The Online Prenatal Class for Couples Review

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Jess Miller
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March 28, 2023

When it came to preparing for my first birth, I wanted to read, watch, and know as much as possible to help myself prepare and cope with this life changing event.  I took books out of the library, read endless blogs, attended prenatal classes and a birth class.  Now looking back, the one resource that I didn’t think of was an online prenatal course, and I definitely wish that I had.  Dragging Patrick to yet another in-person discussion group wasn’t exactly his favorite activity, but I know that learning by watching videos curled up together with some good food would have been way more enjoyable for both of us!

Online Prenatal Class for Couples Review

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The Online Prenatal Class for Couples Review

Hilary, over at Pulling Curls, is an experienced Labor and Delivery nurse who has put together a wonderful Prenatal Course geared towards couples.  Her profession gives her the ultimate perspective on delivering in a hospital, and she also has three kids of her own.  The reasons I absolutely love her course, and wish I had found it when I was expecting, is because of its manageable length of time, 24/7 access, detailed information, and above all, the couple discussion questions included after every chapter.

These couple discussion questions are going to promote conversation between you and your partner and help you to really digest and feel comfortable with all of the information being provided by this course.  The questions not only focus on the information that you are learning in the class, but will also challenge you to think about your future roles as parents, roles in delivery and more.  Your relationship will never be tested more intensely than in birth and parenting.  Connecting about these challenging topics while you are expecting and have the time to invest in each other is paramount to your success at communication and keeping your own love affair alive after baby comes.

Having attended an in-person birth class, I can say without a doubt, that Hilary has done an excellent job of providing you with all of the detailed information that you need to understand your third trimester, what to expect from labor and delivery in a hospital setting, possible C-section delivery and your postpartum stay.  The unique and awesome perk of doing this online is that you can watch or listen to it at any time, as many times as you want, and are provided with so many additional carefully researched resources.  Her lessons all have coordinating articles that detail everything she teaches and discusses in the lesson.  The videos are designed in such a way that the audio is the most important part, meaning that this course could be easily accessed and absorbed in a “podcast” like way by listening on your commute, while completing housework or out on a walk.  You can always plan to go back and read through the articles to add notes or formulate questions for her or your own provider.  It also means that you and your partner can find a time that works for both of you which may not be possible at an in-person class, or you can watch or listen at different times, and use her amazing couple discussion questions at the end of each chapter to connect.

Hilary has clearly put a lot of time and effort into making this class complete and useful for couples expecting their first baby.  Her discussion questions really promote bonding and a level of thoughtful preparedness you should have with your partner that would be very difficult to reach without enrolling in this course.  To learn more, head on over to Hilary’s Couples Prenatal Course, you will not be disappointed with everything she has to offer.

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