped USB drive can also be a useful gift.

Money And Gift Cards

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Money may not be the best gift for a young birthday boy, but for older kids, they may enjoy spending money on a gift of their choice. Gift cards to kid-friendly stores can allow the child the joy of picking out their own toy or another item, and provides them a chance to buy things and feel grown up.

For teenage boys, gift cards and money can be used for things like movie tickets, putting gas in their car, buying snacks after school, playing and purchasing online games, and general pocket money for hanging out with friends.

Another great birthday gift can be gift cards to gaming sites like Steam where the birthday boy can purchase a game for their PC or gaming console and also keep a library of favorite games that are organized in one location.

For those who are into movies, a Redbox gift card that comes with assorted candies and popcorn is a fun option, but there are also gift cards for airlines such as Southwest, the PlayStation Store, Amazon, and Xbox.

If you don't feel the gift card is enough, there are individual card holders that can provide a bit of fun such as a maze cardholder to make getting the gift card a bit more challenging. Another option is to get a customized wallet to put the gift card in before wrapping.

Amazon Kindle also offers a gift card which can allow your birthday boy to purchase any number of books or other media that they choose and help them to keep track of their digital titles. The gift cards come with a card that you can write in and a plain envelope but could easily be dressed up in another card of your choice.


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One of the latest trends in gift giving that has become more popular recently is the gift card for an adventure or the gift of a pre-paid experience for the giftee. Worldwide Experience Gifts is just one of the companies that provide these types of gifts, and there are hundreds of different experiences that the birthday boy can choose.

The gift card may cover an entire experience or can go towards a more expensive experience. The box that this card comes in is personalized and can be sent to anywhere in the world.

Another gift for older boys would be an Airbnb gift certificate which can allow them to stay in some unique places in the world and bring their family along. There are accommodations like yurts, tiny homes, tree houses, and other novelty structures.

Other experiences include cooking courses, brewing courses, and activities like helicopter rides. Different types of experiences are more open-ended and are labeled “bucket list” activities.

If you know the birthday boy will be traveling soon to locations such as Italy or New York, there are location specific activities such as gelato making and gondola rides that can be purchased in advance for one or more individuals.

Hobby Related Gear

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Buying gifts that suit the birthday boy's hobbies is probably the most popular way that gifts are chosen, and it ensures the giftee will be interested in using the gift. Unique gifts can easily be found online, and some activities that used to be available only in select locations are now able to be performed in the home.

One of these activities is laser tag, and now kids everywhere can have a traditional laser tag experience in their own home or yard. Car building kits and remote-control cars are also traditional gifts for boys who are into play cars, and LEGO makes both car kits and other crafting and science kits that would make a great gift.

For kids that are into technology, drones are now made with kids in mind, and small flyable quadcopters. There are also some tiny robot toys that have a remote and respond to gestures, and for the more outdoor type kid, there are the classic stomp rockets that have been around for years.

With children’s toys there is a pronounced outdoor theme, and a capture the flag kit that can be played at night has rave reviews from parents. The game is suitable for ages eight years old and up and can be played with between four and twenty players. This type of game is perfect for families and having friends over and even comes with six different game variations.

The Boys Book of Adventure is also another excellent choice for boys that like to be outside and explore the world around them. This book can help teach kids different skills from how to read a map to how to identify different insects and includes lots of pictures that encourage exploration and imaginative play.

There are a number of other books available that match the hobbies of many young boys and these can not only be educational but can help keep their minds learning while having fun. Examples of titles include The Dangerous Book for Boys by Hal Iggulden and The Boys Book of Survival.

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