BabyBjorn Bouncer Reviews: What’s the Best BabyBjorn Bouncer?

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April 15, 2023
best babybjorn bouncer reviews

BabyBjorn is a big name in the world of baby accessories. They create everything from carriers to potty chairs and utensils, but this article is going to focus on bouncers. Why? Any parent who has lived through the infant to toddler years knows what a valuable tool these can be!

Here’s the nitty-gritty on BabyBjorn bouncers from reviews to my own opinion on how well they work. You can also check out this expert buyers guide to the best baby bouncers for more of my recommendations.

So let's figure out what the best BabyBjorn bouncer is.

BabyBjorn Bouncer FAQs

There are a few important questions every parent needs to ask themselves before picking out just any old bouncer. For a complete FAQ list, check out the frequently asked questions page on BabyBjorn’s website.

What are the recommended weights for BabyBjorn bouncers?

Weights vary by model, making it essential to look at the recommendations before buying one. BabyBjorn bouncers are made to hold anywhere between eight and 29 pounds, but their mini model is only designed to hold up to twenty pounds. Always double-check your baby’s weight and the maximum recommended weight first no matter what bouncer you are buying!

Can babies sleep in these bouncers?

Yes! Every bouncer from BabyBjorn is designed with the ability to adjust its height. They can go from completely flat for storage or travel to a 45-degree angle, making them more like a chair.

Adjusting your bouncer to either of the two lower positions before laying flat allows your baby to sleep comfortably as they slip off into dreamland. Keep in mind that little ones shouldn’t sleep in the same position for an extended period, which means you will have to take them out of the bouncer eventually.

How do I clean or wash a BabyBjorn bouncer?

Babies are messy, and the ability to easily clean a bouncer is a much-welcomed feature by mothers around the world. Thankfully, all you have to do is remove the fabric, which comes off in a snap, and wash it in warm water.

Can you use these bouncers from birth?

So long as your baby weighs at least eight pounds, yes! These bouncers are designed with pediatricians to ensure they are safe for your newborn baby.

What is the maximum age limit?

The maximum age limit for both the Bliss and Soft models is two years old, which might be the best part of purchasing a BabyBjorn bouncer. Unlike other brands that need to be replaced in under a year, these are guaranteed to make your life easier for at least two!

Reviews of the best BabyBjorn bouncers

There are three models to choose from at BabyBjorn.

Here’s what the Mini, Bliss, and Soft from BabyBjorn have to offer.

BabyBjorn Mini Bouncer

  • Lightweight
  • No batteries needed
  • Easy to wash fabric

The Mini is BabyBjorn’s lightweight and slimmest model. It is specially designed for the early days in your home, maxing out at around six months of age or 20 pounds. The unique design allows for proper neck and back support, which is crucial for newborn babies.

The recess for the seat cradles your little one while offering soothing comfort, which is perfect for freeing up your arms so you can do everything else us mothers have to take care of in a day. There are no batteries required, allowing your baby to bounce around all on their own.

This self-motivated bouncing helps to develop balance and motor skills while also teaching babies how to soothe themselves. The fabric is easy to wash, toys can quickly be attached to the sides, and the BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini can be adjusted to both sleep and play positions.

BabyBjorn Bliss Bouncer

  • Easily portable
  • Four positions
  • No batteries or charging

Say hello to comfort and style! The Bouncer Bliss offers a “luxurious design” that offers a soft impression with plush cotton quilting for ultimate comfort. The idea is to create a snug nest that cradles your baby while offering the support he or she needs by molding to their body’s shape.

Just like the Mini, this bouncer utilizes your baby’s motion to develop balance and motor skills naturally. This model offers four positions: a chair for playing, two for rest and sleep, and one for easy transportation or storage.

Designed for newborns up to toddlers, you’ll get a ton of use out of this model. Once your child learns to walk and sit down on their own, you can even reverse the fabric to create a comfortable chair.

BabyBjorn Soft Bouncer

  • 4 adjustable positions
  • Supports up to 29 pounds
  • Extra padding

As you might have already guessed, this model relies on natural propulsion to help your babies development. What makes the Soft Bouncer different is the padding on the harness, which is folded in two to make it extra cozy. Not that the others aren’t comfortable, but this goes the extra mile.

The harness on the BabyBjorn Bouncer soft is also fastened to the sides, which means you (and your getting smarter by the day baby) won’t be able to take it off. It also features two different sets of buttons for adjustable sizing. Finally, the frame has a rounder shape.

This model also supports up to 29 pounds, or two years of age, and has the same four adjustable positions as the Bliss. You’ll be able to turn this one into a chair as well, which comes in handy during those early years.

Tips for choosing the best bouncer for you

Choosing the best bouncer for you and your baby is a tough decision, but multiple factors can help you pick out the right one.

As with most things, the price is often a deciding factor. You don’t have to spend hundreds to give your baby what they need, and these bouncers prove that.

With the help of the internet, you can also view thousands of reviews from other parents who have already tried out the product. Maybe Susan H. from Tennessee found that the support wasn’t quite enough, or Lauren D. from California couldn’t stop raving about how much her baby loved to bounce in one!

The higher the number of positive reviews, the better your chances of finding success with a baby product. Not every bouncer is going to work for every baby but having hundreds of 5-star reviews means the bouncer made a whole lot of babies (and mommies) extra happy.

