Big Wheels For Kids Reviews

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February 14, 2023

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Big Wheels For Kids Reviews

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Big wheels are a great introduction to pedaling and riding a bike. They are fun and easy to use and your child will learn to keep their balance when they ride. You should shop for big wheels for kids in function of the age and size of your child. Here are a few options to consider.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

We have compared different big wheels and tricycles and assigned ratings to help you find the best option for your child. Here are some of the criteria we looked at:

Quality and durability.

We selected quality products and looked for tricycles with a sturdy design.


We looked for big wheels and tricycles with designs that emphasize stability since this feature is important for your child’s safety.

Easy to maneuver

Your child can learn how to maneuver a bicycle by riding a tricycle that is easy to maneuver.


We looked at what parents think of different big wheels to recommend safe products that meet parents’ expectations.

Top 10 Big Wheels For Kids

These are some of the best big wheels for kids to consider for your child.

This tricycle stands out thanks to its large and sturdy base. It features a comfortable seat that will provide back support for your child.

You can adjust the seat so your child will be closer to the pedals. We like the handlebars since the distance between the handles will prevent your child from taking sharp turns.

Your child will sit in a reclined position. We like this design because it helps your child keep their balance as they figure out how to ride the big wheels and teaches them how to use the pedals.

The 16-inch front wheel has a textured grip thread. Your child can ride this tricycle on different surfaces and get good traction thanks to this thread. The two large back wheels will keep the tricycle stable.

We like these big wheels because of the low center of gravity, stability, and the original design. The manufacturer recommends this product for children between three and seven.

We like this tricycle because it looks like a motorcycle. The posture is similar to how your child would sit on a traditional bicycle. We think it’s a great way to start learning how to ride a bicycle, but a toddler could benefit from riding big wheels for a while before upgrading to this tricycle.

This tricycle features large and rugged wheels that provide good traction on concrete, grass, dirt, and other surfaces. The handlebars have ergonomic grips that your child will love.

The seat opens so your child can store some toys. The large pedals will prevent your child’s feet from slipping, and your child can sit comfortably on this tricycle thanks to the large seat and back support.

This tricycle is great for children between two and five. However, your child will sit higher than on traditional big wheels and will have to learn how to pedal while sitting upright.

We recommend the Original Big Wheel because of its fun and retro design. Your child is going to love this colorful tricycle and you will probably think it looks just like the one you used to ride.

This big wheel toy features a bucket seat. We like this feature because the bucket seat design reduces the risks of falling off the toy. You can adjust the seat.

The 16-inch front wheel and low center of gravity make this tricycle fun to ride. It’s suitable for children between three and eight and has a maximum recommended weight of 70 lbs.

It comes with a sticker sheet. The sticker sheet is a fun feature because your child is going to love personalizing their big wheel.

We recommend this toy because of the large front wheel, stable design, and safe bucket seat.

This fun big wheel features Mickey Mouse. Your child is going to love riding a tricycle with their favorite cartoon character on it, and they will be able to personalize this ride-on toy thanks to the stickers included.

The large base is an interesting feature. It will help your child maintain their balance and prevent the toy from tipping over if your child takes a sharp turn.

We also like the back support. It goes higher than on most tricycles we found. The back support is an interesting feature if your child is riding a tricycle for the first time.

The front wheel measures 15.” Most big wheels have a slightly larger front wheel, which can be intimidating for toddlers.

The front wheel has some LED lights that create a fun effect when your child is riding. This tricycle is perfect for children between three and seven.

We think this ride-on toy is a great option because your child sits close to the ground, but the riding position isn’t as reclined as on other big wheels.

This tricycle is incredibly fun to ride thanks to the hand brake. Your child can use the hand brake to get the tricycle to stop and spin.

The handbrake feature makes the tricycle unsuitable for toddlers and young children who are learning to ride on a big wheel. However, if your child has some experience with ride-on toys and knows how to maneuver a tricycle, this toy will be extremely fun and exciting.

This tricycle features a large base for stability and some wide pedals. It has a 16-inches front wheel and an adjustable seat.

We like the original blue and orange design. The flame design makes this tricycle stand out. The weight limit is 70 lbs.

Overall, this big wheel is fun and exciting to ride and features a large base for stability. However, the handbrake feature doesn’t make it suitable for a very young child.

This Fisher-Price big wheel is perfect for a toddler who is learning to ride a tricycle thanks to its wide and supportive seat. Your child will sit in a more upright position compared to most big wheel toys.

The front of the tricycle looks like a motorcycle. You can adjust the seat to get your child to sit closer to the handlebars if needed.

There are different built-in sounds and songs your child will love to interact with. Your child can also play with the built-in Barbie phone.

There is a small compartment in the handlebars that your child can use to transport toys and accessories. We like the comfortable grips of the handlebars and the different buttons and interactive features that encourage pretend play.

We recommend this tricycle because it’s easy to maneuver and it features a safe and comfortable seat. The Barbie theme makes this a must-have ride-on toy if your child loves playing with Barbie dolls.

We like this tricycle because it’s easy to adjust. There are two different positions for the seat, and the tricycle comes with an additional set of pedals.

