2nd Trimester

9 Baby Registry Items You Will Regret or Must Re-buy Once Baby Arrives

As a first-time parent, it is challenging to know what you will really need and what you won’t. There are so many baby products out there along with a lot of advertisements that lead you to believe that you need a lot of items to care for a baby. Here is a list of items where I had to purchase something else after my baby was born because my original purchase didn’t fit my lifestyle or my baby. 

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Your Guide to the Perfect Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be so much fun! With this guide, you’ll know all of the details for the ultimate shower. Who should throw your baby shower? When to have your baby shower? What is baby shower invitation etiquette? What are the best baby shower theme ideas? How should I decorate for my baby shower? What games should I play at my baby shower? What do I need to know for the day of my baby shower?

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Your Guide to Creating an Organized and Complete Nursery: No Matter Your Space or Budget

Setting up a nursery is one of the most fun and exciting ways to prepare for a baby.  You want it to look great, be super organized, and have functionality when it comes time to care for your newborn. We’ve got everything you need to know to prepare a nursery for your newborn. 

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Maternity Clothing - A Guide to Building the Perfect Wardrobe

With your body continually changing size for the length of pregnancy and months after, finding maternity clothing to dress the bump without breaking the bank is important. I learned a lot while going through pregnancy more than once. I now feel I finally have the wardrobe for maternity and post-partum that I really wish I had from the very beginning. With how expensive changing your whole wardrobe over can be, you really want to get it right the first time. This post explains how.

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How to Pick the Perfect Name for your Baby

Picking a name for your baby is a big decision! Before they’re even born, you are deciding what they will be called for their entire life. Most baby naming resources I came across while choosing a name for N were lists. And while these lists are certainly helpful, I think getting a handle on what it is you want in a name is an important place to start.

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Prepare your relationship for baby with these 9 tips

Having a baby will change your life and newborns are not easy, that's why it is so important to prepare your relationship for baby. This article covers nine things you can do before baby arrives to make sure that you and your husband are ready for the new addition.

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Plan a Relaxing and Fun Babymoon

A more recent trend, a babymoon is a play on “honeymoon”. It is a trip you take with your partner before baby arrives. A babymoon can be taken at any point while pregnant, and can come in variety of lengths and destinations.

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What to do in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy: Your Second Trimester Checklist

So you’ve made it to second trimester of pregnancy. Hopefully with a lot more energy and subsiding symptoms from the first trimester. Are you wondering what you should be doing in your second trimester to stay on track of the baby preparations? Do you feel like your to-do list is never ending and are wondering when to prioritize which baby-related tasks?

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How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need? Sizing, Checklists, Organization and More

Are you working on your baby registry? Or maybe at the point where you’re trying to fill in the gaps after your shower and setting up the nursery? What baby clothes did you receive? Do you have enough? My guess is, you’re probably wondering how many baby clothes do I need?

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Green monkey light switch cover 17 Ways I Wish I'd Prepared Before Having a Baby

Introducing a baby into your family is a very exciting and big change. I remember being so excited that last month that all I wanted to do was find ways to prepare. I did accomplish some useful things, but looking back I see now how I could have really spent that time more wisely.

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Baby Registry Checklist: The Registry I Should've Made

Baby registries are really challenging for first time expecting mothers to make because they simply don't know what they do and don't need for a baby. When I made my registry, I got recommendations from a few friends on what to add but I never came across an all-encompassing list of things I needed. So I decided to make one.

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Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette: 7 Must-Read Tips

Whether you are the mama-to-be or the baby shower hostess, one of the first big tasks you will accomplish together is the shower invitations. Are you working on your guest list, choosing your theme and other fun details for your baby shower?  How about your invites? You might not think twice about shower invites. However, invites are one of the most important aspects of a shower.

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