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April 20, 2024
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The Stokke company was founded in Norway in 1932 and began as modest workshop on the coast. In the beginning, the Stokke company made high-quality Scandinavian furniture and eventually started making furniture for children full time.

One of their most famous pieces is the Tripp Trapp high chair which made its debut in 1972, but the company has since grown to offer a whole variety of other product lines. Their strollers are highly sought after not only due to their innovative design but also because of their quality.

The Stokke company focuses on delivering high-quality products that use innovative designs to solve everyday problems. Their designs are meant to bring parents closer to their children while allowing children of all ages the chance to be near the family and develop critical skills.

This company does not shy away from sophisticated engineering when making their products, and their strollers are a perfect example. Stokke strollers come in a variety of colors. The company currently offers strollers in two different designs.

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What is the Stokke Stroller?

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This Stokke stroller review would be incomplete if we failed to mention the innovative designs and thought that the company puts into the ergonomics of their strollers. Each type of stroller features a level of adjustability that is hard to find in other products. This adjustability benefits both the parent and child.

Stokke strollers are unique because they feature both outward facing and parent-facing positions for the baby. The designers felt that parents shouldn't have to sacrifice luxury, safety, or the ability to maneuver all kinds of terrain when using a stroller smoothly. The Stokke strollers are suitable for newborns and small children up to 45 pounds.

The Xplory

The Stokke Xplory stroller has three different settings for parents and two seating positions for baby. In this stroller, the baby sits facing the parent to cultivate interactions and a sense of security better when traveling. The Stokke company also mentions that their products help to promote a connection between the parent and child through eye contact.

The Xplory stroller is also part of a travel system, which parents can combine with specific car seats. Parents can purchase this stroller in a variety of colors and may even customize their stroller handle and chassis. For newborns, you'll want to get the Stokke Carry cot, but for older babies, you can use the conventional stroller insert.

This stroller also has swivel wheels that lock, and it can be easily moved using only one hand. The amount of adjustability in this stroller is staggering and can comfortably accommodate any size parent and any sized child within the weight limit. If you have multiple children, consider adding on the "Sibling Board" which helps extend the useful life of this stroller.

Lastly, this stroller is compatible with all of the Stokke car seats, and there are a limited number of car seats from other manufacturers that parents can use with an adaptor. If you are using a Stokke car seat, then there is no need to use an adaptor.

The Trailz

The Trailz stroller is meant to handle a variety of different terrains and allows parents the choice of classic wheels or terrain style wheels. The construction is more reinforced than the Xplory but is still suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 45 pounds.

The wheels on the Trailz stroller allow parents two choices:

  • Rubber tires filled with air
  • Puncture free synthetic wheels

These high-quality wheels are part of what makes for a smooth ride for baby. This stroller base is also compatible with the Stokke PIPA car seat and base if you are looking for a travel system. The seating area on this stroller is also waterproof, and there is a waterproof area called the "shopping basket" for storing other goods.

Product Specifications

The Stokke company offers highly capable strollers that feature high-quality materials, compact designs, and high-end looking finishes. Here are the specifications for Stokke's latest strollers.

The Xplory 6

The Xplory 6 stroller features swiveling front wheels that lock and wheels that are puncture free and don't need any maintenance. Stokke spaced the back wheels far enough apart that parents can easily walk between them without changing their stride, and the handle height and angle are fully adjustable to make the experience even more ergonomic.

The chassis on this stroller is also easily foldable using only one step, and there is a shopping bag included that can be removed and carried using the convenient handle. The shopping bag can carry up to 11 pounds, but can also be tucked away when not in use.

Stokke made this stroller from high-performance fabrics that are water repellant, and other materials that are durable, strong, and scratch resistant. If you decide to purchase the carrycot, it can also be adjusted to bring it closer or farther away from the parent.

The Trailz

The Trailz stroller has a chassis that weighs 22.5 pounds and a seat that weighs an additional 10.6 pounds. If you opt for the classic wheels on this stroller that's an extra 6.4 pounds of weight, and the terrain wheel option weighs 8.66 pounds.

