The First 8 Years (Nurture and Support Your Child) Stages of Child Development: The First 8 Years

Watching your kids grow up is an exciting, and at times scary thing, especially for parents worried about developmental milestones. The important thing to remember is that there is no universal age where a child will start to walk or say their first words because children develop at their own pace. From Birth to 3 […]

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hospital bag checklist Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

Giving birth isn't easy - labor usually lasts eight hours or more, and that's not even considering the many other details you'll have to keep track of. You can expect to be in the hospital for two or three days after giving birth, and up to almost a day beforehand. That's a long time to be away […]

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Famous Parents Featured Image Famous TV Parents: Where Are They Now?

Plenty of people will admit to being “raised” by TV. That’s due in part to the large variety of family oriented shows that used to populate the networks. Back then, it was easy to put ourselves in those fictional families, or compare our parents to the ones on TV. We grew up watching those families […]

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