mother using a nasa aspirator to suck snot foamier baby's nose The Best Baby Nasal Aspirator for Blocked Noses

If there is one thing that can wreck any baby’s day it’s a blocked nose. The mere onset can turn your perfectly pleasant baby into an unhappy snot monster. Unfortunately, your baby does not yet know how to blow their nose to clear it. If you want to clear your baby’s blockage you are going […]

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Nerf Gun Best Nerf Guns for Kids

The Nerf war is coming. Are you well-armed? Nerf guns are a household staple, and they’re fun for the whole family. Whether you have kindergarteners or surly teenagers, Nerf guns are the ideal toy for cracking smiles and making new memories. However, if you used Nerf guns as a kid, you know that choosing the […]

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How to Pack the Perfect Hospital Bag and Prepare your Home in the Final Weeks Before Birth

As the countdown to your due date goes from months, to weeks, to days you are likely becoming filled to the brim with anticipation and desire to be completely ready for the big day.  A key component to feeling ready for your baby’s birth is having a bag ready for the hospital...

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Expressing breastmilk at work How to Store Breast Milk: A Helpful Guide

Breastfeeding helps keep your baby healthy and strong. If you can't always be there for feedings, pumping your milk is a great option. So, learn how to store breast milk. A helpful guide will ensure you know how to keep your milk safe and ready for feedings. Storing your milk lets your baby get the […]

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Little girl is sleeping in the best toddler car seat Best Toddler Car Seat: Buyers Guide on Toddler Car Seats

The standard for keeping a baby in a rear-facing car seat was until the baby weighed 20 pounds, then it could be put in a forward-facing position. However, that standard was updated, and now it is until the child weighs 40 pounds or exceeds the weight and height limits of the car seat. Due to […]

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Naya Breast Pump Review Naya Breast Pump Review

Naya breast pump reviews are not very helpful to people looking for new breast pumps, but it can give you information about used models that are available. Probably the most important decision soon-to-be moms make is how they will feed their babies. While the recommendation from most pediatricians is to breastfeed, there is always the […]

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The Parent Guide Podcast Episode 2: Parenting Teens The Parent Guide Podcast Episode 2: Parenting Teens

In our second installment of the Parent Guide Podcast, we join with Sherry, a mom of 2, to talk about parenting teens. Sherry has two boys, 17 and 21. Sherry says that she always tells her kids as they’re walking out the door that “You know how to make good choices.” She goes on to […]

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A heart shaped box of chocolate to help you celebrate a romantic valentine's with kids Romantic Valentine's Day with Kids? Yes, It Can Happen. Here's How.

The idea of a romantic Valentine's with kids may seem impossible, especially during a pandemic. However, there are many ways to bypass the obstacles and make this a Valentine's Day to remember. It just takes a little creativity and some motivation to make things happen. You may have to think outside the box or find […]

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Pulling Curls reviewed

This page should re-direct, if it doesn't click here.

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baby sleeping with covered blanket Sleep sacks: The best baby blanket alternative

Pop quiz: What do you get if you combine: The construction and comfort of a sleeping bag... with the softness and light material weight of a baby blanket? Stumped? The answer is a sleep sack … A what? A sleep sack is essentially a wearable blanket and will look very similar to this: You may […]

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9 Baby Items You Need That Aren't So Glamorous

Whether or not you have a baby shower, friends and family all look forward to buying things for your little bundle of joy. While you will receive a lot of awesome gifts, there are a lot of things you need for a baby that aren’t so much fun to give as a gift. Here is a list of those essentials.

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Graco 4Ever Graco 4Ever Review

The Graco 4Ever car seat is one that will grow with your child and be the only car seat you ever have to buy. It’s a 4-in-1 car seat that parents can use for rear facing, forward facing, a high back booster, and a backless booster. It’s capable of keep children safe inside a vehicle for […]

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baby gorgeous smile How to Choose the Best Baby Bib for Your Child

As a parent, you will quickly discover that meal times are messy. It is surprising how little of each meal actually ends up in your baby’s mouth. Baby bibs are a fantastic solution to keeping food off your little ones clothes (and everywhere else) during meal time. Baby bibs come in all manner of different […]

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Baby toddler brushing teeth Best Toddler Toothbrush

Advances in dental medicine allow people who take care of their teeth to have them all their lives. Although baby teeth are temporary, good dental hygiene starts as soon as a baby's teeth erupt from their gums, which is around six months of age. It’s important to buy the correct toddler toothbrush when your child […]

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Evenflo Triumph LX Reviews and Specifications Evenflo Triumph LX Reviews and Specifications

The Evenflo Triumph convertible car seat has been offered by the company in various forms for years now, and the idea has been perfected over time to create a solid performing option parents can trust. It's an affordable option you can use for a long period, but does it hold up? In our Evenflo Triumph […]

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