The chassis of this stroller with the seat measures 37.6 inches long by 50 inches high and 24.5 inches wide. This stroller can also carry a maximum cargo weight of 23 pounds. If you have a newborn and want to use the carrycot, it weighs 11.46 pounds and can take a newborn baby that weighs up to 20 pounds. 

The Trailz stroller includes the black chassis that has the leatherette handle along with the seat that has a hinged rail covered in matching leatherette material. The stroller seat also comes with a visor and canopy and features a cushioned pad and harness protectors.

What Isn’t Included in These Strollers?

The Stokke strollers offer a wide range of features and many different benefits, but some accessories must be purchased separately. By buying some of these items only as you need them, it is easier to save money and space in your home by not having to store or buy what you won't use.

Both the Xplory and the Trailz strollers have the following optional components that you can purchase separately:

  • A rain cover for the stroller seat
  • A mosquito net for the stroller seat
  • The carrycot for newborns
  • The carrycot mattress
  • A cover for the carrycot

If you aren't planning to put a newborn in this stroller, then you can bypass the carrycot and go straight for the stroller seat and the padding that comes with it. 

How It Compares

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TAs part of this Stokke stroller review, we looked at other brands that offered comparable products in the same price range to see what kind of quality and features a parent could expect. While it was challenging to find other contenders in the same price range, there are a few brands that consistently deliver a comparable product that is both high quality and beautifully designed.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

The UPPAbaby Vista stroller comes with a bassinet and full-size baby seat that can be positioned in multiple reclining angles. This stroller can also fold in one step and stand alone in a folded position. Like the Stokke stroller, this product comes with a storage basket that can hold up to 30 pounds.

The UPPAbaby travel system is very comparable to the Stokke stroller with one key difference being that the bassinet and baby seat are both included as part of the base package. This stroller also comes in a few different colors and features leather accents.

Thule Sleek City Stroller

The Thule Sleek City stroller is a unique design that allows the one stroller to expand to accommodate two siblings. It also allows for one child to be in a baby seat while the other is in a bassinet. This stroller boasts that there is more seating area for children and a more generous footwell than in other strollers.

This Thule stroller is also part of a travel system and can accommodate an infant, fold away quickly, and has UV protection as part of the ventilated canopy. There is also shock absorption, no puncture tires, an adjustable handlebar, and a generous storage area. All things considered, this option is the closest to the Stokke design for a slightly lower price tag.

Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller

The Bugaboo Bee5 stroller comes in different colors and features a four-wheeled design where all of the wheels are the same size. While this stroller is highly compact, users may find that it is not able to cover various kinds of terrain as smoothly as the Stokke models.

This stroller is also designed for comfort and can collapse for storage much like the Stokke designs. This stroller is also compatible with a variety of different car seats and may require an adaptor for specific models.

Pros and Cons

The Stokke stroller is packed with features and made with high-quality materials, but there are still several other pros and cons to consider before you buy. Here's our list of top pros and cons regarding the Stokke Xplory 6 and Trailz strollers.


  • Choice of colors and accessories
  • High-quality wheels that swivel and lock
  • One-step folding
  • Height adjustable for both parent and baby
  • High-quality materials that are scratch resistant, durable, and water repellant


  • Expensive and some accessories cost extra
  • Not suitable for particularly rough terrain or fast jogging
  • May require an adaptor for non-Stokke brand car seats
  • Not expandable to accommodate more than one child seat or cot


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As we created this Stokke stroller review, we could tell that the company has put a lot of thought into their stroller design and have made a product that can stand even the most rigorous use. 

The highly adjustable strollers they have created take into account both the comfort of the parent and the child without forgetting that the stroller needs to be practical enough to use in everyday life.

Although the price tag on this item is high, the quality materials make it something that can last beyond just one child. Many other less expensive strollers will start to show their age before one child has even outgrown them, but parents have demonstrated that the Stokke stroller can last far longer.

This stroller can also be purchased in a variety of colors, and the leatherette finish gives it a higher end looks than with other brands. With the Trailz version of the stroller, you can choose your wheel type, and also purchase a carrycot to accommodate an infant.

Many strollers come with lots of accessories that many parents find they don’t need. Stokke has taken a different approach that allows parents to pick and choose what they need and only pay for those items.

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