You should also consider the features it provides. Maybe your baby only needs the simple bouncing joy from the Mini. Maybe he or she would benefit more from the added padding of the Bliss.

If your baby likes to chew, maybe they need that extra padding on the harness of the Soft model. Make a list of pros and cons. Trust me; it’s a great help in deciding on the best product for your baby.

What's the best BabyBjorn bouncer?

After carefully reviewing all of the information out there, BabyBjorn bouncers are an excellent choice for your child. Out of the three models, the Soft delivers the best in both comfort and safety.

It can support newborns as well as two-year-olds, can turn into a nifty seat around the toddler age, and is packed full of added safety features that double as cozy comforts.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with the BabyBjorn Bouncer Soft.

Accessories you may want to consider

Since these are only bouncers, meaning they come with no fancy lights and toys, you might want to consider picking up a few accessories to go along with them. BabyBjorn makes a ton of fun and convenient add-ons that benefit both you and your baby.

Toys galore

There are two popular toy options for these bouncers. One is called Googly Eyes, and the other is called Flying Friends. Both clip onto the sides and hang above your baby, so they can play until their heart is content.

The Googly Eyes feature spinning flowers and face in the middle with two goofy, googly eyes. Flying friends features two butterflies with a flower in the middle.

Each is bright and colorful, designed to stimulate your child’s development, and crafted from safe materials so you’ll never have to worry about your baby chewing on them. Whatever model bouncer you like best, these toys are made to fit right on.

Bouncer covers

These nifty add-ons are designed to slip right over both the Bliss and Soft seats to give your bouncer a new look. While fashion might be the last thing on your mind when dealing with a messy baby, the real benefit here is that you have an advantage in cleaning.

Once your baby makes a mess, which it will, you can slip the cover off to wash it and slide a new, clean cover on. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most.

Baby carriers

You’ve seen baby carriers compared before; they’re those forward-facing baby backpacks. While the bouncer is an excellent tool for calming your baby and helping them develop, they can’t sit it in forever. Once they get antsy, pick them up and stick them in their baby carrier.

These help keep your hands free while keeping your baby satisfied. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable on the back and shoulders.

Soft bibs

Bibs are a lifesaver some days, but they don’t always prevent messed like you hope they will. BabyBjorn offers what they call a soft bib, which is made from BPA-free plastics to give it a sturdier shape. Why make a bib sturdy, though?

Well, the material allows the bottom to be shaped like a giant bowl for catching all manner of spills and messes. It’s deep enough to keep the food inside even if your little one loves to move around, and also has an adjustable neckband to accommodate growth. Parents agree comfort for your baby combined with anti-spill goodness is a recipe for less stressful days.

Travel cribs

If you plan to take your bouncer on the go, you might want to consider another travel item for sleepy time.

Travel cribs are easily transportable, provide a comfortable place for your baby to sleep, and create a safe environment for them to play in as they grow. It might not be a necessity, but these sure do come in handy on holidays at the in-laws.

What does the public think?

It seems like the overall public perception is incredibly positive. However, not every baby was as happy with the chair as the parents were. Thankfully, I saw no signs of the chair not being safe or having any other issues when used properly.

Parents rave about how reliable these models are and how well they’re made. So, as long as your baby loves it, then it is a win-win.

Stacking up to the competition

There are dozens of other brands out there to choose from, so why purchase a BabyBjorn bouncer? Here’s how they compare to the competition.


In the case of Fisher-Price, which mothers have sworn by for years, BabyBjorn is on par with this brand. Fisher Price might be a little cheaper, but they aren’t as easy to clean and might be too stimulating for sleep depending on the model.

Bright Starts

The adage “you get what you pay for” rings true here. There’s nothing wrong with a Bright Starts bouncer, but there’s nothing special about them either. BabyBjorn offers easy cleaning and versatility in a way this brand simply cannot.

Baby Einstein

Alright, Baby Einstein bouncers come with a ton of playful items that are proven to help your baby’s development. What they lack are the increased weight limits, easy cleaning, and ergonomic design of BabyBjorn. Good luck taking one of these with you on the go.


Yes, every mother would love to have their baby nestled in a cute bouncer featuring their favorite Disney movie characters, but you’re paying for branding here and not much else. While you could say the same for BabyBjorn, you can’t say that Disney any of the same features the three models above do. Plus, some Disney models are just as expensive as the Mini.


4moms is another higher-end brand that has a ton of nice features, but they lack the self-driven bouncing that BabyBjorn models offer. When it comes to developing motor skills, the above models do a better job. They do look futuristic, though.


Graco offers ergonomic designs and versatility with the added benefit of already included mobiles. However, these models are all battery or outlet charged, which means your baby cannot develop their motor skills like they would on a BabyBjorn.


Head over to Ingenuity’s Boutique Collection, and you’ll find premium fabrics, similar ergonomic designs, and washable seats. Their storage capability is similar, and the safety features are on par with BabyBjorn.

They offer adjustable recline and all of the comfort/safety features you’d expect in a BabyBjorn, too. On top of that, the boutique model has a vibration feature, nature sounds, and lullabies to soothe a grumpy baby. Heading into the reviews, not as many parents were quite as happy with the construction.

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