Okay so the honest truth. As boring as they are I do have to go through them.

A Doctor, I'm not

Firstly, I am not a Doctor. I am not a nurse. I did not graduate from the "University of all child knowledge". I have no long list of capital letters that follow my name.

However, I do love to research and learn. I use medical journals and books, personal interviews and my life long experiences in the childcare field to gather information about the topics I post about.

All this is to say that I cannot give you any medical advice. Period. If you have any medical questions, please seek someone with a medical degree.

Don't blindly follow advice

I would Like to share some advice that I feel everyone should learn. Do not blindly follow something just because you read it on the internet.

I always like to stress that you are the expert on your child. If you disagree with advice given, then don't use it. Go with what feels right.

While I endeavor to provide the most accurate information to you, there may be instances where information given in topics is incorrect. This may be due to but not limited to: Outdated blog post, updated legislation and typos.

This blog provides for my family

As much as I love what I am doing (writing, researching and interacting with parents and babies from all over the world), It is incredibly time consuming.

Every minute I spend dedicated to my blog it time that could be used taking my kids to the park, annoying the husband or doing laundry reading a good fiction book.

I had a clear choice, either figure out how to work from home or return to the workforce. I decided to give online blogging about children a chance at first.

So to be 100% honest and upfront, I do use affiliate links throughout this website.

What is an affiliate link?

Occasionally when I am writing a guide I will refer to products with a link on where you can purchase them.

If you click that link and purchase the item, the website will give me a "finders fee" at not cost to you. You should assume that every outward link on this website is an affiliate link.

While I do use affiliate links,I do not recommend products that I would not use myself. If I could write about children without the need for an income then I would not use them. To live in a perfect world, eh?

And so, here is the Amazon disclaimer:

Amazon Associates Program

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Our Purpose

Simple: To write awesome guides. Kids don’t come with instructions. We are not afraid to dive right in and get messy. The result? The most detailed guides on the internet; from gear guides to parenting advice.
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