Medela Freestyle Reviews: Is it Right for You?

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February 24, 2023

medela freestyle mobile double electric breast pump

The Medela Freestyle is one of the more popular products by Medela, an industry leading pregnancy brand, which has led the market for years. The Freestyle is a double-electric breast pump that allows for daily use. Designed with a rechargeable battery and a lightweight motor, the Freestyle is ideal for pumping on-the-go and at home.

The pump used in the Freestyle comes from Switzerland, a country famed for its precision and quality products. While the battery and accessories are from USA, China, Taiwan and Canada.

Medela offers a variety of other products, some of which can be used in conjunction with this like their milk storage solutions and nursing pads, while they also provide alternative breast pumps.

In this Medela Freestyle reviews, I’ll be answering some of the most common questions that mothers ask about their breast pumps. I’ll take a deep dive into the Freestyle and find out what makes it so great; I’ll touch on some of the alternatives available and finish by giving you my opinion on whether you should buy it. Hint: I think the Freestyle is pretty great!

Medela Freestyle FAQ’s

Here are the most common questions that researchers and parents are asking online that Medela Freestyle.

Where can you buy the Medela Freestyle?

Medela products are available in better stores nationwide, but more conveniently you can purchase the Freestyle through Amazon or their website. Not only is Amazon shipping incredibly quick if you’re a Prime user it will also be free.

The primary advantage of shopping for a pump through Amazon is that you can more easily return it than having to head to a store on the other side of town, especially with a baby!

When should you charge the battery?

When you first receive the Freestyle, it’s vital that you charge it for the full 24-hours before using it. Failure to do so will damage the lifespan of the battery. After this, you can charge it periodically overnight when the machine begins to flash “BATT” which is short for battery.

When should you replace the Medela Freestyle parts?

This question can stir up a lot of debate because different mothers will give you a variety of answers. Medela themselves recommend changing parts once every month to three months, depending on how heavy your usage. Most women can probably get 6-8 weeks out of a set of components, especially if they take care of them.

You can tell when you need to replace the parts because you will start experiencing worse suction, slower milk flow, and potentially more painful. To extend the life of the components, you can wash them regularly with hot water or steam, which will remove bacteria and keep them fresh.

How does the Medela Freestyle work?

The Medela is a double-pump powered by a small rechargeable battery that allows you to pump wherever you are. It works with a small but active motor creating a vacuum, which created suction from the cups onto your breasts and nipples, which draws the milk out and directly into the two attached bottles.

With the Freestyle, you can get far more milk in a shorter time thanks to their 2-Phase Expression technology, which helps to draw more milk out of the breast. Plus, with a digital display, timer, memory, and backlight, it’s easy to get two full bottles in record time without any stress.

Here is a video from Medela on how to use the Freestyle Breast Pump.

Is it covered by insurance?

For many mothers, the Medela Freestyle will be covered by insurance. Your access will depend on the state that you live in and the insurance provider that you use. In many cases, you will be able to purchase through their website with your insurance, but for some you may need to order from a separate supplier or website, depending on who your insurance works with.

Is the motor loud?

The motor on the Freestyle isn’t silent, but it’s certainly quieter than many of the other pumps on the market. As a double pump, it requires a strong motor to draw out more milk at once, and a stronger motor is going to be louder. However, because it’s much quicker, you can finish fast and turn it off, giving you discretion and comfort, even in public.

Medela Freestyle Review

  • Double pump for quicker pumping
  • Strong, powerful motor
  • Tight and secure fit
  • Compact and lightweight

This pump is one of my all-time favorites. All of the Medela breast pumps are great, but the Freestyle is a game changer. Not only is it strong and durable, but the two-bottle system allows you also to be as efficient as possible.

By pumping from both breasts at once, you can fill two-bottles, one for now and one for later, at the same time it would take you to fill a single bottle with any other pump.

Plus, by pumping from both, you can release the milk from both breasts which can relieve the pain and discomfort that we mothers often feel in our breasts from excess milk.

A Pump for on-the-go

Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of many of the most popular pumps is how large and inconvenient they are. Sure, they might work perfectly at home or in the office, but when it comes to enjoying a day out with your family or simply buying the groceries, none of us want to be carrying around a huge pump system.

