How to Boost Baby's Language Acquisition

Why do you need to boost baby’s language acquisition? Because there can a 32 million word gap when children reach 4 years old. Why does that matter? The effects of this word gap are still seen when they are in high school and beyond. You need to know how to make sure your child is exposed to as many words as possible before age 4 to give them the best head start.

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How I Gained Peace of Mind by Preparing a Will in Just Under an Hour

If you already have little ones or are expecting, NOW is the best time to make a will. Making a will ensures your baby is protected in any situation. It will expedite finding care for your child, keep them out of foster care, and get them into the loving arms of a relative faster. Don’t know how to make one? It’s simple, inexpensive and fast.

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Ensure Your Baby is Not Behind with One Simple Activity

How do you teach your baby 32 million words by pre-school? 32 million is a lot of words. You want your kid to be excelling and this simple thing can drastically change how much of a head start your child has. And not just that, research shows that this difference is stays and can be seen even in high school.

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11 Classic Toys to Create the Ultimate Playroom

Ready to build a playroom full of toys that last more than a few months? Here I go over 11 playroom ideas that not only work for multiple ages 0-5 but also work on helping your child grow and build new skills.

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Create a Thoughtful Holiday List with this Simple Phrase

With the upcoming holidays and young kids at home, it can become overwhelming to figure out how to navigate this season of giving and receiving with your children. It is easy to get caught up in the idea of more being better and comparing yourself to others and how much they are giving to their children. In our house, we try to live by a “less is more” philosophy and look to get high quality items that will last for years and grow with our little ones or find things second hand to let the item live on and reduce waste. As the holidays approach, we want to begin instilling these values in our daughter, while still letting the fun of making a holiday list be a part of our family tradition.

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7 Ways Dad Can Bond With Baby

Trina's husband Cole here back for another "guest post" on the topic of fatherhood. Becoming a dad is a really exciting thing and most dads I know couldn't wait until the baby was finally born. For nine months the mom "hogs" the baby (even though she'd gladly share if it was possible) and gets to feel every turn, punch, and kick. When Trina was pregnant with L I absolutely could not wait for her to be born so that I could hold her and begin to bond with her. After delivery though, and once Trina started breastfeeding, I realized that I'd really have to capitalize on any opportunities for bonding because babies nurse and sleep a lot, which means limited chances for dad to hold the baby. These are the best ways I found that dads can bond with their new baby.

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