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February 16, 2024

The Evenflo Triumph convertible car seat has been offered by the company in various forms for years now, and the idea has been perfected over time to create a solid performing option parents can trust. It's an affordable option you can use for a long period, but does it hold up? In our Evenflo Triumph LX reviews, you’ll see why this is a great convertible car seat that’s available today.

What is the Evenflo Triumph LX?

The Evenflo Triumph LX Car Seat is a convertible option for both front-facing toddlers between 22 and 65 pounds and rear-facing infants between 5 and 40 pounds. No matter how quickly your child grows, this car seat will convert to grow with them. It’s an award-winning car seat that was made in the United States, and Evenflo car seats are designed to pass the Federal Crash Test Standard with flying colors. Evenflo meets side-impact testing standards and is even certified for use on an airplane.

Speaking of colors, the Evenflo Triumph LX comes in four primary colors:

  • Charleston – Black, white, and gray
  • Everett – Black, gray, and aqua blue
  • Techno Fade – Black and gray
  • Fallon – Black, gray, and pink

This car seat is cute, and it works well.

Evenflo exceeds most safety regulations, even among other countries, and the latch and harness system makes it easier than ever to strap your kids in. Parents love using this car seat because it’s safe, lightweight, and comfortable for babies. If you were in an accident, you don’t need to worry about your child in the backseat. The seat absorbs impact and directs any harm away to protect your child, and the fluffy foam seat keeps them comfortably tucked in.

Did you know?

The best part about the Evenflo car seat is that it converts to fit kids from the age of a newborn until they reach 65 lbs. Infants sit facing the rear of the vehicle, and the padding supports a newborn’s head. Then, when your child grows to around 22 lbs, the seat transforms for face forward for big kids. You just strap the seat in as you would any other car seat and adjust the headrest and harness straps accordingly. Because the seat has this function, parents can use the seat for at least a few years and save money.

To install the car seat in your vehicle (or on an airplane), you'll need to consult the instruction manual to ensure the total safety of your child. However, parents claim the seat is easy to convert, install in seconds, and clean. Wipe the plastic and metal pieces as well as the harness clean with a soapy, wet washcloth, and through the seat pad into the washer on the delicate cycle for the best results. You can tumble dry the pad on low heat for up to 15 minutes and allow the parts to dry completely before use.

Product Specifications

Baby boy is sleeping at evenflo car seat

Multiple features help the Evenflo Triumph LX stand out from other affordable car seats on the market.

Infinite Slide Harness

The harness is designed to fit accurately across a wide range of sizes to help keep your child in place. Unlike most car seats, you won’t need to rethread the straps into the harness to adjust the size. Simply adjust the straps using the infinite slide features for a secure and comfortable fit.

Tension Right Adjusters

Use the tension right adjusters to tighten the harness as needed. This helps keep your child in place, and easily allows you to adjust the fit just by turning a knob.

Multi-Position Recline

Allow your baby to sit back and relax while you drive. The multi-position recline gives your child the ability to lay their head back and sleep for a while, or just rest and take in their surroundings. All you have to do is pull the lever located in the front center on the seat and push back.

Machine-Washable Pad

Accidents and spills happen, especially in the car, so all car seats must be easy to clean. Evenflo features a machine-washable seat pad that’s easy to take off and through in the wash. You can dry it for a few minutes and may need to allow the pad to finish off air drying before use. The rest of the seat can be wiped down using soap and water on a washcloth for the best results.

Lastly, the car seat will come with some bonus features to keep your little one comfortable and happy while you drive, such as a cup holder and both a head and body pillow. The headrest is adjustable as well, and there are storage pockets located on the side designed to keep the car seat buckles out of the direct sunlight that can heat them and make them always easy to find.

Newer versions of this car seat will also come with armrests and well as a cup holder on each side. Older Evenflo Triumph models will not have these features.


Age RangeUnder 18 months or 65 lbs
Minimum Weight Required5 lbs
Dimensions28.5 x 22 x 20.1 inches
Weight23.4 lbs
Strap Type23.4 lbs
FAA approved for aircraft use





How Evenflo Compares

Compared to similar car seat brands in the same budget, Graco Extend2Fit convertible offers excellent features and superb safety and build quality. Evenflo will keep your child safe as any car seat should. However, when it comes to the headrest feature, seats like the Britax Allegiance and Graco Extend2Fit convertible options offer more positions for the perfect comfort. They’re both easier for parents to install in their cars and move from one car to another easily and quickly as well.

When it comes to warranty and well as ease of use, the Britax and Graco models are better. Evenflo only offers customers a 90-day warranty, while other companies will allow for at least a year of use.

One of the best things we can do for our country, for advancing our children, is to upgrade our child care system. Lois Frankel

Where Evenflo really shines is when it comes to stellar safety. This car seat exceeds expectations in many countries, no matter if the regulations vary, and it’s designed to keep your child safe first and foremost. It can also, unlike most other competitors, be used for newborns until they reach 65 lbs. Most other convertible options like the Britax and Graco will only last until your child reaches a weight of 40-50 lbs.

If what you’re looking for above anything else is a safe seat your kids will feel comfortable in for hours on end, Evenflow Triumph LX is a great car seat. It offers tons of features and comfy padding, it’s convertible, and it’s going to protect your kids in the event of an accident. Safety comes first.


  • The best part about Evenflo Triumph LX is that it’s convertible, which allows parents to use the same seat for many years. Buckling your child into this seat is super easy thanks to the tightening knobs on the side, and you don't need ever to rethread the shoulder straps through new holes. The infinite slide harness glides into position with little issue, and you can release the harness with one hand.
  • Plus, the seats recline, and it comes with room for two drink holders on each side of the seat. Add the other great features like pockets and comfy, easy-to-clean padding into the mix and the fact that this seat is much safer than many on the market, and parents are sold!


  • Every car seat comes with a few cons. Although our Evenflo Triumph LX reviews show this is a great car seat, experienced parents have a few issues with this option. For one, latching the seat can take some time. The system involves stiff and sturdy hooks that take practice to unhook quickly. When you get it locked, the seat feels secure, but you wouldn’t want to move it from car to car daily. People also say it's challenging to recline and a bit bulky when in the rear-facing position, but easier when forward-facing.

Most car seats are at least partially machine washable as well, and the padding of this seat removes and is easy to clean. However, the straps and other pieces are not. For a perfect clean, you’ll need to hand wash much of the seat. Some parents don’t mind taking more time to clean, but the fabric is also a bit of a downside. It may not hold up well over time, depending on how energetic your kids are. The seat itself may last for years, but the fabric is likely to have holes or snags once it reaches that age.

The installation process is okay as well. While it’s not the easiest seat to install when it’s rear-facing, installing the seat in the forward position is much easier. The model isn’t heavy, but the time it takes to install makes it not very suitable for moving it frequently. Check out this helpful installation video on YouTube if you have any trouble getting the car seat in place.

Finally, if you’re a parent who enjoys having a matching stroller and car seat, this might not be the model for you. Stroller and car seat pairs will often snap together for quick and easy setup. Plus, the matching aspect appears nice and concise. While this car seat doesn’t offer any strollers that you can mix or match even at an added expense, it does convert from rear to front-facing relatively easily.

Our Verdict

In our Evenflo Triumph LX reviews, we've found that it's an exceptional convertible car seat that families can use for a long period because it can work as both a front or rear-facing option (5-65 lbs), and it’s insanely safe. Like all car seats, it has some inconveniences. The material, for example, could be more durable. However, Evenflo offers a great model when matched up against similar models on the market.

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