Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews: Convenient and Affordable

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March 4, 2023

Experts all over the world recommend breastfeeding for babies within the first year of life. The healthiest, but not the most convenient way to feed a baby is breastfeeding.  

Since breastfed babies often need to eat every two or three hours, working mothers find it challenging to breastfeed without the use of a pump. 

Breast pumps are useful machines that let moms continue breastfeeding without having to be with their babies at all times.

They can pump while at work and freeze their milk for later use when mom is not available. Pumping also lets dads involved in feeding their babies, too. 

Manufacturers do not make all breast pumps equally. Some are extremely expensive, and some can be complicated. Some work slowly, which can be problematic for mothers who have limited pumping time while at work. 

Evenflo Breast Pumps are affordable and easy to find. They are portable and the work with the same brand of bottles and other gear. Their affordability makes them and their parts easy to replace if anything happens to them.

Comparison Table for Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews

Different Types of Breast Pumps

Breast pumps come in three styles, and Evenflo offers all three options. For safety and sanitary purposes, most are dishwasher-safe, and they are free of BPA. Moms often have to try one or two types before they find the style they prefer.

Hospital-grade Breast Pumps

The most efficient breast pumps are hospital grade, electric pumps. They tend to be heavy-duty in design, so they express more milk in less time than store-brand models.

They tend to be quiet, and most models come with all of the necessary components. Usually, hospitals or insurance companies will rent them to new moms since they are generally too expensive to purchase outright.

Hospital-grade breast pumps have strong suction and are valuable choices for mothers who either need to pump frequently because their babies eat a lot or if they have babies with special needs and cannot breastfeed naturally.

Since moms usually rent hospital-grade pumps, many moms do not keep them for very long.

Major-Brand Electric Breast Pumps

Moms who prefer to own a breast pump tend to choose this type. These usually come in a pair that moms can use simultaneously. They are designed to express milk efficiently, but not at the same rate as the hospital-grade models.

They are usually louder than hospital-grade pumps because their motors are not as powerful as the hospital-grade motors.

Electric breast pumps are meant for an individual owner, not for several moms to rent over time. Most electric breast pump brands include complete feeding systems, so it is easy to find accessories and replacement parts.

These electric breast pumps are from major brands, like Evenflo. Many have electric plugs, and many take batteries, too. Some work with USB cords and some plug into car outlets.

Like the hospital-grade pumps, they usually come as complete sets that include a small cooler, breastmilk storage bags, and a few bottles. For moms who want to spend less money, moms can purchase individual pumps, too.

Manual Breast Pumps

Moms who are looking for a quiet and inexpensive option might like manual breast pumps. They are small and work with a simple lever.

For some moms, electric pumps can be painful to use. Since moms control the suction of the manual pump, they are usually more comfortable for sensitive breast tissue.

Because manual pumps are so small, they are easy to use when traveling and are popular choices for moms who do not pump often.

Manual pumps can come in sets of two or as individual packages. They can come with other gear, like cooler bags, bottles, and storage bags.

All three types of breast pumps include the same parts:

  • Breast shield
  • Pump
  • Handle
  • Receptacle

Do You Need a Breast Pump?

Not every breastfeeding mother needs a breast pump. If you are a stay-at-home mother, you might not need one.

However, if you want your partner or another caregiver to feed your baby, then pumping breast milk would give them the opportunity. Moms who do not need to pump several times per day might do just fine with an inexpensive manual pump.

Moms who work full-time and want to breastfeed might want to invest in a high-quality electric pump.

If a hospital-grade pump is an option, then moms often choose them because they are fast and powerful. However, electric pumps can get the job done, too.

Many of the hospital-grade pumps and electric pumps come in a set that fits into a nursing bra so moms can pump hands-free.

These are convenient for working moms who appreciate being able to pump without needing to hold the pumps through the process. Some brands have specially designed bras that fit the breast shields for hands-free pumping.

Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews:

Breast Pump Features

Choosing a breast pump is about more than the type. There are several features that moms have found to be useful. They include:

  • Whatever the budget, remember that buying or renting a breast pump is still less expensive than formula!
  • Power. An electric pump is convenient until the power goes out at your home. Some pumps use batteries and others will plug into your USB port. Because electricity is not always available (you might have to pump in a bathroom stall), many moms will buy a cheap manual pump for those unfortunate occasions.
  • Volume expressed. Some moms fill breast pump receptacles with very little suction power, while others need more powerful motors. You might need a pump that is powerful and designed to used several times each day. You might find that a manual pump works perfectly for you. Your production and expression levels will help you decide what type and strength will work best for you.
  • Portability. If you are away from your home regularly, you might want a breast pump that is lightweight and convenient. Some pumps are heavy and not designed for carrying around airports or large offices. Some moms will even buy two pumps, one to take on the road and one to keep at home.
  • Easy to clean. No mom wants to waste her precious time cleaning her breast pump. Some of them are so complicated that moms need instruction manuals to put them back together. The best breast pumps are easy to clean so that you can spend more time with your baby and less time in the kitchen.
  • Adjustability. Some moms cannot tolerate breast pumps with strong, electric suction. Manufacturers have recognized that moms have varying needs, so many electric pumps have adjustable suction levels.
  • Complete sets. Like infant travel systems, many breast pumps come in sets. These are helpful for moms who are looking for convenience. Receptacles work as bottles. Storage bags fit onto pumps. And, the carrying case fits everything in one convenient spot.
  • Noise. Some breast pumps are loud, and this can be problematic for working moms who have to pump in a tranquil office. Manual pumps are the quietest choice, with the only noise coming from milk landing in the receptacle. Electric pumps and hospital-grade pumps also have sounds that come from the motors. You choose what best fits your needs.
  • Replacement parts. Some breast pumps have parts that are easy to replace. Most moms who use breast pumps need to have extra receptacles and breast shields. Some models come with extra parts, which is added convenience for the times when something breaks, but stores are closed.

Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews:

Types of Evenflo Breast Pumps

Evenflo Breast Pumps come in all three types: manual, electric, and hospital-grade. They also come in packages that include one pump or two pumps. They also come in a variety of budgets and with features that fit different needs.

The hospital-grade Evenflo breast pump is a high-quality breast pump that includes many of the most popular features.

Lactations consultants were involved in the creation of this product, and the Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump allows mothers to personalize the settings for ideal speed and suction.

Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews:

Product Specifications

  • Weighs 6.3 pounds
  • In the bag, it measures 17 x 9.5 x 7.9 inches
  • Includes several breast shields in various sizes
  • Comes with shoulder bag carrying case
  • Has 32 settings
  • Has AC adaptor and uses 6 AA batteries

The breast pump has what Evenflo calls a “Closed Hygienic System” which keeps the milk from entering the motor and the parts of the pump.

This design keeps the system free of unwanted mold and bacteria that could harm that liquid gold breast milk.

Manufacturers designed the hospital-grade pump for all breastfeeding women. The breast pump comes with soft breast shields in various sizes to moms can find a perfect fit.

Add the customizable breast shield sizes to the suction and speed settings and the Evenflo hospital-grade pump is an excellent choice for any mom who needs to pump regularly.

Evenflo breast pumps can be used with all Evenflo products. There are Evenflo brand replacement parts available for the entire system, as the membranes, tubes, and valves.

Since breast pumps do wear out, having extra parts protects your investment and keeps the pump going. Many moms like to have parts around just in case they need them and this set is perfect for storing in the car or the office.

The entire Evenflo line of feeding products is BPA free. With the Evenflo breast pump, you never have to worry about your baby coming on contact with dangerous plastics like phthalates and polycarbonates.

The Evenflo breast pump also comes with educational materials. Breastfeeding is not easy for all moms and pumping can be problematic, too.

The hospital-grade pump kit includes classes that help moms better understand how to make breastfeeding and pumping more comfortable, efficient, and successful. The two 90-minute courses are online, and many moms have found them to be useful.

Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews:

The Evenflo Feeding Hospital Strength pump is less expensive than many other hospital-grade breast pumps.

It is affordable, and moms appreciate that this pump has so many adjustable settings, while other hospital-grade breast pumps do not have much customization.

If breastfeeding mothers need to pump every day, this is a satisfying choice. The speed and suction power make it a useful option for working moms who have limited time but still need to get the job done.

Evenflo parts, like breast shields, are easy to find in stores and online, so moms can quickly and inexpensively replace worn out pumps

Most hospital-grade breast pumps are too expensive to buy. Mothers often rent expensive breast pumps instead of buying their own.

But with the Evenflo hospital-grade pump, most moms can afford them. It’s nice to have your own breast pump, so you do not have to worry about having to pay for repairs to the expensive rentals.

The expense is fair and affordable, especially when compared to other electric, dual, hospital-grade pumps. In many cases, hospital-grade models are more than double the expense of the Evenflo models.

The budget is also much less expensive than renting a hospital model, and you do not have to give it back when you no longer need it.

How They Compare

The best comparison for the Evenflo breast pump is to other models that offer dual electric pumps with a hospital-grade motor.

The Medela Pump-in-Style includes many of the same features, like two pumps and breast shields, but it does not have any adjustable settings or a variety of breast-shield sizes. This pump is also significantly more expensive than the Evenflo.

Budget is not the only consideration for women buying breast pumps. The speed, suction, and adjustability should be a factor.

This pump does weigh slightly less than the Evenflo, but it does not have the same number of features that make the Evenflo so popular with moms. The Medela pump does not come with breastfeeding courses as the Evenflo does.

If you are looking for a less expensive model, Evenflo offers manual breast pumps that are hands-free and electric. But, for the budget, the Evenflo hospital-grade model is a better deal.

The small Evenflo Single Breast Pump is half as expensive as the dual model, but it does not include any of the same features, like adjustable settings and multiple breast shields.

However, if you are looking to spend less, then the single breast pump might be just right.

All Evenflo bottles fit the small single breast pump, and it is easy to pack into a diaper bag. Since it weighs under a pound, there is no trouble taking it on the go.

          Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews:          Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable suction and speed settings
  • Affordable
  • Several sizes of breast shields
  • Carrying case
  • AC adaptor and battery power


  • Weighs more than other brands
  • Quiet, but not the quietest

Evenflo Breast Pump Reviews: Conclusion

Evenflo is a recognizable name in baby gear, and their breast pumps are designed to be customizable for all breastfeeding mothers.

The hygienic design keeps breast milk out of the pump, and it makes the entire set up easy to keep clean. The smartly designed motor differentiates this breast pump from other models and brands.

Evenflo designed the breast pump designed with comfort in mind. Many hospital-grade pumps have one setting: strong and fast.

For some moms, a robust and speedy pump is rather painful. But, the Evenflo hospital-grade pump provides comfort while expressing milk at just the right speed.

Along with customizable comfort, the Evenflo breast pump is affordable, especially for what is in the box.

It is not common for breast pumps to have several breast shield sizes in one box. But, the Evenflo does it. Most other hospital-grade electric breast pumps only come with one size, and hopefully, it fits your breast shape.

The Evenflo is not a perfect breast pump, but none of them are. However, for the budget and the features, it is a great deal.

Other breast pumps do weigh less, so they are easy to tote around airports or large office spaces. But, this breast pump does come with a convenient shoulder bag.

Moms also greatly appreciate the two online breastfeeding courses. Even though many hospitals and pediatricians offices have lactation consultants, not everyone has face-to-face access.

The online courses have helped many moms and babies bond over successful breastfeeding. If you are looking for an inexpensive and efficient electric dual breast pump with a hospital-grade motor, the Evenflo model is a solid choice.

Being able to use the replacement parts and all of the BPA-free Evenflo feeding lines make the Evenflo hospital-grade pump one of the best options for moms who need to pump daily.

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