Halo Swivel Bassinet Review: Convenient for You, Comfortable for Baby

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June 7, 2024
HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series Bassinet, Luna

Those first few months after bringing baby home become a haze of exhaustion and joy. Figuring out how to manage a house with a new person around coupled with a new nighttime routine likely has you looking at a Halo Swivel bassinet review. Even thought trying to both sleep and care for an infant has its challenges, there are ways to make this easier for you and baby.

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Halo Swivel Bassinet Review: Be on the Safe Side

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series Bassinet, Luna
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When I became a first-time parent, I had no idea what I was doing, and I was full of anxiety. Plus, my baby had colic, so I hardly slept. I needed to keep my new baby close to me at night, but I didn't want him in the bed with us. Clearly, safety while sleeping was a concern for me.

I knew enough that my baby needed to be on a firm mattress and use very little bedclothes to stay safe. Moreover, I was also worried about all the blankets I used on my bed. However, I knew he needed to be close to me.

Current research does show that having your baby in your room with you is safest. Not necessarily in the same bed, though. Since having the baby share a bedroom helps everyone out, a bassinet is a great way to get started.

Please know that bassinets have weight and age limits. We learned when doing our research that while each manufacturer has specifications for weight and age, you must stop using bassinets when your baby can push themselves up on their hands and knees.

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series Bassinet, Luna

Halo created this bassinet with parents and baby in mind. It offers parents the ability to have the baby close at night, but creates a separate sleeping area for the baby.

This bassinet swivels so you can move baby comfortably. The ability to rotate the basket of the bassinet is helpful for moms just back from the hospital or who have had c-sections. Furthermore, this feature is terrific for any tired parent.

The base is sturdy enough you won't have to worry about it tipping over, and the legs tuck conveniently under the bed.


  • Swivel aspect make it easy to get out of bed
  • Sidewall lowers and returns automatically
  • Base of this bassinet is very sturdy
  • Features soothing lights, sounds, music, and vibration
  • Height is adjustable
  • Storage pockets


  • Swivel feature also means the bed of the bassinet is not always level
  • Heavy and hard to move from room to room
  • Need batteries for lights, sounds, music, and vibration
  • Bassinet is indoor use only
  • Bassinet is not practical for travel

Sometimes it is hard to imagine what is described. For a visual on how to set up this bassinet, visit this video:

How We Reviewed

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series Bassinet, Luna
Image source: amazon

We care a great deal about safety for your baby and comfort for you. When we set out to write a Halo swivel bassinet review, we knew we had to consider both safety and usefulness.

As parents, we are inundated with so many baby items we are told we need. In reality, we need gear that is practical, and that is easy to use.

Baby gear is expensive, and we want you to feel comfortable that we evaluated the advantages and disadvantages when we compiled the Halo swivel bassinet review.

We hope you can use this information to decide the best bassinet for you and your baby.

Nothing Compares to You

The Halo is a fantastic bassinet, but it makes sense to compare this bassinet to a couple of others to make sure we can see this decision from all angles. There are several bassinets on the market, but here are three similar options worth considering.

Besides Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

This bassinet can be both a freestanding bassinet or one you can have attached to your bed as a co-sleeper.

With adjustable legs that tuck in under your bed and a side that drops down, you can keep your baby close for easy access in the middle of the night.


  • Legs are adjustable
  • Attaches with safety straps to your bed
  • Walls are mesh for airflow
  • Light enough to move with ease
  • Bassinet features a gliding motion to soothe baby


  • Not designed for easy travel
  • For indoor use only

I know I shed a few tears in my life trying to figure out how to set up baby gear in my sleep-deprived state. Thankfully, we now have videos to show us what to do. This video will walk you through setting up this bassinet.

Versatile Co-Sleeper

Arm's Reach has been making co-sleeper bassinets for over 20 years, and the Versatile Co-Sleeper truly is versatile.

The legs of this bassinet adjust one inch at a time to fit all bed heights. Also, the legs retract in the event you have a platform bed or a situation where you cannot put the legs under your bed when it is set up.

There are two modes for this option. On one hand, you can position the sleeper level with the bed. On the other, you can raise it and have it rest on top of the mattress.

This bassinet features five different musical tunes, including the womb and nature sounds. There are also hanging toys and rings.


  • Mesh sides for airflow
  • Plays music
  • Adjustable legs allow for flexibility of height
  • Able to move around the house
  • Bassinet features a storage bag


  • Does not have a side that lowers for co-sleeping
  • It does not swivel
  • Indoor use only
  • It is not practical for travel

Arm's Reach has a video to show how to assemble this bassinet.

ComfyBumpy Bedside Bassinet Sleeper

ComfyBumpy's Bedside Bassinet Sleeper is worth considering while evaluating the Halo swivel bassinet review.

This bassinet operates as a bedside or a freestanding bassinet. Also, it has a stable or rocking mode and a slight incline to help with acid reflux.

Just zip the side down and attach the safety straps to your bed. However, If you prefer a freestanding crib, keep the sides zipped up and move the bassinet where you choose.

The legs adjust to seven different heights to accommodate a variety of adult bed heights.

Furthermore, You will also find a large storage shelf near the bottom of the bassinet under where baby sleeps to stash baby essentials.

The included carrying case, sheet cover, and urine pad add to the value of this bassinet.


  • This features rocking or stable options
  • It inclines for reflux issues
  • Spacious storage shelf under the sleeping area
  • This sleeper comes with extras
  • Designed to travel well
  • Very lightweight


  • It does not swivel
  • This sleeper has no wheels

For a visual of this bassinet, watch here:

Halo Swivel Bassinet Review: What Do You Need?

For the best night's sleep possible for you and baby, sharing a room is the best choice. Having a bassinet in your room is ideal as it gives you the option of having your baby close, but not so close safety is compromised.

With the baby in your room, you have more than one option. You can have a freestanding bassinet that allows the baby to be in the room with you, yet your infant has a separate sleeping area. You could also find a bassinet that attaches to your bed and is open on the side connected to where you sleep. This allows you access to your baby but gives everyone their own space to sleep.

While reading the Halo Swivel Bassinet review, you likely came across ideas you had not thought of yet, and picking out what works for you comes down to your needs.

Some of those needs include what kind of space you have in your bedroom and home. Also, do you need to move the bassinet frequently? Some bassinets are heavy. Other thoughts pop up, such as travel. If you tend to get out of the house frequently, you may want a bassinet that travels easily. It is nice to have the same benefits you have at home when you are out and about.

After reading the Halo swivel bassinet review, which bassinet was best for you and baby and helped you both get a good night's sleep? Answer in the comments!

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