Simply Breastfeeding Review

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Jess Miller
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March 28, 2023

My favorite breastfeeding course is Simply Breastfeeding. It was made by Cindy and Jana, two registered nurses and Lactation Consultants. After breastfeeding for over 18 months, I can tell you for certain, having both me and my husband be informed on breastfeeding basics, the benefits, and how he could help before baby was paramount to my success. For example, if your partner tries to help by offering to give baby a bottle to give you a break, it’s actually counterproductive because it will hurt your supply, making nursing harder down the road.

Simply Breastfeeding Review

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Simply Breastfeeding Review

If you are expecting, you have probably spent some time online trying to learn about breastfeeding. I had trouble finding the information I wanted to know, which included how my body produce milks, how to I ensure I have a good supply, how do I breastfeed, and all the details like when and for how long. I also didn’t know how the breastfeeding relationship started. All of these points are addressed in this course.

Cindy and Jana do an excellent job at really explaining the basics. For example, you don’t just put your boob in baby’s mouth. There is actually a specific way to achieve a good, deep latch resulting in effective non-painful nursing. They also cover the wide range of breastfeeding positions with instructions on how to do each one.

At $40, the course may seem expensive, but lactation consultants usually run at $100-200/hour. After arming yourself with the basics of breastfeeding, you are less likely to have problems, specifically with supply, and might not need to visit a lactation consultant at all. Sometimes you can get your insurance to cover a consultant if you are having issues nursing, so be sure to look into that and talk to your pediatrician about resources. Simply Breastfeeding also gives a good guide in the course of additional resources for you to use if you need them.

Breastfeeding is hard at first, and you might become envious of your formula feeding friends because at the beginning their life is easier. However, that all changes after about a month once you conquer the learning curve. The benefits for you and baby, which are discussed in the course, are immense. I promise breastfeeding is so worth it. I struggled a lot at the beginning and now looking back, it is some of my best memories as it is so intimate and I couldn’t think of a better way to bond with baby.

Not sure if this course is for you? They offer a short, free intro course (Getting Ready to Breastfeed) that you can watch before purchasing to decide if you like their style and will find the paid course helpful.

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