Medela knows this, which is why the Freestyle is small and convenient, even for a two-bottle system. Plus, it comes with a carry bag which makes heading out the door less of a stressful experience, something which all mothers can relate to!

Designed with a rechargeable battery rather than needing to be plugged into the wall, the Freestyle is light and portable, while having plenty of power to draw out as much milk as possible.

Very comfortable for sensitive breasts

If you’ve ever experienced sensitive breasts, who am I kidding, we all have, then you’ll know just how much it sucks to have to start pumping for your baby. The difference between a cheap pump and a hospital grade product like the Freestyle is mind-blowing; it’s hardly even comparable.

While cheaper pumps form a ridiculously tight seal that applies too much pressure to the tip of the nipple, the Freestyle sucks onto the breast itself which is far more comfortable. If you’re breastfeeding and pumping this is vital because your nipples will already be sore and pumping is supposed to give you a break from that, not make it worse!

Public perception and reviews

Across the mother and baby forums that I have read, mothers seem to be incredibly pleased with the Freestyle. This opinion is strongest amongst those who have experienced other inferior pumps which make the Freestyle a godsend.

On some sites, you might find a few negative reviews, but these often complain about either the battery life or the suction, both of which are often caused by misuse. If you fail to charge the battery for the full 24-hours, to begin with, as it describes in the manual, the battery life will be compromised.

Similarly, when you pump you need to stay still and not bend over otherwise, your breasts will move and lose suction which can cause leakage. Simply put, the Freestyle is a fantastic double-bottle electric pump, but you do need to read the manual!

How it compares

Comparing this to standard pumps that you can find in Walmart or other stores isn’t fair at all, they aren’t even in the same league. The difference in performance, feel and longevity is incredible, with the Freestyle coming out ahead in every department.

But there are some other options available, particularly by Medela and Spectra, both of which are well-respected industry leading brands.

The Spectra S1 hospital grade machine is perhaps the most powerful and efficient pump available, but it serves a very different purpose to the Freestyle. While arguably the S1 is superior for home pumping, it isn’t portable in any way, making it a terrible choice for mothers on-the-go.

You might also have looked at the Haoqin Micro Cube, which is smaller and more convenient than the Freestyle, making it great for heading out and about. However, it’s only a single breast pump, and the motor is far weaker, filling a tiny bottle at a much slower rate. The Micro Cube makes an ideal backup pump for travel but doesn’t come close to the Freestyle.

If you don’t mind going old school, which can prevent error, the Medela Harmony is a classic that many mothers have enjoyed for years. It’s a manual pump but has incredible suction; it’s lightweight and portable. While not as quick and convenient as the Freestyle, it’s a decent alternative.

Other products to buy with Medela Freestyle

The mothering industry is filled with accessories and is it any surprise? Being a mother can be difficult at the best of times, and anything which can help us is greatly appreciated!

Easy Expression Pumping Bra

I’ll be honest; this thing looks a little weird. But once you give it a go, you’ll quickly get over its appearance. Being handsfree is a lifesaver, you can read a magazine, answer the phone, cook dinner or look after your baby, all while pumping.

Medela Pump and Save Bags

Pumping isn’t just a fantastic way to feed your baby efficiently, and without pain, it’s also vital for many mothers who experience discomfort. If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that your breasts can feel swollen and sore. But rather than wasting that milk why not pump it into these bags for saving so that you or your partner can quickly feed the baby?

Freestyle Spare Parts

It might seem a little pessimistic to order spare parts up front, but breast pumps need changing periodically and having a part break on your can ruin your week, let alone your day. Your baby needs feeding and having some spare parts just in case is vital.

Milk Storage Solution Set

Pump and save bags are vital for quick and easy filling on the go but combining them with a full storage set is optimum. This tray can be used in the fridge or freezer, meaning that you and your partner can easily feed the baby from stored milk, rather than you need to wake up to pump. I don’t need to say anything more; I’m sure you’re already sold!

Final Review on Medela Freestyle

The Medela Freestyle is, to me, one of the best pumps available. It’s incredibly powerful, comfortable and efficient. But most of all, it’s convenient and small so that you can get out and about, rather than feeling trapped at home the entire team.

While it’s true that it’s more expensive than some of the other options available, you get what you pay for. The quality of this pump is second to none and with a competitive refund and return policy you can enjoy the Medela Freestyle without worry.

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