3rd Trimester

How to Make the Most out of your Birth Plan

Filling out a birth plan or making your birth plan is much more than just deciding yes or no to a list of questions. This article contains 10 tips on how to prepare before birth, how to prepare for birth and how to prepare for the aftermath.

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Everything You Need to Learn and Do Before Bringing Baby Home

Bringing baby home for the first time is so exciting, but are you prepared? This article covers everything you need to know to bring your baby home including introducing pets, preparing your home, and getting started with breastfeeding.

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How to Pack the Perfect Hospital Bag and Prepare your Home in the Final Weeks Before Birth

As the countdown to your due date goes from months, to weeks, to days you are likely becoming filled to the brim with anticipation and desire to be completely ready for the big day.  A key component to feeling ready for your baby’s birth is having a bag ready for the hospital...

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9 Baby Items You Need That Aren't So Glamorous

Whether or not you have a baby shower, friends and family all look forward to buying things for your little bundle of joy. While you will receive a lot of awesome gifts, there are a lot of things you need for a baby that aren’t so much fun to give as a gift. Here is a list of those essentials.

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