Hypnobubs Review: Online Hypnobirthing Course

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Jess Miller
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March 28, 2023

When I took a childbirth class with my husband while we were preparing for N’s arrival, I found it to be informative and helpful, but I remember feeling disappointed that only one out of our five sessions included any kind of labor strategies and coping mechanisms.  I now realize that this wasn’t the fault of my childbirth class, as most of these aren’t meant to or supposed to provide pain management strategies, but are more about learning the facts.  However, if you are like me and are looking for pain management strategies, coping mechanisms, breathing and relaxation skills and a way to change your mindset towards birth in general, then a hypnobirthing class is exactly the class you have been searching for!

hypnobubs review

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Hypnobubs Review

Hypnobubs is an online Hypnobirthing class that is based out of Australia, but has been used by families all across the world, and according to the wonderful director of Hypnobubs, Melissa Spilsted, is becoming more and more popular in the states.  This course, in her words, “teaches you simple tools to help make your birth the empowered and beautiful experience that nature designed it to be.”  The class uses five main pillars to help you have your best and most positive birth experience including: Mindset, Toolkit, Knowledge is Power, Support and Choices, and Preparation is Key.  After completing this class, you will feel well equipped and mentally ready to take on a natural childbirth.

Unfortunately, while preparing for N’s birth I did not know about hypnobirth and did not take Melissa’s valuable class.  I believe that had I taken her class, done her guided relaxations, breathing exercises, and changed my way of thinking about birth to her more positive and productive way of thinking, I may not have wound up with an unwanted epidural when I did.

After completing her course, you will be left feeling truly empowered and prepared to take on labor and delivery.  This class gives a host of action items to complete outside of the class time and throughout your pregnancy, but also each lesson has relaxations and practice time guided by Melissa’s soothing and uplifting voice built into it.  In addition to about 6 hours of classtime, you will receive .mp3 tracks with guided meditations, affirmations and more to use in your car, around your house, or during a break at work.  You will receive a hypnobirthing e-book for extra learning, and many downloadable worksheets and checklists.

Taking this class in the comfort of your home is not only convenient, but helps you carve out time in your day to be completely present with your mind, body and baby.  Mental and emotional preparation for birth are just not emphasized the way they should be in the US culture surrounding birth and this class really is designed with your empowerment in mind.

To hear more about what hypnobirthing is, and learn more about Melissa and the Hypnobubs course, I recommend heading to their website and watching her about video, and learning even more about what this unique class has to offer.

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