evenflo breast pump on a white background Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews: Convenient and Affordable

Experts all over the world recommend breastfeeding for babies within the first year of life. The healthiest, but not the most convenient way to feed a baby is breastfeeding.   Since breastfed babies often need to eat every two or three hours, working mothers find it challenging to breastfeed without the use of a pump.  […]

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coconut oil on wooden spoon 200+ incredible uses for coconut oil

Coconut oil has so many different uses it is ridiculous. From health and beauty to home and hardware, the only real limit to uses for coconut oil is your imagination. So after being inspired by a post featuring 101 uses of coconut oil, I decided to explore and see what other practical uses existed. I […]

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spectra breast pump Spectra breast pump reviews: What’s the best Spectra pump for you?

Spectra is one of the world's most recommended brands of breast pumps, and with good reason. Their products highlight Natural Nursing Technology, a set of features designed to make pumping easier and more comfortable than ever before. In this guide, we'll answer some common questions about their products, then briefly review five of Spectra's best […]

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Doona Car Seat Reviews: Unique Stroller and Car Seat Combo Doona Car Seat Reviews: Unique Stroller and Car Seat Combo

Many parents have trouble with correctly installing an infant car seat into their vehicles. In an accident, improper installation could result in a child sustaining severe injuries. The LATCH system was invented to help correctly install car seats quickly. While reading Doona car seat reviews, you will see mention of the LATCH system, so this […]

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ameda breast pump Ameda Breast Pump Reviews: What’s The Best Ameda Pump For You?

Ameda is one of the oldest manufacturers of breast pumps - and with good reason. In this guide, we'll answer some common questions about Ameda's products, then take a look at several of their top products to help you decide which pump (if any) to try. Ameda Breast Pump FAQs Here are the most common […]

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girl standing on pool The Best Swim Diapers for the Pool and Beach

You glance around. Everyone in the pool is looking in your direction with a look of horror on their faces. Then you see it. Slowly rising to the surface like a submarine. A big brown poopy. Yep, your baby pooped and it has escaped. The above scenario can easily be avoided with the use of […]

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medela freestyle reviews Medela Freestyle Reviews: Is it Right for You?

The Medela Freestyle is one of the more popular products by Medela, an industry leading pregnancy brand, which has led the market for years. The Freestyle is a double-electric breast pump that allows for daily use. Designed with a rechargeable battery and a lightweight motor, the Freestyle is ideal for pumping on-the-go and at home. […]

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Alarm Clock Best Alarm Clocks for Kids – Top 8 Revealed

Finding alarm clocks for kids can mean finding a simple alarm clock intended for adults that a child older than six years old can use. Kid-specific alarm clocks can offer more features suitable for youngsters that a regular alarm clock meant for adults may lack Alarm clocks for kids frequently come with features like night […]

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one of the best kids snow boots beside a pair of adult snow boots Best Kids Snow Boots for Boys and Girls

Winter may be a cold season for the adults. However, the kids may be looking forward to playing in the rain. It is essential to get them some warm and water-resistant boots for their outdoors. Comparison Table The best kids snow boots for your boy and girl combine warmth, water resistance, and durability. They should […]

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The Chicco KidFit car seat Chicco KidFit Review: Complete And Unbiased

Finding the best booster seat can help make your life easier thanks to its convenient features. You need to find a seat that is simple to use and safe for your child. The Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 booster seat is an excellent choice that comes with fantastic safety features and connectors for easy installation.  In this […]

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woman holding pink and black stroller Bugaboo Cameleon Reviews

Strollers can be a great way for kids to see and explore the world. They allow you to spend time with your child while still having control over where they go, without having to worry about them falling over or getting lost. Baby strollers can range in price but do get relatively expensive. That’s why […]

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A dad hiking with his diaper bag and baby Best Men's Diaper Bags for Dads

I’ll be the first to admit it; I do not understand how men think. That is why I would be a poor person to recommend the best diaper bag would be for men. I simply have the wrong parts. Because we do things properly here at Parent.Guide, I have had a male stunt double fill […]

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