1st Trimester

backpack diaper bag straps and insulated baby bottle pocket Your Guide to Announce Your Pregnancy and Revealing Baby’s Gender

Fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband, to your parents and extended family, and on social media. Tips on when and how you should tell your employer you're pregnant. Gender reveal ideas and tips on planning a fun gender reveal party.

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How to Choose the Perfect Place for your Birth How to Choose the Perfect Place for your Birth

When we found out we were pregnant on a January morning, excitement and joy filled our home immediately.  But, I must admit that by the end of the first week knowing I was pregnant, I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed with all of the upcoming decisions.  The first being choosing a care provider associated with the hospital or birthing center where we wanted to deliver...

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How to Get your Husband Excited about Pregnancy: A Complete Guide

Pregnancy is often a time centered around the birthing mama. Right from the beginning, you and baby start to bond as baby grows inside you. Are you wondering how to get your husband excited about pregnancy too? I know that in the beginning it was challenging for my husband to get excited about pregnancy and bond with baby while she was still in my belly. This was especially true in the early weeks and months when I wasn’t showing and he hadn’t yet felt her kicks.

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Your Guide to Prenatal Appointments: When, What and How to Get the Most Out of Each Visit

Congratulations, Mama! Pregnancy is such an exciting time in life. From choosing a name, to your baby shower to setting up the nursery there is lots of fun to be had. But if you’re here, you know that getting on a prenatal appointment schedule right away is important for you and baby’s health. But if this is your first pregnancy, or the details from your last pregnancy already seem a bit foggy, you’re probably wondering: How often are prenatal appointments exactly? What happens at all of those prenatal appointments? And when do I need to schedule my first prenatal visit?

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What to do in the first trimester of pregnancy

So you’ve gotten your big fat positive, celebrated the big news with your partner, and the reality of pregnancy is just starting to set in. Sound about right?! Welcome to the first trimester of pregnancy, mama! There’s already so much you can do to get this pregnancy started on the right foot. Getting organized and planning for baby’s arrival really does begin now.

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Must Know Websites that will Change your Pregnancy for the Better

I know when I was expecting, I spent a lot of time trying to find my new favorite websites for discounts, deals and great content. Whether you just found out you are pregnant or are delivering soon, these are the best pregnancy websites that you must discover as a first-time (or even second or third time) mom. Here are my favorite sites from the well-known sites to the hidden gems out there that can really help save you money or make that pregnancy and delivery just that much better.

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9 Tips for Couples Trying to Conceive

Trying to conceive? This article contains 9 tips to help you get pregnant. This covers commons issues which may cause infertility so that you can get pregnant fast. Specifically, Alli discusses her experience with PCOS and how diet change helped her conceive.

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Positive Pregnancy Test, Now What? How to Get Your Pregnancy off to a Healthy and Safe Start

You just took a positive pregnancy test. Congratulations! But now what? This post is a complete guide to get you started. When should you make an appointment? Foods to avoid while pregnant, how and when you should tell people you're pregnant, and early pregnancy symptoms you're likely to experience.

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10 Tips to Relieve Morning Sickness

Isn’t it just wonderful that finding out you’re expecting, which should be such a joyous occasion, can make you sick, literally? Morning sickness afflicts a vast majority of pregnant women in the first trimester. While morning sickness can't really be cured, there are ways to relieve the symptoms to reduce your nausea.

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Zoli baby bunny teether hard plastic base Expecting Date Nights: Include and Prepare Your Partner During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often a time centered around the birthing mama. Right from the beginning, you and baby start to bond as baby grows inside you. You are instantly so connected to your tiny being and, if you are like me, eager for your spouse to join in and feel equally as excited about this new little life that will soon be joining you.  I know that in the beginning it was challenging for my husband to bond with N while she was still in my belly...

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How to Manage Common First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

The first trimester of pregnancy is tough. Maybe you’ve been hoping, trying and praying for this pregnancy or maybe it is a bit of surprise. Either way, let’s chat about first trimester pregnancy symptoms. What you can expect and how to cope with them. With our help, you’ll be feeling (at least a little) better in no time.

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