4 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump Update

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Jess Miller
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March 29, 2023
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4 Weeks Pregnant Update

Baby is a: Poppy Seed

Weight gained: 0 lbs

How I’m preparing this week: Besides making my first medical appointment, I am making sure I cover the basics. I have already been on a prenatal pill and a fish supplement (to get a good source of DHA, which is important for brain development) so I am good there. I started a probiotic because I know once morning sickness becomes intense, I won’t be able to include yogurt and other good probiotic foods in my diet. I have also checked all of my medicine to ensure it was all safe for pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms: My period was supposed to arrive on Nov 15th but instead I took a pregnancy test and it was positive meaning I'm 4 weeks pregnant! Minimal morning sickness so far compared to my last pregnancy.

Cravings: Just hungry in general. I really want yogurt that we make ourselves as they really help me with morning sickness. Probiotics are proven to be effective at helping with morning sickness. I’m also drinking a lot of ginger ale, mainly because I fear having morning sickness with how bad it was in my first pregnancy.

Aversions: Asiago Cheese. Cole made dinner and used this cheese. After one bite, I swear nothing could have been more repelling. I couldn’t even look at the dish without wanting to vomit.

Wedding Rings On: Yes

Sleep: Well, I have a toddler who has 3 molars breaking so I sleep well once her Motrin kicks in.  Thank goodness it lasts 8 hours.

Excited for: L to become a big sister and the idea of another baby. I can’t yet picture it because it is so new. During my 1st pregnancy I had no idea what to expect, which resulted in a certain type of anticipation and excitement. This time around, I know what to expect, which results in a whole different kind of happiness. I know how much joy my first baby brought me and am so happy over the idea of another little bundle of joy.

Missing: Once I found out I was pregnant, I started to realize that one day very soon, L would not be my only child. She will always be my first baby. The realization is bittersweet. When I think of this baby, I think back to being pregnant with L and how fast time flies.

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Movement: No

Dr. Update: I called to make my first appointment, which will be during week 8. We had L at a hospital and went with a midwife group. We chatted a lot about whether we wanted to go the same route and feel confident that we want to go with the same route. I plan on doing more research this time about doulas.

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Exercise: Does chasing a toddler all day count?

Stretch Marks: No

Swelling: No

Maternity Clothing: No

Labor Signs: No

Best Moment of the Week: When we found out we were pregnant, it felt exciting and surreal. For me, it is hard to think one moment “I’m not pregnant” and the next moment, now “I am pregnant”. Once it sinks in, which takes a few minutes for me, I get that feeling that I can only describe as the feeling you get as a child the night before Christmas. The joy in finding out you are pregnant is in the anticipation and excitement for the things to come. As is tradition, we went out for breakfast to celebrate. When we found out we were pregnant with L, we were in Germany and went to our favorite bakery to celebrate over scones and coffee. We spent the whole time talking about everything we were excited about such as names, when do we find out the gender, etc. This time around, we did the exact same thing, but also talked about how excited we were that L would soon have a sibling, and about how our new bundle of joy would also have a friend for life.

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