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Colorful Cloth Diapers Finding Cheap Cloth Diapers: Everything You Need to Know

When my son was born, I was convinced I'd never have to worry about finding cheap cloth diapers no matter how much money they would save me. Washing dirty diapers? Gross! Right? Then I saw just how stinking cute today's cloth diapers are, and I was hooked. Few things in this world are more adorable […]

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Best Baby Humidifier Best Baby Humidifier: Buyers Guide and Reviews

As parents, the health of our children is a top priority.  Whether you’re searching for ways to keep your little one from catching a cold or the flu, or they’re already sick and you just want to make them more comfortable, figuring out where to find the best baby humidifier can be a godsend. In […]

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baby car seat cover with floral design Infant & Baby car seat covers: Keep your baby comfortable in any season

A car seat cover is a canopy that sits over your baby’s car seat or infant carrier (like a shower cap). Your baby will be safe and sound in his own portable tent, oblivious to the outside world, leaving you free to worry about more important stuff. In the Guide Why parents love infant car […]

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The complete guide to baby pacifiers Best Pacifiers: How to Choose the Perfect Pacifier

Are you a new parent looking for a way to comfort your baby? A pacifier may be the very thing you need to keep your baby calm and content. But which ones are the best pacifiers on the market? But how do you choose the perfect pacifier for your baby? This guide covers everything you […]

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baby brushing teeth Best Baby Toothbrush: Our Top 5 Picks

Start your child out with the best possible tooth and gum care, and you can help avoid countless dentist visits and cavity problems. You can begin a hygiene routine with your baby even from the first days at the hospital. One of the ways on how you can start this routine is by picking out […]

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person holding thermometer Best Baby Thermometer: The Expert Buyers Guide

Oh no! Your baby’s forehead is hot too touch. Could it be a fever? Before you panic and race down to your doctor you will want to confirm your suspicions. You don’t waste time and money on a doctor's trip that didn’t need to happen. That’s where a baby thermometer comes in. A baby thermometer […]

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Sit and Stand Strollers: Infants & Kids Riding Together Sit and Stand Strollers: Infants & Kids Riding Together

An introduction to sit and stand strollers So far we have looked at double strollers that are suitable for twins or babies born within a year or two of one another. But what if you have an age gap larger than this? Let’s say 3-5 years? (a difficult age gap when it comes to double […]

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baby on car seat Best Booster Seats That Are Safe For Your Children

Children outgrow their car seats quickly, so the infant car seat you got won't be the last seat your child needs. Unfortunately, your child may not be big enough to fit into the car’s seat belt. The result may be injuries and damage in case of a crash. Booster seats help to elevate your child, […]

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baby smiling with red bag in front Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Diaper bags can get heavy very quickly. Slinging them over one shoulder or carrying them in hand can soon get tiresome. Even hanging a bulky diaper bag from a stroller can be inconvenient. Backpack diaper bags free up your arms and hands, allowing you to easily lug around baby gear. If you live in a […]

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Best bassinet for your baby: An expert buyers guide Best bassinet for your baby: An expert buyers guide

Both cribs and bassinets serve as safe sleeping space for your new baby. However, there are differences in the two that make one a better choice than the other. Cribs are also large, and while the idea of a beautifully decorated nursery with an elegant crib seems nice, it is not always a reality. Most […]

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Car Seat Graco SlimFit Car Seat Reviews

Are you expecting a baby and need a car seat? While there are many Graco SlimFit car seat reviews, read this one for good information about kids' car seats. New parents have a lot to learn when they’re expecting a baby. Along with becoming knowledge about feeding schedules, diaper changing, and bonding with their child, […]

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A dad hiking with his diaper bag and baby Best Men's Diaper Bags for Dads

I’ll be the first to admit it; I do not understand how men think. That is why I would be a poor person to recommend the best diaper bag would be for men. I simply have the wrong parts. Because we do things properly here at Parent.Guide, I have had a male stunt double fill […]

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Backpack Carrier Best Baby Backpack Carrier: Buyers Guide And Reviews

Bringing kids outdoors can be a very challenging task for families. Most kids aren’t able to handle much walking until they’re at least five or six years old. For those who love the outdoors and even those who just love to be out and about, it can be a real challenge. Luckily, there is a […]

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