Maternity Clothing - A Guide to Building the Perfect Wardrobe

With your body continually changing size for the length of pregnancy and months after, finding maternity clothing to dress the bump without breaking the bank is important. I learned a lot while going through pregnancy more than once. I now feel I finally have the wardrobe for maternity and post-partum that I really wish I had from the very beginning. With how expensive changing your whole wardrobe over can be, you really want to get it right the first time. This post explains how.

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Discussion Questions to Prepare your Relationship for Baby

As your pregnancy progresses there is no doubt you are in the mode to prepare and plan. You have probably taken steps to prepare a nursery, plan a baby shower, or are at the point where you’re preparing for birth. But have you taken time to prepare your relationship? Bringing a baby home is a life changing event for even the strongest relationships. Today, let’s get that conversation started. Here you will find over 50 discussion questions to help prepare your relationship for baby.

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How to Pick the Perfect Name for your Baby

Picking a name for your baby is a big decision! Before they’re even born, you are deciding what they will be called for their entire life. Most baby naming resources I came across while choosing a name for N were lists. And while these lists are certainly helpful, I think getting a handle on what it is you want in a name is an important place to start.

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Mama Natural Birth Course Review

The Mama Natural Birth Course is the bestselling online natural birth course for a reason and that's why I'm taking the time to review it! It is the gold-standard when it comes to preparing to deliver without medical interventions.

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Prepare your relationship for baby with these 9 tips

Having a baby will change your life and newborns are not easy, that's why it is so important to prepare your relationship for baby. This article covers nine things you can do before baby arrives to make sure that you and your husband are ready for the new addition.

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11 Lessons to Learn to Have the Perfect Birth

Birth is beautiful. You welcome your new baby into the world and into your arms. As they say, “it’s the only blind date where you will always meet the love of your life.” However, birth is known as labor for a reason. It is work. While you can’t guarantee your labor and delivery will happen a certain way, you can give yourself the best odds by preparing. AND most importantly how you prepare for birth can dramatically change how your “4th trimester” will go.

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What to do in the first trimester of pregnancy

So you’ve gotten your big fat positive, celebrated the big news with your partner, and the reality of pregnancy is just starting to set in. Sound about right?! Welcome to the first trimester of pregnancy, mama! There’s already so much you can do to get this pregnancy started on the right foot. Getting organized and planning for baby’s arrival really does begin now.

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Your Guide to Maternity, Hospital and Newborn Photography

Photography surrounding the addition of your newest member of your family might not be your top priority.  However, it needs to be a top priority. Learn from me. You want to prioritize photography because you will want those precious photos and because if you don’t spend time on it, you end up paying a lot to not get what you want. Whether you want maternity, hospital and/or newborn photos, here is everything I learned and wish I did when my first was born and what I am doing the second time around.

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40 Weeks Pregnant: My Birth Story

In this 40 weeks pregnant update, we have a baby! Here I detail my birth story which included an epidural and a lot less pushing than my first birth!

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Are Birth Classes Necessary? Two moms and a dad weigh in

All pregnant women have one thing in common whether it is their first birth or fifth: some sense of anxiety about labor and delivery. This is because so much of it is unknown. Will childbirth classes help with this? Are birth classes necessary?

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Must Know Websites that will Change your Pregnancy for the Better

I know when I was expecting, I spent a lot of time trying to find my new favorite websites for discounts, deals and great content. Whether you just found out you are pregnant or are delivering soon, these are the best pregnancy websites that you must discover as a first-time (or even second or third time) mom. Here are my favorite sites from the well-known sites to the hidden gems out there that can really help save you money or make that pregnancy and delivery just that much better.

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9 Tips for Couples Trying to Conceive

Trying to conceive? This article contains 9 tips to help you get pregnant. This covers commons issues which may cause infertility so that you can get pregnant fast. Specifically, Alli discusses her experience with PCOS and how diet change helped her conceive.

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My 5 Top Tips to Having a Summer Baby

Having a baby in any season presents some awesome benefits but also some challenges. Winter babies are born during the flu season. You also have to be vigilant to keep them warm. On the flip side, summer babies need to stay cool which can sometimes be a challenge on those hot summer days.

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How to Host a Sip and See and Plan for Visitors after Birth

As your due date and baby’s birth approach, you are probably starting to think a lot about visitors.  Maybe your well-intentioned family members are already scheduling their trips or asking for alerts.  Perhaps your friends and co-workers are already dropping hints about wanting to meet baby right away. I’m really glad you’re here.  Let’s talk all about how to handle and plan for visitors after your baby’s birth.

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A Guide to Making the Most of Your Hospital Stay After Birth

How to make the most of your hospital stay after birth. Includes 10 tips you'll want to read before heading to labor and delivery. Includes answers to common questions about how long you stay in the hospital after birth, when can you bring baby home, and how long do you bleed after giving birth.

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