You can slip this additional set of pedals over the regular pedals to make them larger and easier to reach. If you have a toddler who is learning to ride a tricycle, these large pedals will be perfect for your child.

The handlebars are another interesting feature. They are easy to hold onto thanks to the textured finish, and the width is perfect to help your child figure out how to maneuver the tricycle.

The wheels are smaller than what you will find on most big wheels, but the front wheel is larger than the back wheels for stability.

We think the colors of this ride-on toy are somewhat bland compared to other options available, but this tricycle is still a fun option to consider if you want a ride-on toy with wheels that are smaller than what most big wheels come with or want something with larger pedals.

This colorful tricycle is great if you have a baby or toddler who isn’t used to ride-on toys. There are different detachable accessories that make this tricycle versatile.

There are armrests that will safely keep a baby or young toddler in the seat. You can remove the armrest once your child gets older and use the seatbelt instead.

Your child can either use the pedals or the footrests. We like the foldable footrests because they are easy to reach if your child is too small to pedal.

This tricycle comes with a handle you can attach in the back and use to push your child around. You can lock the front wheel to easily maneuver the tricycle. Your child will enjoy going on walks with you and will gradually learn to pedal and maneuver the tricycle with you holding on to the handle and correcting their trajectory if needed.

Your child is going to love this cute tricycle and its Disney princess theme. We like the large seat and comfortable handlebar grips. The tricycle features textured pedals to prevent slipping.

The front wheel measures 10,” which is perfect for a three or four years old who is getting used to riding a tricycle. The wide rear wheels will make the tricycle stable and easy to maneuver.

The main downside of this tricycle is the lack of back support. The seat doesn’t support your child’s back, which isn’t a major issue since your child won’t ride in a reclined position like on most big wheels, but back support can prevent falls, especially if your child is learning to ride a tricycle.

This big wheel is great for older children because of the fun spinning feature. You can use this big wheel to drift, spin, and perform other daring moves.

The steel frame isn’t suitable for a young child but it makes this tricycle more durable. We like the comfortable rubber grips and the adjustable seat.

You will sit low on the ground, and benefit from the tricycle’s excellent stability thanks to the rear wheels being so far apart.

This tricycle is another option to consider if you want to find a big wheel for an older child or a teenager. It features a sturdy steel frame and a front wheel that is similar to what you would find on a BMX bicycle.

You can adjust the bucket seat and maneuver this tricycle thanks to the textured handlebar grips. We like the wide rear wheels that provide you with stability.

This tricycle isn’t suitable for a young child because of its weight and steel frame. However, riding this big wheel will be a lot of fun for a teen or adult since you can gain speed, slide, and spin.

Your Guide To Choosing Big Wheels For Kids

There are a few things to keep in mind about safety features when comparing big wheels for kids.

When Is It Safe To Introduce A Big Wheel?

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It’s best to wait until your child turns three before introducing a big wheel or tricycle. Your child can play with a ride-on toy that doesn’t have pedals before that.

There is a learning curve when you introduce a tricycle. Your child might not figure out how to use the pedals right away or might not know how to steer the big wheel.

Your child will learn how to pedal and maneuver the big wheel as they gain more experience. Provide plenty of encouragement and make sure your child has a safe space where they can practice.

Safety Tips

Pay attention to the size and height of the big wheel. Choose a tricycle adapted to your child’s age and height. An adjustable seat is a must-have feature since your child needs to sit close enough to the handlebars to safely maneuver the tricycle.

Stability is another important thing to look for. A tricycle will provide your child with stability thanks to the three-wheel design, but some big wheels are safer than others because your child sits closer to the ground.

You should also look at the side and width of the wheels. Wide wheels will prevent your child from tipping over if they take a sharp turn.

Your child should wear a helmet when riding on their big wheel. They should also wear protective knee and elbow pads when riding on hard surfaces. Make sure your child wears closed shoes that cover the feet and ankles to prevent injuries.

If possible, your child should ride on a lawn or other soft surface. Concrete and asphalt aren’t ideal since your child could get hurt if they were to fall from their big wheel. You should also avoid areas with steep incline and rocks.

You should always supervise a child who is riding a tricycle. If possible, your child should ride in a closed area.

Keep in mind that your child will sit close to the ground if you get a big wheel. Drivers might not be able to spot your child, which is why it’s best to avoid riding in your driveway or on the street.

What To Look For In A Tricycle Or Big Wheel

Make sure your child can sit and reach the handlebars comfortably. The pedals should be large and comfortable so your child’s feet won’t slip.

Look for a big wheel that is stable and easy to maneuver. It’s best to choose one that has a low center of gravity. Being close to the ground will reduce the risks of injuries if your child falls.

Your child will love fun features such as bright colors, lights, sounds, or a basket to carry toys. Look for a tricycle with a lightweight design so your child can easily transport it. A lightweight design also means that your child won’t get hurt if they fall and get their leg trapped under the toy.

It’s crucial to look at safety features when shopping for big wheels, but don’t forget that these toys should also be fun to use. Look for a tricycle your child will enjoy riding and pay attention to things such as seat height, wheel size, and stability.

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