Chicco Urban Stroller Review: Complete & Unbiased

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May 5, 2024

Kids grow so fast, and that can get expensive. They outgrow clothes, car seats, and even strollers. It can get more expensive and burdensome when you already have one child and a baby on the way. They won’t fit in the same stroller or will need two separate ones.

Parents need all the help they can get. An excellent investment is a convertible stroller because it can grow with your child. It can even make a single stroller turn into a double by letting you attach a car seat to it.

A stroller is a big deal to pick out. It’s crucial to your everyday life. You need to make sure you pick the right one. You need to make sure it’s durable, safe, and secure.

In this Chicco Urban Stroller review, we will break down the good and bad of the stroller, compare it to similar ones, and discuss whether or not it’s worth the money.

What Is the Chicco Urban Stroller?

You already know what a stroller is, but a convertible stroller is perfect for parents because it multitasks. You can transform it so you can have two children in one stroller.

You can add a second stroller seat, a car seat, or bassinet so you can push both children with one stroller. You can use many different seating ideas that suit your needs, which is good because kids grow fast and change their mind about sitting or walking all of the time.

The other awesome thing about this style stroller is that it grows with your child. It makes it so you don’t need to have two different strollers for different age ranges. They usually go from bassinet to a toddler seat.

A convertible stroller is different from a double, which features side by side seats. They are great for a little while, especially for twins, but eventually, one of your children will outgrow it and need a new one. Plus, they can be bulky and hard to move around in the city.

The Chicco Urban is a six-in-one stroller. It has six different riding modes for your every need. It fits the Chicco KeyFit car seat, becomes a baby bassinet, and expands to a toddler seat that can face inward and outward. Changing from one mode to another is easy – even if you aren’t good at putting things together.

The toddler seat has three positions, upright, reclined, and flat. You press side buttons to tip it back and forth. This arrangement makes it easy for parents to stop walking and get their child comfortable.

To turn the toddler seat into a bassinet, all you have to do is press each of the side buttons at the center of the seat and rotate it into a flat position. Then undo the buckles underneath, and that will flatten the bottom of the seat. The padded base of the bassinet is comfortable for babies.

Because it allows for so many different positions, the Chicco Urban is heavier than an average stroller. It weighs twenty-six pounds which is around ten pounds heavier than most strollers. It can handle up to fifty pounds with a storage space that can hold up to ten pounds.

The wheels can lock and unlock with a foot button in the middle of the two rear wheels. You can also take the wheels off for storage and travel. You can adjust the handle with a quick click, and there are three different height options.

​Chicco​ Urban ​Stroller ​Review: Performance of the Chicco Urban Stroller

Photo of a woman and a baby in a stroller

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Now let’s get to what you really want to know, how well does it work? It’s not only easy to put together, but it’s quick too. Most parents only needed fifteen minutes to set everything up. You can fold up the frame with just one hand.

It has an all-wheel suspension that makes your ride smooth, which is a necessity when a child is sleeping. Some parents claim that it even helped lull their children to sleep. If you like taking your children out on rougher terrain, have no fear, the suspension helps keep everything in place.

The brakes work well and can be used with one foot. It keeps the stroller from moving an inch. If you like going out with your kids into nature, these brakes work well even on hills.

It can veer off course at times which can make moving around with it frustrating. Especially, when you are in a store, and there are small spaces to get through. You may eventually get used to this and be able to autocorrect your path, but it’s still annoying.

Also, because it’s so much is in one package, it can feel a little bulky even all folded up. Because it’s bulky, it could be hard to travel with. Luckily it offers removable wheels to make things a little easier when storing in a place like a trunk.

Though the perks outweigh this one take back. It’s easy to clean and has amazing storage space. You can even change the colors with additional style packs.

​Chicco​ Urban ​Stroller ​Review: Product Specifications

Item Weight26 pounds
Weight CapacityUp to 50 pounds
Product Dimensions38 x 24.5 x 44 inches
Car Seat CompatibilityYes with an adapter
Child’s Age RangeBaby to five years old
ReclineVertical to flat (180 degrees)
Wheel SizesThe front wheels are seven inchesThe back is almost ten inches
Handlebar HeightAdjustable

​Chicco​ Urban ​Stroller ​Review: How it Compares to Other Strollers

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Image via: Pixabay

To understand the worth of this stroller, we have to compare it to other similar strollers. So, we are going to compare it to the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System, Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller, and Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-in-1 Modular Travel System Stroller.

