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April 17, 2023
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The best baby snowsuit will feature ample insulation and features that make it easy to get on your baby. Fold over mittens and feet are common among baby snowsuits, and these can also serve to help lock in warmth.

Many of us probably think about down insulation when we think about winter clothing, but not all snowsuits need to have down. Polyester and fleece can also provide enough insulation for specific temperatures, and many short trips will be more comfortable with these breathable fabrics.

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How We Chose Our Ratings

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When looking for the best baby snowsuit that is suitable for colder weather and low temperatures it was important to us that our ratings reflect honest and accurate feedback. We gathered customer feedback from a variety of sites and cross-referenced it to ensure it was real and trustworthy.

Our ratings also take into account brand reputation, real-world testing, and the customer service provided by each brand to ensure that each product is an excellent value.

Top 9 Best Baby Snowsuits

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Finding the best baby snowsuit helps keep your baby warmer in cold temperatures, but also extends the amount of time you can be outside together. In colder climates, having a snowsuit even when taking a car as transportation is critical.

Different situations will call for various amounts of warmth and insulation provided by a snowsuit, and our list offers up options that span an appropriate range for cooler and cold climates.

London Fog Newborn Snowsuit

The London Fog snowsuit comes in both grey and pink and features a hood that has tiny cat ears. This snowsuit has a removable bottom portion that has a slit which makes this item able to be worn in a car seat.

The puffy suit has attached mittens, a zipper front closure and can fit a baby that is newborn up to six months. Users like that it's easy to put on since the bottom part doesn't have individual legs and is an excellent option in near zero degree temperatures across the U.S.

Cremson Baby Puffer Snowsuit

The Cremson Puffer Snowsuit features 100% polyester material and comes with zippers and a slit in the bottom for a car seat belt. This snowsuit has a zipper closure and a thick lining that is warm and designed to make the baby feel cozy.

This snowsuit also has an attached hood with a faux fur edge that is removable. This suit also comes with a matching bonnet style hat that is fully lined. The fold over mittens will help to keep baby's hands warm and are securely attached.

You can purchase this suit in any one of five colors, and it can be washed in a traditional washing machine with cold water and a gentle washing cycle.

Carter’s Hooded Sherpa Bunting

Carter’s Hooded Sherpa bunting features fold over mittens, a zippered front closure, and a polyester jersey lining for extra warmth. This snowsuit comes in ten different color variations with many of them being gender neutral options.

This snowsuit has a hood with little bear ears, and the sizing allows this snowsuit to be layered over other warm clothing. You can wash this snowsuit in a traditional washing machine as needed, and it comes in sizes that range from three months to nine months.

Columbia Insulated Water-Resistant Bunting

Columbia's bunting for babies comes in sizes that range from 0-3 months to 18-24 months. This suit features fold over mittens and fold over style feet that keep baby warm without having to deal with individual gloves or booties that can get lost.

This snowsuit is both insulated for colder climates and water-resistant which makes it perfect for areas that see both cold temperatures and precipitation. You can choose from six different colors, and this suit can be machine washed.

This suit is made from a specialized taffeta and microfleece lining for a soft feel against baby’s skin. The insulation is 60/40 duck down which helps to lock in baby’s heat and allow for optimal breathability.

The hood and torso portions of this suit are lined with soft fleece, and there is a front zipper closure, so it's easy to get baby dressed.

Funzies Fleece Baby Bunting

The Funzies Fleece bunting comes in fifteen different colors with different ears and other details such as dino spikes. The durable fleece construction also features attached fold over mittens and feet for keeping in warmth.

This bunting is suitable for chilly weather and may also work as a Halloween costume. There’s space underneath to layer on other warm clothes, and there’s front zipper closure that goes off to one side and down the leg to make it easier to dress a baby.

This suit can be cleaned using a traditional washing machine, and users love it as a fall bunting suitable for short excursions in the cold.

Simple Joys Fleece Footed Jumpsuit

Simple Joys by Carter's offers snowsuits in various sizes that range from preemie to 24 months. Their fleecy jumpsuit features a front zipper closure that goes all the way down to the feet which makes getting baby dressed or doing a diaper change super easy.

This suit comes with fold over mittens, a hood with little bear ears, and attached feet. There is various detailing on this suit including an embroidered logo on the chest, and little bear faces on the feet.

At the top of the zipper is a safety tab, so baby's face and neck are protected, and this suit can be machine washed as needed.

Columbia Kids’ Tiny Bear Bunting

The Columbia Kids’ Tiny Bear bunting comes in nine different colors suitable for both boys and girls and features little bear ears on the hood. This suit has both fold over mittens and fold over feet to lock in warmth, and is machine washable.

To put this suit on you can use the front zipper closure that goes down one leg to the knee for easy dressing, and the regular fit ensures that there’s enough room to layer warm clothes underneath.

This suit is made from 100% polyester and comes in sizes that range from 0-3 months to 18-24 months. Buyers report that this suit runs a little long which is perfect for babies who are tall.

Columbia Baby Snuggly Bunny Bunting - Unisex

The Columbia Snuggly Bunny bunting comes in seven colors, and each one features a coordinated piping detail. Fold over mittens and feet help to lock in heat while the 60/40 down insulation keeps baby warm.

The lining around the torso and hood is made from microfleece, and this bunting features Omni-Shield which helps to repel water and stains. Although this bunting is marketed as being unisex, it comes in colors such as pink, purple, peach, blue and navy.

The exterior of this bunting is made of taffeta, and there is a zipper closure that runs down to the knee area. To clean this bunting, you can wash it in a traditional washing machine. This bunting comes in sizes that range from 0-3 months to 18-24 months.

Zoerea Baby Down Snowsuit

The Zoerea Baby Down snowsuit comes in three colors and packed with insulation that is 90% white duck down. The down in this suit gives it considerable warmth without adding weight or restricting the way your baby is able to move.

A unique feature of this snowsuit is that it has a double zipper that allows you to zip both up and down the suit. To clean this suit, you can wash it on a gentle cycle or hand wash as needed. The hoodie on this suit wraps securely around the face area to protect baby’s cheeks from the wind, and the hood is also removable.

The feet and mittens on this suit do not fold over but are still removable. They are otherwise securely fitted well enough that you can take your baby for walks in the cold wearing this bunting and rest assured they are warm enough.

Buyer’s Guide

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When looking at baby snowsuits, there are a few things you'll want to consider before you buy. Designs and material can vary wildly between snowsuits, but getting the right features for your situation is critical.


Many snowsuits will have a zipper front closure, and this is ideal for dressing your baby. Zippers are fast and straightforward to use and are also easy to clean and durable. The longer the zipper goes past the waistline, the better, as this will make it easier to get your baby's legs in when dressing them.

The fit of the snowsuit is also important as you don’t want one that is overly baggy and poorly fitted. Poorly fitted snowsuits are less warm than ones that are more accurately sized, but it's likely ok to order one size up, so the suit fits for a more extended period of time.

Removable hoods are another optional feature that may be useful to you depending on your personal use case and regional climate. In both colder and warmer climates, it can be helpful to have:

  • The option to remove a hood
  • A hood that is big enough to accommodate a hat underneath
  • Removable or fold-over style mittens and feet


Finding a snowsuit made from the right material is critical as temperatures in different regions can vary and how much insulation you need may also depend on how long your baby is outside.

For short trips in more mild climates, a thinner fleece bunting may be plenty, but for very cold areas and longer trips outside, a more substantial material like down insulation is handy. You’ll also want to think about how easy different materials are to clean and how well they repel things like water and wind.

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