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February 20, 2023

Finding the best booster seat can help make your life easier thanks to its convenient features. You need to find a seat that is simple to use and safe for your child. The Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 booster seat is an excellent choice that comes with fantastic safety features and connectors for easy installation. 

In this detailed Chicco KidFit review, we look at some reasons why most parents love this booster seat and what makes it unique. 

What Is Chicco KidFit?

Chicco KidFit is the first in Chicco’s line of booster seats. The KidFit features ten headrest positions, DuoZone side-impact protection in high back mode, flexible cup holders, and front pull adjuster for low anchor connectors. It also comes with deluxe lower anchor connectors in high back and backless style. 

The KidFit booster seat expires eight-years from the date of manufacture. You can use this car seat for children over four years up to eight. However, check to ensure that the size and weight limitations do not exceed,

What’s more, the removable backrest can work as a backless booster. Other notable features are the super cinch latch attachment, fun colors, and a hand pull tightener. 

With a 10.2 pounds weight, you can easily take it out and back to the car as needed. The removable fabrics are machine washable. Furthermore, the ErgoBoost comfort and EPS foam absorbing on the seat ensures that your child is comfortable throughout the trip. 

Features of Chicco KidFit

Some of the notable features of we found in our Chicco KidFit review include:

Two-Position Backrest

You can use the booster seat as a high back or as a backless one depending on your preferences. Although the high-back booster position is ideal as it allows your child to learn how to sit on the seat, it has a weight limit of forty pounds. 

Machine Washable

The KidFit seat pad and armrest covers are machine washable, something that makes your cleaning process hassle-free. All you need is to remove the armrest covers and pads when stained and clean them in minutes. 

Cup Holders

The Chicco KidFit comes with two removable cup holders that fold in when not in use. Also, if you require more space, you can remove them. 

SuperCinch Latch Attachment

Chicco adds a new feature, the SuperCinch Latch attachment which makes installation easier. All you need is to attach the latch connectors to the vehicle and pull the tightener. The seat won’t move if you do this correctly. 

Product Specification

  • Ten height positions
  • Two position backrest to match contour and seat position
  • Dual cup holders
  • Headrest with EPS foam
  • 15”D x 11”W seating area
  • Ten Height positions
  • Shoulder-belt guide
  • Lower Latch Anchor Attachments
  • 30-110 lbs. the weight limit for the high back
  • 40-110 lbs. the weight limit for the backless
  • Four years minimum age
  • 10-lb weight
  • Eight-year lifespan before the expiry date

How It Compares to Other Car Seats

Below is how the KidFit compares to other car seats.

Britax Frontier G1.1 ClickTight

The Britax Frontier G1.1 ClickTight is made in the US and acts as a booster and a harnessed forward-facing seat. It features SafeCell impact protection for side-impact safety. You’ll also find ClickTight Technology which makes the car installation hassle-free. 

With its front-facing recline setting, your child’s will be comfortable. The nine-position harness also grows with your child. 

However, the Chicco KidFit acts a backless booster or as a high-back booster. 

Like KidFit, the Britax car seat is easy to install and features a removable seat cover that is machine washable. Another similarity is that the Britax car seat has won awards for its safety and quality construction. 

One area that the Britax fails is in its weight. It’s heavy and big, which may not be suitable if you make frequent vehicle changes. Its budget also makes it limiting for those looking for a quality booster seat on a budget. The fact that the seat cover is removable, it’s not machine washable, which makes cleaning a challenge. 

Evenflo Maestro Booster

The Evenflo Maestro Booster is a converter seat that changes from a harnessed forward facing car seat into a high back booster seat. It comes with four harness slot positions and two crotch buckle positions. It’s a product of the USA and features latch storage and integrated cup holders.

You can fit the seat quickly in any backseat as it’s only 19 inches wide. Its size also makes it perfect for air travel in a harnessed mode. At only twelve pounds, the Evenflo booster seat is portable, and you won’t get tired carrying it to and from the car. 

Like KidFit, the Evenflo car seat passes the federal crash test standards on structural integrity and side impact. Moreover, it comes in three color choices. 

Another similarity is that both of them come with dual cup holders. Nonetheless, the Evenflo booster seat can hold large drink bottles and cups. 

However, unlike KidFit which is made in China, the Evenflo Maestro is manufactured in the USA. KidFit has a headrest with an EPM foam, while Evenflo has a removable pillow for those long road trips. 

Some Evenflo users noted that it was a challenge fastening and unfastening the latch connectors, while others found it difficult to tighten the harness straps. KidFit is easy to install and connects quickly.

KidFit Zip

The KidFit Zip is an upgrade from the KidFit booster seat. Both of them are two-in-one belt-positioning booster seats. Also, they both accommodate children height of between 38-57 inches. You’ll find the SuperCinch Latch Installation on these seats that make the installation process a breeze.