Hopefully, the comparisons will help you decide if the Chicco Urban is the right stroller for you or if you should look elsewhere. We’ll compare style, functionality, performance, and more.

Evenflo Versus Chicco

Evenflo’s Pivot weighs around six pounds less than the Urban but can still handle a fifty-pound capacity. The Pivot includes a SafeMax car seat, SafeZone base, a toddler seat that fully reclines and can change into a bassinet, a child tray, and a parent cup holder.

It has six different seating modes that are similar to the Urban and can change from one mode to the other with ease. Because it comes with a car seat, no attachment is needed which is convenient to go from car seat to stroller.

Though, this travel system doesn’t allow for a bassinet and toddler seat at the same time. If you have two children of similar ages, you will need two different strollers. The wheels don’t lock which can be frustrating for parents and feel dangerous. You also have to stop each wheel separately due to the double action brakes instead of the Urban’s single action brake.

Finally, it is less expensive than the Urban.

Cynebaby Versus Chicco

Cynebaby’s Convertible Bassinet Stroller is focused more on converting from a baby stroller to a toddler one. You can face your child forward or backward. Like the other strollers so far, it can hold up to fifty pounds.

It has anti-shock springs on the front wheels so that you can take it anywhere. It has a five-point safety harness that’ll keep your child secure. The material it’s made of is eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. It’s also made of aluminum alloy that will keep it together for a long time.

It features an adjustable handlebar, so it’s perfect for people of all heights. It’s also been tested by the American ASTM society and passed the F833 safety standard test. It even has a hundred and eight-day refund guarantee.

The stroller is hard to put together and doesn’t have clear instructions. It’s also difficult to squish it down to travel with it.

There have been complaints of bulkiness and the canopy fabric being easy to rip. Plus, this is the type of convertible stroller that only holds one child, not two.

Maxi-Cosi Versus Chicco

The Maxi-Cosi Zelia five in one stroller comes with a car seat, though it does need an adaptable attachment, though it’s included with the stroller. Like others on this list, you can face your child forward or backward depending on your needs. The toddler seat fully reclines, which is perfect for naps.

You don’t need tools to assemble it, it all snaps together, perfect for people who aren’t great at putting things together.

The handlebar is adjustable, it has a storage basket, and only weighs ten pounds. Though some parents worry that it’s’ too light and that means it isn’t durable.

The stroller has a toe tap lock behind the rear right wheel, and the front swivel wheels can be locked to go forward or backward.

It falls behind the other strollers in weight capacity. It can only hold up to thirty pounds instead of fifty. It also has so much padding that it can feel cramped as your child gets older and bigger.

Parents are frustrated that it takes two adapters to put the stroller seat in. The straps may feel too bulky for babies and make it hard to put the chest buckle together. Also, newborns may have a hard time getting comfortable in the car seat.

Finally, it lacks in accessories like a cup holder or child tray.


  • ​It grows with your child
  • Can have a baby and toddler at the same timeIt’s easy to put together
  • Single brake and brakes work fast
  • Easy to put togetherEasy to clean
  • Comfortable for kids
  • All-wheel suspension


  • ​Steering can be difficultIt weighs 26 pounds
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Some people find it expensive

​Chicco​ Urban ​Stroller ​Review: It’s Worth the Investment

It’s the end of our Chicco Urban Stroller review, so is it worth it? We think so. It’s durable and long-lasting, which is perfect for the first few years of your child’s life. Having a stroller that not only grows with your child but can accommodate a second child will be convenient and money saving.

Features like a storage basket, all wheel suspension, and a child’s tray make this stroller perfect for everyday outings. It has comfort with both the padded bottom of the bassinet and the fully reclining toddler seat.

It’s not perfect though. The biggest complaint is that the stroller tends to veer off course often. This can make it hard to get around, especially in tight spaces or on rough terrain.

It’s also heavy on its own which can be turned off to some parents, especially if they struggle with carrying heavy objects. Though, it’s worth it with all the features and storage space. It also can take up a lot of space which can make it hard to travel with. Luckily, it has removable wheels which makes it a little easier.

Finally, let’s talk about the budget. Out of all the strollers on the list, this is the most expensive. Though, if you think about how many years you use it for, then it’s worth it. But, if you don’t want to spend that much money, then you should look into Evenflo’s Pivot, which is similar to the Urban stroller but it isn't as expensive.

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