KOPA PREPARED Online Birth Class Review

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Jess Miller
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February 25, 2023
KOPA PREPARED is a wonderful online childbirth class option for any couple, but particularly for the first time expecting couple. This childbirth class is geared for mamas who’d like to delivery naturally in a hospital setting. The class is designed to be completed over the course of a few days or weeks, and the total run time is around 12 hours.  Each of the 8 video lessons involve dad in the education surrounding childbirth and practice sessions.


kopa prepared birth class review

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Full Kopa Prepared Birth Class Review

Achieve a natural birth, but still learn about options

What I love about this childbirth class is that Katie, registered nurse and certified childbirth class instructor, emphasizes strategies for a natural birth, but still teaches about pain-intervention options in case your birth wishes and plans change. She does it in a way that doesn’t set you up for guilt or disappointment in using medical interventions.  This is important to me, because it’s impossible to know how your labor and delivery will progress.

Specific techniques and practice that incorporate your partner

KOPA PREPARED stands out among other online childbirth class options because of all of the hands-on practice and relaxation sessions built into each lesson. Every single class involves your partner and gives specific ideas of positions to try during labor, ways your partner can be an active participant, and breathing patterns to utilize.

Katie is sure to not only teach the techniques but indicates times in the lesson to practice AND discusses when to use different strategies in labor! This will allow you to create an organized birth toolbox and know exactly when to try which pain-coping strategies as labor progresses.

Professional Quality and Workbook Included

This video series is highly professional in quality and presentation of material. The classes are engaging and interesting, and peppered with anecdotes and personal experience. You will feel instantly connected to Katie and her husband. Katie was around 30 weeks pregnant during the shooting of the classes, so you will see her practicing labor pain-coping strategies exactly how you will be!

The class includes a workbook to follow along with the video series. There are homework assignments to keep you practicing and getting relaxed as you prepare for birth.

You will actually learn strategies to achieve that birth you desire!

For me, this class is a perfect hybrid between a traditional class and a class for a natural birth.  This is because it is similar in nature to an in-hospital birth class in the information about birth you will learn. You will learn all of the must-know information about delivering in a hospital.

You will ALSO learn a ton of really useful strategies and WHEN to use them as your labor progresses. I know this is what I expected in my own in-hospital childbirth classes, but it simply wasn’t the case.

Set yourself up for the birth you desire, AND learn the basics you need from a more traditional childbirth class. Check out more about KOPA PREPARED today.

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