Moreover, the headrest and backrest on these seats adjust together, something that lacks in other belt-positioning booster seats. The adjustment ensures a proper fit every time you connect the seat to the car. They also have lap belt guides and two removable cup holders.

However, the KidFit Zip has some differences from the KidFit booster seat. You’ll find the Zip and Wash feature that allows you to zip off the seat pads and remove them before you wash them. The feature enables you to change the seat pad color in the future.

You’ll also find an extra layer of ErgoBoost Foam Padding on the KidFit Zip, which lacks in the KidFit version. Chicco goes ahead to incorporate a kid console aside from the two removable cup holders. You can use the console to store toys or snacks when taking long trips. The best part is that you can position the console on either side of the seat. 

Graco Atlas 65 2-in-1

The Graco Atlas 65 is ideal for children over three years and above. You can use the car seat as a forward-facing car seat until your kid is 65 pounds, and convert it to a high back booster until your child gets to 100 pounds. 

The booster seats fit well in cars without enough legroom in the back seat. You can also use it in a vehicle with jump seats. Its steel-reinforced frame gives the booster seat the durability and sturdiness to hold it up.  

Graco incorporates an energy absorbing foam on the headrest for impact management. The buckle cover, harness covers, and the seat pad are machine washable. 

It comes in two color options. Like the Chicco KidFit, Graco Atlas is affordable. Also, they both provide ten headrest positions and the harness in a quick movement. They also have removable cup holders that allow your child to sip a drink. 

However, it differs from the KidFit as it doesn’t provide the backless booster option. You may need to get another car seat if your child gets past 100 pounds. The seat of the Graco may feel less padded compared to the KidFit which offers Ergo Boost comfort. 

The Graco Atlas booster seat installation is a challenge. Some users have had to put the car seat in a recline mode to get a tight fit, while others had to use their knee to hold down the car seat to tighten it correctly. 

Safety 1st Store-n-Go

The Safety 1st store-n-go easily converts from a high back seat to a backless booster for kids up to 100 pounds with a height limit of 57 inches. Apart from its affordability, it comes with a pull-out drawer at the front which provides ample storage space. 

Both KidFit and Safety 1st have integrated cup holders that can easily fit drink bottles and cups. Also, you can remove the seat cover and clean them using a machine. 

Unlike KidFit which only comes with dual cup holders, the Safety 1st car seat features multiple storage options, which allow you to store gear, toys, and snacks. Moreover, KidFit provides extra comfort due to the thick padding. Safety 1st has thin padding, which doesn’t offer any support. Some parents also had complaints about the seat being too narrow for the kid to fit in during long trips. 

Pros and Cons of Chicco KidFit

Chicco KidFit has lots of advantages, that’s why it ranks as a top booster car seat on Amazon and other sites.

The KidFit comes with latch anchors that allow you to install the booster seat in the vehicle without any issue. The anchors retract into the seat’s shell, while the straps tighten from the front, something that you’ll find simple to install than a convertible or infant car seat. 

You can place the anchors and the shoulder belt retainer at the bottom of the seat if you plan to use the seat without the back. Moreover, you can adjust the height of the backrest using the button at the headrest top back. With this position, you can quickly change the height even with your babysitting.  

The car seat has its shoulder strap on the headrest which moves as you adjust the headrest to ensure correct belt alignment. A child can buckle himself into and out of the car seat after the seat set-up. 

KidFit also boasts of excellent safety ratings having passed most crash test ratings. Its inclusion of side-impact protection and headrest position enhances the seat’s safety. The thick EPS foam on the headrest provides protection around the child’s head and upper torso. 

You’ll love the inclusion of the dual dishwasher-safe cup holders that fold inwards when not in use. The flip action gives you enough room when you need to secure the booster seat next to another adult passenger or child restraint. Moreover, its reasonable budget makes it perfect for families looking for a booster car seat on a budget. 

However, the Chicco KidFit fails to deliver in particular areas. You’ll find the seat’s bottom broad, which makes it a challenge to fit other children in the backseat. Its height position can be limiting if your child is tall. 


  • Easy to use
  • Can convert to a backless booster
  • Ideal for different ages thanks to the adjustable back heights
  • Incredibly portable
  • Reclines in two positions to fit different seat angles
  • Ease of installation
  • Durable material
  • Removable dishwasher safe cup holders


  • Wide bottom
  • Might not accommodate taller children
  • Made in China
  • Expensive than other booster seats 
  • Latch attachments may not work well in specific cars
  • Cars with unmovable headrest could prevent the right fit


Hopefully, our Chicco KidFit review answered all of your questions about the product.

The Chicco KidFit scores highly in user reviews and boasts of zero recalls. With ten height positions, side impact protection, excellent ratings, and a removable back, you can be sure you’re getting a good investment even with the extra expense. Moreover, the eight-year lifespan, you can use the booster seat with a younger child.

Featured Image via Chicco

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